This Day In History : July 6

1573 Argentina

Córdoba, Argentina, is founded by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera

Córdoba, Argentina, was founded by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera on July 6, 1573. It is one of the oldest cities in Argentina and serves as the capital of the Córdoba Province. Over the centuries, Córdoba has grown into a major cultural, educational, and economic center in Argentina.

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Births on This Day, July 6
  • 1884 Harold Vanderbilt

    American inventor of the game of contract bridge

  • 1781 Stamford Raffles

    British statesman and founder of Singapore

  • 1876 Harry Ford Sinclair

    American industrialist who founded Sinclair Oil and implicated in the Teapot Dome scandal

  • 1923 Wojciech Jaruzelski

    Polish general and 1st President of Poland

  • 1952 Adi Shamir

    Israeli cryptographer and co-inventor of RSA cryptography

Deaths on This Day, July 6
  • 1851 Thomas Davenport

    American inventor (invented 1st commercial electric motor)

  • 1854 Georg Ohm (1789-1854)

    German physicist and mathematician (Ohm's law)

  • 1915 Lawrence Hargrave

    English-born aviation pioneer and inventor (box kite)

  • 1960 Hans Wilsdorf

    German businessman and founder of Rolex and Tudor

  • 1986 Jagjivan Ram

    Indian independence activist and politician


Malawi declares its independence from the United Kingdom

Malawi declared its independence from the United Kingdom on July 6, 1964. Following independence, it became a republic with Dr. Hastings Banda as its first President.

Australia formally opens the Story Bridge in Brisbane

The Story Bridge in Brisbane, Australia, was formally opened on July 6, 1940. This iconic bridge spans the Brisbane River and serves as a vital transportation link connecting the northern and southern parts of the city.

Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms

Congress issues a "Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms", written by Thomas Jefferson and John Dickinson, it lists American grievances but denies any intent to be independent

Institute for Sexual Science opened in Berlin by physician Magnus Hirschfeld to establish study of sexual science

The Institute for Sexual Science was indeed opened in Berlin by physician Magnus Hirschfeld. It opened its doors on July 6, 1919. The institute played a significant role in advancing the study of sexuality and was one of the first of its kind in the world.
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