23 Main Pros and Cons of Paper Model Crafting For Kids


Paper model crafting is a form of art that has certain specific aesthetic and form. The art of paper model crafting is not just about design and beauty, but about imagination as well. The imagination of a designer to give life to a simple piece of paper is a practical form of art that is creates the unexpected and can also be sold in the market.

This is a craft that has existed over the years, with references being found in the Chinese society and Oriental Japanese society. The most famous of paper model crafting experiences is the model of aeroplanes and boats, something we have all made as children. 

Benefits of Paper Model CraftingDrawbacks of Paper Model Crafting
Passionate HobbyFinding Right Audience
Indoor ActivityRight Kind of Paper
Put Up Photos OnlineDesigning Issues
Helps in Sustaining EnjoymentOverhead Expenses
A Form of ArtSales and Tax Problems
Custom DesignsTiming Problems
Good for ChildrenCompetition
Great as Gifts
Business Options


Passionate Hobby:

The value of paper model crafting is in its aesthetic value for designing. This means that the model to be designed has to have some essential form.

People who love designing and making paper models can do so as a hobby. This means that the hobby produces enjoyment that is peaceful.

Indoor Activity:

Paper model crafting is a hobby that is made for indoor activity. Hence if you are one of those people who do not like to venture out into the sun too much and prefer the indoors then this hobby is perfect for you. It is also a very easy and fun thing to learn.

Put Up Photos Online:

The paper model crafting and the paper models that you make and design can be put up on Facebook for fun activities.

This means your social circles will also know of your talent and you can boast about your models. The paper models are also beautiful to look at.

Helps in Sustaining Enjoyment:

The craft of paper model crafting is something that has helped people sustain enjoyment over the years, while also contributing to their family lives and other positions of friends and social circles. The paper model crafting exercises also have a lot of sentimental value for families.

A Form of Art:

The paper model crafting is a form of art as well. Some families pass on this skill generation after generation and consider it to be a family skill.

In this way this form of art slowly takes the shape of an economic project as well. Greeting card companies often start in this manner.

Custom Designs:

The designs that the customers want is something that the customers can choose themselves. Hence the customers can also choose to have something of their own choice made into a paper model craft to gift to someone. This makes the business of paper model crafting personalised for the customer.

Good for Children:

The business of paper model crafting is something that the people can only do when they are satisfied with something that they are doing.

Many people do not turn their hobby into a business, and just use it as a means to amuse kids and children.

Great as Gifts:

The gift of a paper model craft is something that the people can also appreciate and the one gifting can gift with a satisfaction in their heart.

This is one of the best gifts that can be given to a loved one or a work friend for small occasions like an office birthday or a little career achievement.

Make a Business Out of It:

The business of paper model crafting has a possible boom in the near future. Not only do gift car and greeting card companies hire paper model craftsmen, the craftsmen also turn this into a business sometimes for financial purposes. This is good advantage.


Finding Right Audience:

The right audience is often difficult to find for paper model crafts. This may either mean the right kind of audience for business purposes or the kind of audience that will follow you and your craft on social media. This is because the correct audience is often secluded in groups.

Right Kind of Paper:

The right kind of paper is also important for the art and for this reason you may have to travel to centralised art and craft markets located at city centres and specific stores. The good models cannot be made with just a newspaper or regular paper.

Designing Issues:

The preparation of the design of the paper model craft is something that takes its own amount of time and patience and has to be done by imagination and inspiration through the influences of those who are regular at making paper models. This means that process is not easiest for people who lack imagination.

Overhead Expenses:

Expenses like packaging and transport, buying of raw material and other such goods and commodities is something that some may find it difficult to afford.

Hence one may have the skill, but not the finances to afford this project. This leads to dissatisfaction of the artist.

Sales and Tax Problems:

Problems with tax authorities start whenever you start up a business no matter how hard you try or how much you spend over the years.

The smallest profits and you will get a call from authorities asking for tax, although it might be the case that you have nothing.

Timing Problems:

The paper model crafting art from is something that requires a lot of time and effort to not only learn, but master.

It tests your patience and ensures you do not have enough time to do other things. This is a drawback in personal life activity if paper model crafting is not only a hobby.


The problem of competition is something that puts the paper model crafting in a tough spot for those who would like to take up this art.

This results in the possibility of only extremely good artists becoming professionals while the rest remain on the sidelines of the social space.


Paper model crafting is a wonderful hobby, offering peaceful enjoyment and creative fulfillment. It can be a cherished family tradition and even a potential business venture.

However, finding the right audience and materials, as well as dealing with time and financial constraints, may pose challenges. Despite these drawbacks, the joy of creating custom designs and unique gifts makes it a rewarding pursuit for enthusiasts of all ages.

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