This Day In History : October 11

2000 United States

NASA launches STS-92, their 100th Space Shuttle mission

On October 11, 2000, NASA launched STS-92, marking their 100th Space Shuttle mission. This milestone flight was part of the ongoing assembly of the International Space Station (ISS), underscoring the progress and achievements of NASA's Space Shuttle program.

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Births on This Day, October 11
  • 1881 Lewis Fry Richardson

    English mathematician, meteorologist, physicist and psychologist who first applied mathematics to accurate weather prediction.

  • 1855 James Gayley

    American metallurgist who invented a device to ensure uniform humidity in the air stream going into blast furnaces.

  • 1799 Joseph Gillott

    A pioneer of the steel pen, born in Sheffield. An English engineer Bryan Donkin patented a steel pen point in 1803 but did not commercially exploit his patent.

  • 1865 Charles Atwood Kofoid

    American zoologist whose classification of many new species of marine protozoans helped establish systematic marine biology.

  • 1871 Harriet Ann Boyd Hawes

    American archaeologist and social activist who gained renown for her discoveries of ancient remains in Crete.

Deaths on This Day, October 11
  • 2019 Aleksey Arkhipovich Leonov

    Aleksey (Alexei) Arkhipovich Leonov was a Soviet cosmonaut, who was the first man to climb out of a spacecraft in space.

  • 1940 Vito Volterra

    Italian mathematician who made important contributions to calculus, and mathematical theories in astronomy, elasticity and biometrics.

  • 1996 Lars Valerian Ahlfors

    Finnish mathematician who was awarded one of the first two Fields Medals in 1936 for his work with Riemann surfaces.

  • 1889 James Prescott Joule

    English physicist who established that the various forms of energy - mechanical, electrical, and heat - are basically the same and can be changed, one into another.

  • 2003 Franklyn Perring

    English botanist and conservationist, who was was one of the most influential botanists of his generation.


Apollo 7 launch

In 1968, the first manned Apollo mission, Apollo 7, was launched on a Saturn 1-B rocket from Cape Kennedy.

Camera roll film

In 1881, roll film for cameras was patented by David H. Houston, who was a Scottish immigrant that travelled to homestead in Dakota (1879) on a 400-acre farm, 30 miles NE of Fargo.

Apollo 7, the first successful manned Apollo mission is launched by NASA

On October 11, 1968, NASA launched Apollo 7, the first successful manned Apollo mission. This mission marked a significant milestone in the United States' space program, testing key spacecraft systems and paving the way for future lunar missions.

1984: First American Woman Walks in Space

On October 11, 1984, astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan achieved a historic milestone as the first American woman to walk in space during Space Shuttle Challenger mission STS-41-G. This event marked a significant achievement in space exploration and gender equality in STEM fields.
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