21 Amazing Ottawa facts That Showcase the Charms of Canada

The natural beauty and eco-friendly atmosphere of many cities in Canada generally attract tourists every year. Ottawa is one of the most magnificent cities in this country.

It is the capital city of Canada.

The easily adaptable behavior of local people and this city’s overall climate condition makes it the most popular one for immigrants and foreign students.

Here are some of the important facts about this city which can help you easily accumulate more detailed information.

You can witness an amazing tulip festival here

This city in Canada is well-known for its tulip festival. Every year this particular festival takes place here. A huge carnival of different kinds of flowers can be seen in this function. Tulips are the main attraction.

Most surprisingly, these tulips don’t grow in Ottawa. Netherlands gift these flowers to Canada in term of saying thanks. Thus, it became a ritual in this country now.

There is a glass house in Ottawa

The famous glass house made by Michel Cowpland can be considered one of the important reasons behind tourist attraction. You can easily watch it in the Rockliffe Park area. Thus glass house is actually made of copper and glass.   

It has a haunted hostel which is actually a prison

Ottawa can be the best place for people who like to visit mysterious and haunted places. This city has Hi Ottawa Jail Hostel and many other haunted places.

This hostel is in a workable condition nowadays which is actually a prison. People frequently see ghosts of prisoners every now and then.

Thus, this place became haunted according to many paranormal investigators.     

Statues are almost everywhere

You may get confused by observing several statues in Ottawa. You should read the nameplates of every statue to know the significance of the statues.

Most of them belong to Canadian history only. There is a statue of a brave German Shepherd in its service vest. It worked for the Canadian military for many years.

The statue exactly looks like an original dog.

The Ottawa River Walkway has 280 stairs

There is a long walkway between the Ottawa River bank and the Parliament. One needs to complete almost 280 steps to reach the end of this walkway.

Canadian citizens who want to save their gym fees can definitely go for this walkway at least thrice a week.  

They used the electric traffic light for the first time

Traffic lights are quite common nowadays. We control the vehicle as well as people on road with the help of these lights.

Ottawa people started the use of electric traffic lights to notify people about road condition. Thus, they show us the exact use of these lights for the first time.  

This is the 4th largest city in Canada

Canada is a large country, without any doubt. Most cities of this country are large in size. Ottawa is the 4th largest city in this country with a variety of resources.   

It has a number of sports teams

Various sports teams belong to this city only. Thus, you can easily observe a great interest in sports among common people here. Famous hockey team named Ottawa Senators, a basketball team named Blackjacs, a football team named RedBlacks, a baseball team named Ottawa Titans, and many other teams were built in this city.  

You can experience extreme cold as well as hot weather

One can experience very hot as well as very cold weather in this city. The highest temperature was recorded 38.7 C.

whereas the lowest temperature was recorded -36 C. In this way, people get used to with extreme weather conditions in this city with ease.  

The agricultural work of this city affects the economy of Canada

They are quite productive in their cultivation work. The rural areas of Ottawa especially the Prairies area are well-known for their cultivation process and production. It plays a vital role in the overall economy of Canada for sure.    

The average popular age in this city is under 35

You can hardly observe old people in this city. The average age of citizens is between 30-35 years. Thus, Ottawa is one of the most active cities in this country.

Due to this reason, people call it the youngest city in Canada.  

You can easily visit many historical places in Ottawa

Places of historical significance are the specialty of Ottawa. You can see almost 26 historical places in a single city with ease. 

The famous Canadian museum is a must-visit here

You should not skip the famous museum named the Canadian Museum of History brings almost 1.2 billion people every year.

This place should be in the topper position of your must-visit list for sure.  

The spider statue named “Maman” is quite well-known

While searching for Canadian tourist spots online, you may see a giant spider statue for sure. This statue is known as “Maman”. You will find it right outside the National Gallery of Ottawa.

Through this sculpture, you can see how a mother spider is protecting its eggs from snow. It is made by French artists.  

You may call the citizens of this city Ottawans

People who live in Ottawa would love to be called by the name “Ottawans”. They feel really proud of being a part of this city in Canada.

Most people of Ottawa is immigrant who became the permanent residence

It is quite difficult to find many people in this city were actually born here. Most people came here as immigrants and then got their permanent residence permit.

Apart from this, most citizens are engineers, scientists, Ph. D’s and many other educative professions only. Thus, the quality of this city increases a lot gradually.  

A number of outdoor skating rings are available in this city

Due to extreme weather conditions, you will definitely get thick know in winter not only in Ottawa but everywhere in Canada.

Thus, there are various skating rings open here. Some of the places are usually covered with thick snow even in the summer season. Thus, it’s a great destination for skate lovers. 

The oldest Canadian Theatre group belongs to Ottawa only

The oldest theatre group was made in this city only. The name of this theatre group is Ottawa Little Theatre. It was founded in 1913.

Some people think that the first theatre group in this country is Stratford, which is in Ontario. However, this concept is wrong.

The Whispering Wall of Ottawa is a wonder for sure

You can observe a wall in Parliament Hill for sure. Surprisingly, people can actually hear even the whispers from the other side of this wall.

They use some advanced techniques to make this wall. Thus, it always surprises people with its special feature.     

The Bitcoin ATM was invented by this city only

Bitcoin is a smart way to invest money nowadays. People gradually accept the process of making money through Bitcoin.

Ottawans invent the Bitcoin ATM machine to use their actual money in a smarter way. Thus, people get more interested in Bitcoin after receiving an ATM machine.

Ottawa is famous for its apple orchards

There are several apple orchards available in Ottawa. Apart from this, they have other fruits as well.

They must appoint people outside this country to pick these apples yearly. Thus, many people get the opportunity to visit this amazing city on a work visa. 

Here we receive enough knowledge about Ottawa with the help of these above-mentioned facts. You can easily go for other relevant articles on Ottawa to plan your trip to this city in Canada. This is also helpful for people who want to relocate to this city for sure.   

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