18 Untold Peterborough Facts that You Might Know

Welcome to Peterborough, the vibrant city of the UK!

From its unique cultural heritage to its stunning natural landscapes, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover!

This article will offer some amazing facts 😲about Peterborough that will amaze you. Let’s start 👏 this exciting journey!

Interesting Peterborough Facts

Peterborough City: It is named after a politician

Little fact lovers, did you know this interesting fact about the beautiful English city? Let me explain!

The city of Peterborough is named after an early Canadian politician, Peter Robinson. This intelligent person oversaw the first major immigration to this region.

Also, Lester B. Pearson spent his childhood days here because, at that time, his father was George St. United Church’s minister. He even attended the iconic PCVS.

Peterborough: It has the highest hydraulic lock in the world

Peterborough Lift Lock

I am quite surprised to explore this unique fact about Peterborough! What about you??

Constructed in 1904, the Peterborough Lift Lock is the highest hydraulic lock on the planet. You will be amazed to know that this lock has a rise of 19.8 m😲.

During construction, to establish foundations for the Lift Lock at Armour Hill, 76000 cubic yards of soil, sand, and gravel were excavated until the limestone bedrock reached almost 40 feet down. 

Peterborough City: Two queens have been buried in the cathedral

The Cathedral Of Peterborough

I am sure that just like me, you will definitely love to explore this interesting fact about Peterborough! 

You may have already known that Katharine Aragon is buried at the famous Peterborough Cathedral. However, did you know that there are actually two queens buried at the cathedral? 

In the year 1857, Mary Queen of Scots was executed at Fotheringhay Castle, and under the orders of Queen Elizabeth, she was buried in Peterborough. 

Almost twenty-five years later, her body was taken to Westminster Abbey. Also, in 1643, her tomb ⚰️was destroyed by the forces of Oliver Cromwell.

Revolutionary Rolle Royce: We can trace its roots back to Peterborough

Rolle Royce In Peterborough

A fan of Rolls Royce 🚗cars?? 

Then you will surely love to learn this amazing fact about Peterborough! Rolle Royce, one of the most famous and iconic car brands on the planet, can trace its roots back to this important city in England.

Sir Henry Royce, who would go on to partner with Charles Rolls to change the fate of the motorcar industry, was born in Alwalton. Also, on Broadway, the Sir Henry Royce pub is named after him. 

Peterborough: The city is named after Saint Peter

The beautiful city of Peterborough got its name after Saint Peter, and even the coat of arms reflects this heavily.

Little friends, just take a look at the motto of the coat of arms.

 In the Bible, when the Pharisees were asking Jesus to prove who was by offering them a sign from heaven, Peter recognized him as “the Christ, the son of the living God.” 

In response, Jesus said: “UPON THIS ROCK I will build my church ⛪and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” He even entrusted Peter with the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Know about the famous Queensgate

Just like me, you may have already heard about Queensgate, right??

However, did you know it was no one but actually the Queen of the Netherlands who opened the center officially? 

In the year 1982, on November 8, the queen of the Netherlands, Queen Beatrice, gave the center her royal seal of approval. It happened during her official visit to the United Kingdom.

Peterborough: The place of the longest-serving councilor of England 

If you are a history lover just like me, then you will surely love this unique secret about this unique English city of Peterborough! 

Peterborough is the city where you can find the name of the longest-serving councilor in England, who spent most of his time in office. Quite surprising, right?

His name is Charles Swift, and he was elected as the Labour candidate in 1954 for North Ward. 

For the next 62 years, he even remained their representative at the Town Hall and only left office when he was 86 years of age.

Two famous Bonds movies were filmed here

Little movie lovers, I am quite excited to tell you this unique fact about the city of Peterborough! 

Two films from one of the biggest movie franchises ever were actually filmed in the city of Peterborough. 

The film Octopussy was shot in part at the railway, Ferry Meadows, Orton Mere, and even Wansford station was also featured.

Scenes from the movie Golden Eye were filmed at Nene River 🌊 Valley, and the scene of the tank chase was filmed outside of the British Sugar factory. 

Peterborough: It is home to a famous bus stop

Bus Stop Of Peterborough

Little fact diggers, want to explore something unique about the city of Peterborough!?

Unlike many other famous cities, Peterborough does have two famous buses 🚌 stops. Nobby the Tramp or Michael Ross increased the fame of the bus shelter on Oundle Road. 

He became one of the most famous residents of the area, and other residents of the area regularly left food and clothing for him. 

With time, his fame spread, and later the shelter was offered its own postcode. 

You may not know that his fame increased to a great extent after somebody left him some golf clubs.

Catch up the world’s first mini roundabout

In this beautiful English city, we will get to see the first mini roundabout in the world. Really impressive, right?

It was built in the city in 1969. 

Designed by Frank Blackmore and situated near Uundle Road and London Road, the design was written into the manuals of government design in 1975.

One of the city’s loved sons tried to fly over the Nene

River Nene In Peterborough

The “Strongman!” Walter Cornelius is definitely one of the most prominent figures in this beautiful city of Peterborough. 

In the 1940s, he came to England from Latvia as a teenager. He even escaped by rowing around 400 miles across the Baltic while suffering from a severe wound in his stomach, 😲 caused by a Russian bullet. 

He worked at the Lido as a lifeguard and became famous for his impressive stunts, including trying to fly over the River Nene with a normal costume, walking on his hands for 153 miles, etc.

Red Fife Wheat was invented by David Fife

Little fact learners, have you heard about this wonderful fact!? 

You must know that, in the 19th century, in Peterborough, David Fife invented Red Fife. It is a certain kind of wheat that could highly resist the harsh climate of Canada. This famous Red Fife Wheat is even famous for making Canada the “bread basket of the world.”

Central Park: It is home to Jimmy the Donkey

Central Park Of Peterborough

If you are an animal lover like me, then you will surely love animal lovers this wonderful fact about Peterborough City! 

The Central Park of Peterborough is the living place of Jimmy the Donkey. 

After his death in 1943, he received the Dickin Medal for bravery, which is the highest honor for an animal 😲that has served in the military can receive. 

During WWI, brave Jimmy was born on the battlefield and became the mascot of the 1st Scottish Rifles. 

Brave Jimmy even helped in carrying away the wounded and supplying ammunition to British soldiers. 

Peterborough: The inventor of standard time lived here

Have you heard about the inventor of standard time? No?? Then just explore this amazing fact about this amazing city of Peterborough! 

In 1845, Sir Sandford Fleming lived in this beautiful English city as a young engineer after moving here.

He is famous around the world due to his invention of standard time. 

Moreover, he was the chief surveyor for the Trans-Canada Railway. He even oversaw the famous incident of the laying of the first trans-Atlantic telephone cable.

Peterborough: Explore greatness from small beginnings

I am quite surprised to learn this unique fact about Peterborough City! 

It is possible that most people will have been to W. H. Smiths in the town’s center. However, it is possible that many like us don’t know that the shop stands in the location of the former Angel Hotel. 

In 1934, it was the very hotel where Peterborough United was founded. Surprising, isn’t it?

Peterborough: The pioneer in generating hydroelectrical power

Hydroelectrical Power In Peterborough

From my childhood, I have always been in love with science, and hence, I love to explore this scientific fact about Peterborough! Want to know?

Peterborough was one of the first places in the entire United Kingdom to start generating hydro 🌊 electrical power. 

Did you know that it happened even before the plants at Niagara Falls?

Companies like Quaker Oats and GE opened to take advantage of this new cheap resource.

Home to one of the biggest concentrations of Italian immigrants

The beautiful Peterborough City is home to one of the largest concentrations of Italian immigrants😲 in the country. 

This happened as a result of labor recruitment in the 1950s by the famous London Brick Company in the southern Italian area of Campania and Apulia. 

By the year 1960, around 3000 Italian men were employed by London Brick.

Peterborough City: Know about its first infirmary

Peterborough Museum

Built in the year 1816, the Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery is the unique museum🏫 that housed the first infirmary of the city from 1857 to 1928. Surprised, right?

You will be more surprised to know its collection, which includes around 227000 objects, including social history, local archaeology, products of the Roman pottery industry, and many more.

Summing up

So little knowledge hunters, now you know that Peterborough is a city that takes pride in its natural beauty, rich history, and modern advancements.

From amazing museums and art galleries 🏫to famous cathedrals ⛪and bus stops, what in this beautiful city of Peterborough attracts you the most?

As we are already engaged, we would love 😊 to hear from you! 

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