This Day In History : December 10

1990 United States

Soyuz TM-10 lands

On December 10, 1990, the Soyuz TM-10 spacecraft landed safely, completing its mission. This marked a successful return for the crew after their journey to space, contributing to ongoing efforts in space exploration and international collaboration in the field of astronautics.

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Births on This Day, December 10
  • 1851 Melvil Dewey

    American librarian and educator who created Dewey Decimal System for libraries

  • 1878 C. Rajagopalachari

    India's freedom fighter and the first Governor General of independent India

  • 1906 Walter H. Zinn

    Canadian-American nuclear physicist who invented the breeder reactor

  • 1815 Ada Lovelace

    English mathematician considered the first computer programmer

  • 1588 Isaac Beeckman

    Dutch scientist and philosopher

Deaths on This Day, December 10
  • 1896 Alfred Nobel

    Swedish chemist and engineer who invented Dynamite and founded the Nobel Prize

  • 1920 Horace Elgin Dodge

    American automobile manufacturing pioneer and businessman who co-founded Dodge

  • 1864 Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

    American geographer, geologist and ethnologist who founded the Mississippi River

  • 1831 Thomas Johann Seebeck

    German physicist who discovered (1821) Seebeck effect

  • 2010 John Bennett Fenn

    American chemist and Nobel laureate


First Nobel prize awarded

On December 10, 1901, the first Nobel Prize awards were conferred in Stockholm, Sweden. Established by the will of Alfred Nobel, the prizes recognized outstanding achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, and Peace. This inaugural event marked the beginning of a prestigious tradition honoring individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to humanity in various fields.

Zanzibar Gains Independence from the United Kingdom

On December 10, 1963, Zanzibar gained independence from the United Kingdom. This marked a significant milestone in Zanzibar's history, as it achieved self-governance and began its path towards sovereignty as a separate entity from British colonial rule.

New Constitution of South Africa Promulgated by Nelson Mandela

On December 10, 1996, Nelson Mandela, then President of South Africa, promulgated the new Constitution of South Africa. This constitution, hailed for its inclusivity and protection of human rights, marked a pivotal moment in South African history, transitioning the country to a democratic state after decades of apartheid rule.

Helios 1 Launched by US and Germany

On December 10, 1974, Helios 1, a joint space mission between the United States and Germany, was launched. This solar observation probe was designed to study the sun's behavior at close range, providing valuable data about solar processes and contributing to advancements in solar physics and space exploration.
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