124+ Funny Monster Puns That’ll Make You Howl With Laughter!

Monster👹 puns are a graveyard smash! These fang-tastic wordplays are monstrously funny, tickling your funny bone like a creature crawling out of the night.

From witty Franken-puns to howl-arious werewolf wordplay, the world of monster puns is a beastly delight.

They lurk in the shadows of humor, ready to mummy-fy you with laughter.😂 Whether it’s a fang joke or a ghostly gag, monster puns are sure to make you scream—with laughter, that is. So, grab your garlic and get ready to be spookily entertained!

Funny Monster Puns

Q: Why was there nothing left to eat when the monster party was over?
A: Because goblins were everywhere.

Q: What was the comedian’s response to the sea monster?
A: “You’ve got me kraken up.”

Q: What are the contents of Mike and Sulley’s pens?
A: Monster tattoos.

Funny Monster Puns For Kids

Q: What day do monsters feast on humans?
A: Chewsday.

Q: How should you approach a monster?
A: From a very far distance.

Q: What do you call a monster you cannot locate?
A: A wolf where.
My Experience: I remember once trying to play hide-and-seek with my little cousin in the woods during a family camping trip. It was getting dark, and I couldn’t find him. I started calling out his name, but he was so good at hiding that it took me quite a while to locate him.

Q: How do you greet a monster with three heads?
A: “Hello, hello, and hello.”

Q: Why did the zombie skip class?
A: He was miserable.

Q: Why do ghosts lie so horribly?
A: They’re transparent to the eye!

Hilarious Monster Puns For Kids

Q: Where do stylish ghosts go shopping?
A: Boutiques!

Q: What makes a cemetery the ideal setting for a story?
A: Because there are so many plots in it!

Q: What did the monster eat right away after brushing his teeth?
A: Dental office.

Monstrous Merriment 🦖🎉
Roar with monstrous mirth and embrace the hilarity of monster antics. Each growl is a chuckle waiting to burst forth, as these creatures of the night unleash their playful side.

Q: Do sea monsters consume anything?
A: Ships and fish.

Q: How do creatures feel about their eggs?
A: Terri-fried.

Q: What kind of monster eats junk food nonstop?
A: Snackula.

Incredible Monster Puns For Kids

Q: What do you name a curse-casting monster?
A: An angry wolf.

Q: After devouring the ship, what did the sea monster say?
A: “I’m shocked that I consumed the hull object.”

Q: What variety of tea do monsters prefer?
A: Monstrosity.

Have A Monster Pun Of Your Own? Share In The Comments! Especially Like This 🤣
Q: What varieties of hot dogs eat monsters?
A: Halloweeners.

Q: Why are mathematicians so fond of Halloween?
A: They only have access to Monster Math during that time of year.

Q: What do you name a blood-made monster?
A: A bloodsucker.

Goofy Monster Puns For Kids

Q: How can a pirate elicit a sea monster’s greeting?
A: Describe Kraken.

Q: Why was the little ghost crying?
A: His mother was missed.

Q: Where do ghosts prefer to travel?
A: Mali-boo.
Pro Experience: I once went on a spooky-themed vacation with my friends, and we visited a supposedly haunted mansion in a remote area. The atmosphere was eerie, with creaking floorboards and shadows playing tricks on us.

Q: When Frankenstein awoke from his nap, what did he say?
A: “A startling dream I had.”

Q: What fruit does a vampire like best?
A: Orange with blood.

Q: What makes a skeleton laugh, exactly?
A: You make him laugh out loud!

Amusing Monster Puns For Kids

Q: Which Halloween creature is a math pro?
A: Consider Dracula!

Q: The Cyclops stopped being a teacher. Why?
A: He had just one student.

Q: Why wasn’t the skeleton in a fright movie?
A: He lacked the guts to do it.

Cryptid Capers 🕵️‍♂️👻
Unravel mysteries with monster mischief in the realm of cryptid capers, where laughter and enigma go hand in hand. Each footprint is a clue to be followed, leading to laughter-filled adventures in the unknown.

Q: The boy ghost spoke to the girl ghost, but what?
A: “You certainly are beautiful!”

Q: Do you know where Dracula keeps his money?
A: The blood bank.

Q: Why do mummies not go on vacation?
A: They are hesitant to relax.

Silly Monster Puns For Kids

Q: What other holiday is a vampire’s favorite besides Halloween?
A: Fangs-giving!

Q: Where do stylish ghosts go shopping?
A: Boutiques!

Q: What play is a monster’s favorite?
A: Ghoulies and Romeo.

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Q: What Halloween-themed monster plays tricks?
A: Prank-einstein!

Q: What makes a cemetery the ideal setting for a story?
A: Because there are so many plots in it!

Q: What do you call a monster who is always unhappy?
A: A blue-specter.

Childish Monster Puns For Kids

Q: How does a ghost start a letter?
A: “Tomb it may concern.”

Q: What’s a vampire’s favorite fruit?
A: A necktarine.

Q: Why did the zombie join a band?
A: He had a killer drumming arm.
Sigma Experience: I once attended a Halloween party where the host had set up a makeshift band area in the garage. Among the guests was someone dressed as a zombie, complete with tattered clothes and impressive makeup. When the host handed him a drumstick as a prop, he immediately started playing the drums using his arm in a dramatic, zombie-like fashion.

Q: What’s a mummy’s favorite type of music?
A: Wrap music.

Q: Why don’t mummies take vacations?
A: They’re afraid they’ll relax and unwind.

Q: What do you call a witch at the beach?
A: A sand-witch.

Amazing Monster Puns For Kids

Q: What do you call a pumpkin that complains a lot?
A: A grumpkin.

Q: Why did the scarecrow become a successful neurosurgeon?
A: He was outstanding in his field.

Dragon Delights 🐉🔥
Breathe fire with belly laughs in the world of dragon delights, where every roar is a sign of amusement. Each flap of the wings is a flight towards hilarity, as these majestic creatures light up the sky with laughter.

Q: Why did the skeleton go to the party alone?
A: He had no body to go with him.

Q: How do monsters like their eggs?
A: Terri-fried.

Q: What do you call a monster with two legs?
A: Anything you want; it can’t chase you.

Delving into the realm of “Monster Puns” has been monstrously fun! Did these puns conjure a smile on your face or make you roar with laughter?

We’re all ears, eager to hear your thoughts. Your feedback helps us keep the monster-sized chuckles coming! 🧛‍♂️

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