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Births on This Day, January 22
  • 1908 Lev Davidovich Landau

    Soviet physicist who worked in such fields as low-temperature physics, atomic and nuclear physics, and solid-state, stellar-energy, and plasma physics.

  • 1903 William Henry Burt

    American zoologist and mammalogist who studied various aspects of mammalogy, including home range, territoriality, morphology, behavior, and evolution.

  • 1880 Frigyes Riesz

    Hungarian mathematician and pioneer of functional analysis, which has found important applications to mathematical physics.

  • 1855 Albert Neisser

    Albert Ludwig Sigismund Neisser was a German physician, who specialized in dermatology and venereal diseases.

  • 1874 Leonard Eugene Dickson

    American mathematician who made important contributions to the theory of numbers and the theory of groups.

Deaths on This Day, January 22
  • 1831 John Blenkinsop

    English inventor, designer of the first practical and successful railway locomotive. 

  • 1951 Harald August Bohr

    Danish mathematician who devised a theory that concerned generalizations of functions with periodic properties, the theory of almost periodic functions.

  • 1984 Elso Sterrenberg Barghoorn

    American paleontologist whose continuing investigations of plant fossils successively pushed back the estimates of the origin of life to more than 3.4 thousand million years ago.

  • 1900 David Edward Hughes

    Anglo-American inventor of the carbon microphone, which was a significant contribution to telephony.

  • 1966 Albert Wallace Hull

    American physicist who independently discovered the powder method of X-ray analysis of crystals (1917), which permits the study of crystalline materials in a finely divided microcrystalline, or powder, state.


Space debris hits person on Earth

In 1997, American Lottie Williams was reportedly the first human to be struck by a remnant of a space vehicle after re-entering the earth's atmosphere.
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