This Day In History : November 21

2019 United States

Elon Musk launched Tesla's Electric Cybertruck

On November 21, 2019, Elon Musk launched Tesla's electric Cybertruck, featuring shatterproof windows. During the on-stage demonstration, the windows unexpectedly shattered, creating a memorable and widely publicized moment. Despite the mishap, the Cybertruck garnered significant attention for its innovative design and features.

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Births on This Day, November 21
  • 1914 Henri Marie Laborit

    French neurologist and discoverer of chlorpromazine

  • 1824 Hieronymus Theodor Richter

    German mineralogist and co-discoverer of the element indium

  • 1785 William Beaumont

    American surgeon and father of gastric physiology

  • 1931 Revaz Dogonadze

    Georgian scientist (one of the founders of Quantum electrochemistry)

  • 1948 George Zimmer

    American businessman who founded the Men's Wearhouse

Deaths on This Day, November 21
  • 1993 Bruno Rossi

    Italian-American physicist who was a pioneer in the study of cosmic radiation

  • 1970 Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman

    Indian physicist (Nobel Prize 1930 for light scattering)

  • 1782 Jacques de Vaucanson

    French inventor of automata

  • 1555 Georgius Agricola

    German mineralogist (zinc)

  • 1899 Garret Hobart

    American lawyer, politician, 24th Vice President of the United States


The Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act 1918 Passed, Allowing Women to Stand for Parliament in the UK

On November 21, 1918, the Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act was passed in the United Kingdom. This historic legislation allowed women to stand for election to the House of Commons, marking a significant step forward in the fight for gender equality and women's political rights in the UK.

NATO Invited Seven Countries to Join

On November 21, 2002, NATO extended invitations to Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia to become members. This expansion marked a significant step in strengthening security and cooperation within Europe, as these countries moved closer to joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Coins the Term 'Anesthesia'

In 1846, Oliver Wendell Holmes coined the term "anesthesia" in a letter to William Thomas Green Morton, the surgeon who gave the first public demonstration of ether's pain-killing effects. This significant development in medical terminology and practice marked a pivotal moment in the history of surgery and pain management.

First Free Flight by Jean François Pilâtre de Rozier and Marquis Francois Laurant d’Arlandes

On November 21, 1783, Jean François Pilâtre de Rozier, a professor of physics and chemistry, and the Marquis Francois Laurant d’Arlandes became the first men to make a free flight. They accomplished this historic feat in a hot air balloon over Paris, France, marking a significant milestone in the history of aviation.
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