This Day In History : October 22

2008 India

India Launches its First Lunar Mission

On October 22, 2008, India successfully launched its first lunar mission, Chandrayaan-1, from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. The mission aimed to explore the Moon's surface and conduct scientific experiments, marking a significant milestone in India's space exploration efforts.

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Births on This Day, October 22
  • 1905 Karl Jansky

    Karl Guthe Jansky was an American electrical engineer and radio engineer who discovered cosmic radio emissions.

  • 1511 Erasmus Reinhold

    German mathematician who was a leading mathematical astronomer in his time.

  • 1807 Magnus Huss

    Swedish physician who coined the word “alcoholism” and was the first to define it as a chronic, relapsing disease.

  • 1896 Charles Glen King

    American biochemist who discovered vitamin C, an aid in the prevention of scurvy and malnutrition.

  • 1903 George Beadle

    George Wells Beadle was an American geneticist who helped found biochemical genetics when he showed that genes affect heredity genes act by regulating definite chemical events.

Deaths on This Day, October 22
  • 1963 Elvin Morton Jellinek

    Elvin Morton Jellinek was an American physiologist who was a pioneer in the scientific study of the nature and causes of alcoholism and in descriptions of its symptomatology.

  • 1871 Roderick Impey Murchison

    Scottish geologist who first differentiated the Silurian strata in the geologic sequence of Early Paleozoic strata (408-540 million years old).

  • 1792 Guillaume Le Gentil de la Galaisiere

    Guillaume-Joseph-Hyacinthe-Jean-Baptiste Le Gentil de la Galaziere was a French astronomer who attempted to observe the transit of Venus across the sun by travelling to India in 1761.

  • 1915 Andrew Noble

    Scottish physicist and gunnery expert, known as a founder of the science of ballistics.

  • 1986 Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

    He is credited with first isolating vitamin C and discovering many of the components and reactions of the citric acid cycle and the molecular basis of muscle contraction.


Edison carbon filament experiment

In 1879, Edison's long series of experiments testing materials for suitability as an electric light filament reached a turning point.

First parachute jump

In 1797, the first successful parachute jump was made by André-Jacques Garnerin, released from a balloon 2,230-ft above the Parc Monceau, Paris.

One of the first modern plastic surgeries in the west performed by Joseph Carpue on a soldier's nose in England using Indian techniques

One of the first modern plastic surgeries in the West was performed by Joseph Carpue on a soldier's nose in England using Indian techniques in 1814. This groundbreaking procedure, known as rhinoplasty, involved reconstructing the nose by grafting skin from the forehead, a method pioneered in India centuries earlier.

First Person to Jump With a Parachute

On October 22, 1797, André-Jacques Garnerin became the first person to successfully jump with a parachute. He made the historic leap from a balloon over Parc Monceau in Paris, France, demonstrating the feasibility of parachutes for safe descent from great heights.
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