This Day In History : June 4

1919 United States

US Congress passes the Women's Suffrage Bill, the 19th Amendment

The U.S. Congress passed the Women's Suffrage Bill, which later became the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, on June 4, 1919. This amendment granted women the right to vote, marking a significant milestone in the struggle for women's rights and suffrage in the United States.

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Births on This Day, June 4
  • 1910 Christopher Cockerell

    English engineer and inventor of the Hovercraft

  • 1744 Patrick Ferguson

    Scottish army officer and rifle inventor (Ferguson flintlock rifle)

  • 1909 William M. Batten

    American businessman and CEO (NY Stock Exchange 1976-84)

  • 1926 Robert Earl Hughes

    American man who became heaviest known human (485 kg)

  • 1959 Anil Ambani

    Indian businessman (Reliance Group)

Deaths on This Day, June 4
  • 1992 Carl Stotz

    American businessman who founded Little League Baseball

  • 1941 Wilhelm II

    German Emperor and King of Prussia (1888-1918)

  • 1970 Emmett J. Culligan

    American entrepreneur (founder of water treatment organization Culligan Inc.)

  • 1961 William Astbury

    English physicist and chemist (pioneer in molecular biology)

  • 1887 William A. Wheeler

    American politician (19th Vice President of the United States)


The Battle of Midway begins

The Battle of Midway began on June 4, 1942. It was fought between American and Japanese fleets in the Pacific Ocean. The battle is considered one of the most decisive U.S. victories against Japan during World War II.

Madame Elizabeth Thible becomes the first female balloonist

Madame Élisabeth Thible is considered one of the first female balloonists. She made her first flight on June 4, 1784, in Lyon, France. Thible's flight was part of the early experiments in ballooning, which were gaining popularity in Europe at the time.

The Pasteur Institute Founded

The Pasteur Institute was founded by French biologist Louis Pasteur and his associates, including Émile Roux, on June 4, 1887. This renowned research institute, located in Paris, France, is dedicated to the study of infectious diseases, microbiology, and immunology.

France grants Vietnam independence inside French Union

France granted Vietnam independence within the French Union on June 4, 1954. This decision was part of France's efforts to redefine its relationship with its colonial territories in the aftermath of World War II.
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