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Births on This Day, January 7
  • 1834 Johann Philipp Reis

    German physicist who invented an early telephone before Bell.

  • 1925 Gerald Malcolm Durrell

    British conservationist whose life work was the preservation of endangered animal species.

  • 1871 Émile Borel

    Félix-Édouard-Justin-Émile Borel was a French mathematician who (with René Baire and Henri Lebesgue), was among the pioneers of measure theory and its application to probability theory.

  • 1745 Johann Christian Fabricius

    Danish entomologist who was one of the great entomologists of the 18th century.

  • 1794 Eilhard Mitscherlich

    German chemist who spread the principle of isomorphism, after early in his career (about 1820) he discovered the importance of similarity of crystalline form between chemical compounds.

Deaths on This Day, January 7
  • 1998 Vladimir Prelog

    Yugoslavian-Swiss chemist who shared the 1975 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with John W. Cornforth for his work on the stereochemistry of organic molecules and reactions.

  • 1943 Nikola Tesla

    Serbian-American inventor and researcher who designed and built the first alternating current induction motor in 1883.

  • 1943 George Washington Crile

    American surgeon who was one of the first to study the significance of surgical shock.

  • 1984 Alfred Kastler

    French physicist who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1966 for his discovery and development of methods for observing Hertzian resonances within atoms.

  • 1998 Richard Hamming

    He was an American computer scientist and mathematician who devised computer Hamming codes - error-detecting and correcting codes (1947).



In 1939, the element Fr (francium) was discovered, the last naturally occurring element to be found.
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