15 Interesting Sandra Day O Connor Facts that Will Make You Surprise

Little fact-enthusiasts, let me tell you about Sandra Day O’Connor😲!!

She is an American lawyer, former politician, and also an eminent jurist!

She served as the first female associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States! 😲!

She was the first woman nominated and even the first confirmed to the court!

So, let’s take a look into the facts about this amazing woman!

Amazing Sandra Day o Connor facts

Sandra Day O’Connor was born in El Paso, Texas

Sandra Day O’Connor Was Born In Texas

Hey there, little friends, did you know this amazing fact about Sandra Day O’Connor?

She was born in El Paso, Texas.

Her father was Harry Alfred Day, a rancher, and her mom was Ada Mae!

Childhood days of Sandra

Sandra Day O’Connor grew up on a family cattle ranch near Duncan, Arizona!

The ranch was around nine miles from the nearest paved road!

Also, her house did not have electricity or even running water until Sandra was seven years old!

Life on the ranch wasn’t quite easy. Each and everyone had to work to help around the ranch!

As soon as she could see over the dashboard, she started driving. She even learned how to change flat tires by herself as a survival tactic!

Moreover, she would shoot jackrabbits 🐰 and coyotes with her .22-caliber rifle!

Sandra was even a resourceful cowgirl 🐄! 

Getting a job was a nightmare for Sandra Day o’Connor

Sandra Day O’Connor's Nightmare

I am really amazed to learn this surprising fact about Sandra Day O’Connor! What about you?

No one told Sandra how hard it might be to build a career as a female lawyer⚖️! Even after graduating third in her class, she could not get a job!

It was really frustrating because she had done quite well in both undergraduate and law school!

Her classmates, even those whose performance wasn’t as remarkable as hers, were getting employment!

No one was even willing to interview her, let alone employ her!

The clever girl: Sandra Day O’Connor 

When Sandra started school, she went to reside with her maternal grandma in El Paso!

There were no good schools near the 198000 acres cattle ranch, so she had to attend a private school, The Radford School for Girls.

Her performance was very good, so she skipped two grades!

After leaving Radford, Sandra proceeded to Austin High School 🏛️in El Paso! During the school holiday, she would come back to the ranch!

Sandra graduated high school while being 6th in her class!

Sandra graduated with a B.A. in economics

Sandra Graduated With A B.A.

After completing high school, Sandra went to Stanford University when she was just 16! 

In 1950, she graduated with a B.A. in economics and even continued at Stanford Law School for her law degree👩‍🎓!

In her class, there were only four ladies!

Sandra worked really hard and got distinctions! She completed her graduation in 1952 while becoming 3rd in her class!

Sandra took some time off to raise her children

With her husband, John O’Connor, Sandra relocated to Germany!

John was a member of the Army’s Quartermaster Corps and even worked as their attorney!

Sandra was working as a civilian attorney, specializing in contracts!

They lived there for three years before returning to the United States!

In the U.S., they settled in Maricopa County, Arizona, and wanted to start their family!

They had three sons! The first child Scott was born in 1958, the second, Brian, in 1960, and Jay was born in 1962!

After Brian’s birth, Sandra took a five-year break from law practice to raise her sons!

Working for free: Sandra really had to work for free

Sandra Worked For Free

After searching for many jobs, Sandra eventually landed an interview! One of the members of the panel of interviewers wanted to know about her typing skills!

The interviewer wanted to hire her not as a lawyer but as a secretary!

As Sandra was quite desperate to get a job, she offered to work for free and without a salary or office!

For months she had to share space with the secretary!

Later, they started to pay Sandra a small salary!

She even performed writing memos, legal research, and other secretarial duties!

Later, she took a job in San Mateo as deputy county attorney and moved to Germany!

Sandra Day O’Connor: Meet the first female Senate majority leader

Little fact lovers, did you know this wonderful fact about Sandra Day O’Connor? No? Let me tell you.

In the year 1969, Sandra was appointed to the Arizona State Senate by the governor!

After the end of that term, Sandra vied and even was re-elected for two more terms. Each of those terms lasted for two years!

Later, she was picked as the Senate majority leader by the Arizona Senate! In the United States, Sandra was the first female in that prestigious position!

Sandra served as Assistant Attorney General

Sandra Served As Assistant Attorney General

Sandra started her private practice together with another lawyer! Even shortly after, she took leave to raise her children!

During that time off from practicing law, Sandra got involved in local politics and even volunteered for community projects!

Also, she served as Arizona’s assistant attorney general, where she had to assist the chief law officer in the state!

Sandra beat cancer

I am really surprised to learn this amazing fact about this amazing person!

Lady Justice Sandra 👩‍⚖️ is even a survivor of breast cancer! Amazing, isn’t it?

In the year 1988, she underwent a mastectomy!

Fortunately, there has been no recurrence!

Also, in the same year, her appendix was removed!

Recently, Sandra announced that she has dementia and retired from public life!

Sandra Day O’Connor: Know about the First female Supreme Court justice

Sandra Day O’Connor Was First Female Supreme Court Justice

After serving in the Senate, Sandra was elected judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court!

After that, she was even appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals!

Later, she was nominated by President Reagan as an associate justice of the Supreme Court!

Next, a confirmation hearing started before the Senate Judiciary Committee! It was the first to be televised and even lasted for three days!

Lastly, the Judiciary Committee approved Sandra’s nomination.

Sandra Day O’Connor was confirmed by the United States Senate as the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, on 21st September, 1981.

Sandra received the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Like me, you will be really amazed to know that Sandra was the first woman to serve on the prestigious Supreme Court bench!

Later, in August 2009, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama!

Sandra Day O’Connor as an author

Sandra Day O’Connor As An Author

Sandra has written several books!

She and her brother Alan Day wrote the book named ‘Lazy B’ together!

This book is actually a memoir that focuses on her family’s ranch!

Sandra also wrote the book ‘Out of Order.’ This book has stories from the History of the Supreme Court!

She even wrote books📚 like Chico and Finding Susie! These are mainly based on her childhood experiences!

Non-profit and philanthropic activities of Sandra Day O’Connor

Little friends, did you know that Sandra was also a philanthropist?

In February 2009, she launched a website called Our Courts! 

She created it to offer interactive civics lessons to teachers👩‍🏫 and students because she was worried about the lack of knowledge among young Americans about how their government works!

Also, she served as a co-chair with Lee Hamilton for the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools!

Sandra even served on the board of trustees of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia!

It is a museum dedicated to the U.S. Constitution!

Sandra’s husband died in 2009 and she retired in 2018

Sandra’s Husband Died In 2009

Sandra’s husband John suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for almost 20 years and died⚰️ in 2009!

After that, she started working to raise awareness of the disease!

Later, in 2018, Sandra announced her retirement from public life!

Now, Sandra is the last living justice 👨‍⚖️ to have worked on the Burger Court!

Summing up

So, little fact explorers, how are you feeling about knowing so many amazing facts about this amazing person😲 Sandra Day O’Connor?

We have tried to collect as much as information about her possible…and we are sure you are satisfied!

Looking forward to get your feedback! 😊!

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