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Births on This Day, November 5
  • 1892 J.B.S. Haldane

    John Burdon Sanderson Haldane was an English geneticist and biometrician who opened new paths of research in population genetics and evolution.

  • 1948 William D. Phillips

    American physicist whose experiments using laser light to cool and trap atoms earned him a share of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1997.

  • 1855 Léon-Philippe Teisserenc de Bort

    French meteorologist who discovered the stratosphere (1902). He established own observatory at Trappes (1896) and pioneered in the use of unmanned, instrumented balloons to investigate atmosphere.

  • 1854 Paul Sabatier

    Organic chemist who shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1912 with Victor Grignard. Sabatier was honoured for his work improving the hydrogenation of organic species in the presence of metals.

  • 1893 Raymond Loewy

    Raymond Loewy was a French-born American industrial designer who achieved fame for the magnitude of his design efforts across a variety of industries.

Deaths on This Day, November 5
  • 1976 Willi Hennig

    German zoologist who proposed cladistics (Greek=branch) for the hierarchical classification of species, based on phylogeny - the evolutionary history - of the ancestors.

  • 1944 Alexis Carrel

    French-American surgeon and biologist who received the 1912 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for developing a method of suturing blood vessels.

  • 1930 Christiaan Eijkman

    Dutch scientist, physician, hygienist who demonstrated that beriberi is caused by poor diet led to the discovery of vitamins.

  • 1714 Bernardino Ramazzini

    Italian physician, born in Capri, Italy, who first recorded relationships between occupational environment and workers' illnesses and is considered a founder of occupational medicine.

  • 1800 Jesse Ramsden

    British pioneer in the design of precision tools. At 23, Ramsden chose to apprentice to a maker of mathematical instruments.


Ancient beer

In 1992, the discovery chemical evidence of 5000-year-old beer found at Godin Tepe in the Zagros mountains of Iran was reported in the journal Nature.

First U.S. gas auto patent

In 1895, George B. Selden of Rochester, New York, received the first U.S. patent for a gasoline-driven automobile.
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