Essay on Poverty in English (1000 Words)

Poverty is one of the worst forms of Violence said- the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi. But what is Poverty?

Poverty is defined as a condition where the basic needs of a family or a person like food, shelter, clothing, and education. Poverty can lead to many huge problems like less literacy rate, unemployment, malnutrition, and many more.

As someone from a poor family won’t have enough money to study therefore remain uneducated and unemployed in society. As an unemployed person, he won’t have enough money to buy proper food or meals for their survival which leads to Malnutrition. 

So we can say that poverty is the main reason behind all these problems that a person faces in their life.

How is poverty measured in the USA?

In the USA, poverty is measured by comparing an individual’s or family’s income to a set of minimum amounts needed for their basic living. The people whose income is below the set of basic needs are considered poor according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Now let us see a few top reasons that cause poverty. 

1. Absence of good employment/job development.

This is one of the main and biggest reasons that causes poverty. When you don’t have a job that pays you well you automatically fall below the minimum wage. As in many countries, traditional jobs like farming are vanishing. It is hard for uneducated people to find jobs for themselves.

2. Lack of education/uneducated.

The second important reason that causes poverty is Education. Poverty is a cycle that starts and ends with Education. According to the UNESCO report, it was found that over 170 million people would be poverty-free if they are provided with proper education.

3. Less or no access to nutritious food.

It was found that currently, 2 billion people don’t have the access to clean water to drink and over 800 +million people are suffering from hunger. As they are the basic needs that a human survival needs, it becomes hard without them. Without food and water, they can’t work or earn money for themselves, which eventually makes them poor again.

4. InEquality.

Inequality is a simple and complex point here. It is easy to understand but difficult when it comes to the laws and rights of humans. When a group of people has less or fewer rights and resources compared to others in the society or community is known as inequality. It can be based on caste, age, health, ability, and gender.

5. Climate changes.

Yes, Climate change will also show an impact on poverty. If you are someone who has to work daily to make both ends meet then you will know that climate change is more crucial. It was found that 100 million people would be pushed into poverty due to climate changes and crises.

It can also show an impact on farming, hunting, and gathering food.

What Are the Disadvantages of Being Poor?

There are many disadvantages of being poor. You can see a few of them below.

1. Low self-esteem.

Many people look down on the poor. They have the assumption that the poor are lazy, useless, and many. They feel ashamed of being poor.

2. Health conditions:

When you are poor it is obvious that you don’t get enough money and proper food. This leads to malnutrition and many other health issues. Sometimes you might also go for calories instead of nutrition which leads to weight gain and related health problems.

3. Restricted Network. 

At the point when you are poor, you will often have a limited network/organization. Poor people like or tend to live around with people of their community or mingle with the other poor people. These individuals can’t help you especially since they are barely attempting to earn a living wage for themselves. They also do not have the right skills and community to assist with defeating poverty.

4. No Role Models. 

It is harder than you imagine to get out of this poverty situation. The main reason is they don’t have any motivation or role models to show what they have to do. They will see no one in their community buying what they like, doing their favorite job, and many more. So they don’t see hope to get out of that poverty.

5. Stress.

Poverty also causes stress. As the members in a family have to sacrifice things for one another it leads to a pile of stress that is being accumulated. You can see a lot of people arguing over little things and little topics in poor families as they can’t afford them.

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. How to overcome poverty?

Ending poverty is not something that can be done in a day or two. It at least takes more than a decade to put an end to all the poverty in the community you live in. Below given are a few of the ways that show how to end poverty.

  • Quality Education can eradicate poverty.
  • Taking proper health care can help in reducing poverty.
  • Water and sanitation also plays an important role in eradicating poverty.
  • Economic security
  • Child participation.
  1. How can Quality education reduce poverty?

The first and more important thing that an individual needs to end poverty is quality education. Education gives knowledge and skills to children that help them realize what they want in their life and their potential. Studying can help them get a better job which leads to a better life.

Taking care of health is also one of the primary things. If you are unwell you can’t attend a school or go to work which again leads to poverty and zero money.

  1. Does everyone have access to Water and Sanitation?

Water and sanitation are also the main things that an individual needs. Having access to clean water and proper sanitation can improve and give you hope for a better life.

Finally, Poverty is not an individual problem, but the whole nation. It should be dealt with in effective ways and faster methods. The government has to take care of the needs and understand their vision and support poor people. Poverty eradication is necessary for the sustainable growth of the people, community, and country.

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