This Day In History : July 1

1960 Somalia

Somalia gains their independence

Somalia celebrates its Independence Day on July 1 annually. This date marks the unification of the Trust Territory of Somaliland and the State of Somaliland into the Somali Republic in 1960.

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Births on This Day, July 1
  • 1904 Mary Calderone

    American physician and the founder of Planned Parenthood

  • 1872 Louis Bleriot

    French aviator, inventor, and engineer; the first man to fly an airplane across the English Channel, and the first to invent a working monoplane

  • 1807 Thomas Green Clemson

    American politician, educator, mining engineer, founder of Clemson University

  • 1908 Estée Lauder

    American businesswoman who co-founded Estée Lauder Companies

  • 1912 David Brower

    American environmentalist who founded the Sierra Club Foundation

Deaths on This Day, July 1
  • 1860 Charles Goodyear

    American chemist and manufacturing engineer who invented the vulcanization process for rubber

  • 1912 Harriet Quimby (1875-1912)

    American pioneering aviator, 1st woman in the US to receive a pilot certificate and to cross the English Channel

  • 1973 Laurens Hammond

    American engineer and musical instrument inventor (Hammond organ)

  • 1984 Moshé Feldenkrais

    Ukrainian-Israeli engineer and physicist (founder of the Feldenkrais method)

  • 2015 Lawrence Herkimer

    American "Grandfather of Cheerleading" (founded National Cheerleading Association, patented the pom-pom)


The Philippine Air Force is established

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) was officially established as a separate branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on July 1, 1947. Initially formed as part of the Philippine Army as the Philippine Army Air Corps (PAAC) in 1935, the PAAC eventually saw combat during World War II and was formally separated from the Army in 1947 under Executive Order No. 94.

The Russian State Library is founded in Moscow

The Russian State Library  was founded on July 1, 1862, as Moscow’s first free public library. It was established as part of the Moscow Public Museum and Rumyantsev Museum, also known as the Rumyantsev library.

Dominion of Canada

The Dominion of Canada is formed, comprising the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario & Quebec, with John A. Macdonald serving as the first Prime Minister

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is formed

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) was formed on July 1, 1932. It was established by the Australian government to provide national broadcasting services and has since become a major public broadcaster in Australia.
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