This Day In History : June 27

1982 United States

4th NASA Space Shuttle Mission: Columbia 4 (STS-4) launches

The STS-4 mission, also known as Space Transportation System-4, was the fourth NASA Space Shuttle mission and the fourth for the Space Shuttle Columbia. It was a test flight that marked an important milestone in the Space Shuttle program.

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Births on This Day, June 27
  • 1901 Merle Antony Tuve

    American research physicist and geophysicist who (with Gregory Breit) made the first use pulsed radio waves to explore the ionosphere.

  • 1872 Heber Curtis

    He participated in 11 expeditions for the study of solar eclipses, and, as an advocate and theorist that additional galaxies existed outside of the Milky Way.

  • 2024 Alexis Bouvard

    He is particularly noted for his careful observations of the irregularities in the motion of Uranus and his hypothesis of the existence of an eighth planet in the Solar System.

  • 1806 Augustus De Morgan

    Augustus De Morgan was a British mathematician and logician best known for formulating De Morgan's laws.

  • 1940 Daniel Gray Quillen

    He is known for being the "prime architect" of higher algebraic K-theory, for which he was awarded the Cole Prize in 1975 and the Fields Medal in 1978.

Deaths on This Day, June 27
  • 1932 Louis Winslow Austin

    American physicist known for research on long-range radio transmissions.

  • 1831 Sophie Germain

    French mathematician who is known for her work in number theory and contributions to the applied mathematics of acoustics and elasticity.

  • 1876 Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg

    German biologist, microscopist, explorer and micropaleontologist who has been called the founder of micropaleontology (the study of fossil microorganisms).

  • 1907 Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz

    Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz was an American educator, naturalist, writer, and the co-founder and first president of Radcliffe College.

  • 1980 Walter Robert Dornberger

    Major-General Dr. Walter Robert Dornberger was a German Army artillery officer whose career spanned World War I and World War II.


Battle of Dettingen

1743 War of the Austrian Succession: Battle of Dettingen: in Bavaria, King George II of Britain personally leads troops into battle. The last time a British monarch commanded troops in the field.

Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

1864 US Civil War: Atlanta Campaign - Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia: Union General Sherman makes unsuccessful frontal attack on Confederate defense

US Enters Korean War

1950 North Korean troops reach Seoul, UN asks members to aid South Korea, Harry Truman orders US Air Force & Navy into Korean conflict

Guatemalan Government Overthrown

1954 CIA-sponsored rebels overthrow the democratically elected government of Guatemala and force President Jacobo Árbenz to resign.
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