This Day In History : June 14

1777 United States

Congress adopts the Stars and Stripes as the Flag of the United States

On June 14, 1777, during the American Revolution, the Continental Congress adopted a resolution stating that “the flag of the United States be thirteen alternate stripes red and white” and that “the Union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation.”

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Births on This Day, June 14
  • 1946 Donald Trump

    American businessman and 45 President of the United States

  • 1864 Alois Alzheimer

    German psychiatrist and neuropathologist (Alzheimer Disease)

  • 1868 Karl Landsteiner

    Austrian immunologist and pathologist (Nobel 1930 for the discovery of different blood groups)

  • 1924 James Black

    Scottish pharmacologist, developer of treatments for heart disease (propranolol) and stomach ulcers (cimetidine) (Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1988)

  • 1925 David Bache

    English car designer who invented the Land Rover and Series II Land Rover

Deaths on This Day, June 14
  • 1801 Benedict Arnold

    American General who became a British spy

  • 1907 Adolf Daens

    Belgian priest, politician and founder of the Daensist movement

  • 1946 John Logie Baird

    Scottish inventor and father of the television

  • 1928 Emmeline Pankhurst

    British suffragette who formed the Women's Social & Political Union (1903)

  • 1920 Max Weber

    German sociologist, economist and historian (Ancient Judaism)


The Disneyland Monorail System opens to the public in Anaheim California

The Disneyland Monorail System opened to the public on June 14, 1959 in Anaheim, California. It was a significant milestone in transportation technology at amusement parks, as it was the first daily operating monorail system in the Western Hemisphere and the first in the United States.

The South African Government pass the Immigration Act

The South African Government pass the Immigration Act, which restricts the entry and free movement of Asians; it leads to widespread agitation and rioting by resident Indians, led by Gandhi  

1st Canadian parliament opens in Kingston, Ontario

The first meeting of the Parliament of the Province of Canada took place in Kingston on June 14, 1841. The members of Parliament were sworn into their official roles during this historic event.

Trade unions are legalised in Canada

Trade unions in Canada were legalized through the enactment of the Trade Unions Act on June 14, 1872. This legislation marked a significant milestone by granting workers the legal right to associate in trade unions and advocate for their rights.
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