16 Amazing Serbia Facts That will surprise you

Serbia is a nation in the Balkans around countries like Romania, Croatia, Hungary, and others. It has a troubled past and a vibrant culture.

Reading intriguing facts and information about a location is an excellent approach to learning more about it. We will present both well-known and lesser-known Serbia facts in this post πŸ€—.

Discover Fascinating Serbia Facts – Unraveling the Richness of a Hidden Gem

Serbia is the largest raspberry exporter.

Serbia Is The Largest Raspberry Exporter

Raspberries are among the most exported fruits worldwide πŸ‡, and Serbia is the second-largest exporter. The raspberries you put on your cheesecake or smoothie may have come from Serbia.

The figures speak for themselves: According to data from the Republic Statistical Office (SORS), Serbia’s raspberry crop produced 118,674 tons in 2020.

Very unique and ancient cultures are found here.

One of the world’s oldest cities is located in Serbia. Near Belgrade lie the ruins of Vinca and Starcevo, two of Europe’s oldest towns and two of the most distinctive Bronze Age cultures 🏺.

This prehistoric culture existed 5000 years ago, and its sculptures are preserved in Belgrade’s museums and archives.

The term “vampire” is Serbian.

Unbelievably, the word “vampire” has Serbian roots πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ. When Austrian officials discovered that individuals were pulling the dead out of the ground and reviving them in the north of Serbia, they began calling them “vampires,” the term spread to other languages. These animals, villas, and banks are part of Serbian folklore.

A total of 18 Roman emperors were born in Serbia.

18 Roman emperors were born in Serbia πŸ‘‘; the most notable was Constantine the Great, born in Naissus, now known as Nis.

Imperial towns like Sirmium, now known as Sremska Mitrovica, and Singidunum, the Serbian capital now known as Belgrade, may be found in the current Serbian area.

The most expensive cheese is found in Serbia.

Most Expensive Cheese Is In Serbia

If you enjoy cheese, you should be aware of one crucial truth. We’ve all heard how costly French and Swiss cheese can be, but did you know that Serbia produces the priciest cheese in the world?

The cheese is called Pule, made in the Zasavica Nature Reserve, close to Sremska Mitrovica. The cheese costs $1300 per kilogram πŸ§€πŸ’° and is made from goat and donkey milk.

Serbian are mostly geniuses.

A few Serbian-born scientists include:

  • The inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla ⚑️πŸ§ͺ.
  • The mathematician πŸ“ and astronomer Milutin Milankovic 🌌.
  • The physicist and physical chemist Mihajlo Pupin πŸ”¬.

You might argue that Serbian people are born with a science talent. These persons contributed significantly to scientific discoveries and dedicated their lives to research.

Serbian people are very kind and sincere.

Serbian People

You would be amazed to discover how kind and cordial Serbian people can be if you ever visit and explore the country 😊. You’ll receive a warm grin and a helpful hand as a welcome.

Whether you ask for directions to your journey or stop by a Serbian home and are welcomed with coffee, rakija, or delectable Serbian food, this spot will make you feel at home.

The Serbian landscape is stunning.

The Serbian Landscape

This great nation is home to many natural wonders and beauties. Natural wonders and the stuff of local lore include Devil’s Town, the second-deepest canyon in Europe, the Drina Canyon, and Djerdap Gorge, also known as the Iron Gates, one of Europe’s largest gorges. It is a beautiful spot to visit 🏞️.

The Serbians have a ritual called Slava.

Serbian Ritual

Only Serbian Orthodox Christians observe the celebration of the family’s patron saint πŸ•―οΈ, or Slava, as it is known in the language. Each family has a patron saint, who is annually honored with family and friends on the saint’s feast day.

The ceremony begins with bread (slavski Colac) and concludes with a feast and copious amounts of wine and other alcoholic beverages 🍷.

The world’s largest Orthodox church.

Orthodox Church of Serbia

The church of Saint Sava, the second-largest Christian Orthodox church in the world, is located in Belgrade, not too far from the city center. On the location where it’s thought Saint Sava’s bones were burnt, this church was constructed β›ͺ. This tower’s interior, decked with gold and paintings, is awe-inspiring.

13 Serbs contributed to the NASA Apollo Project.

As there are numerous scientists and innovators in Serbia πŸš€, thirteen Serbians contributed to the Apollo project πŸ‘©β€πŸš€. Additionally, a Serbian, Mihajlo Pupin, was one of the architects of NASA. The citizens of the nation are knowledgeable and diligent.

A village entirely constructed of stone exists only in Serbia.

Yes, a settlement called Gostusa in Serbia is entirely constructed of stone. The accommodation is located on the slopes of Mount Stara Planina πŸ—», and the dwellings are built using natural resources like stone. People still occupy these homes 🏑 and have yet to undergo considerable modification.

Serbia has the most immense gorge in Europe.

Serbian Gorge

East Serbia is home to the most enormous gorge in Europe, the Derdap Gorge. The nation is renowned for its abundance of natural wonders and spots that are excellent for exploration.

Serbia is home to the Drina River Canyon 🌊, the second-deepest canyon in Europe.

There Are Strange Lake Observations.

Lakes with floating islands on their surfaces are one of the peculiar natural phenomena in Serbia. Semetes and Vlasina are the names of these lakes. To appreciate what these lakes offer, you must visit them 🏝️.

Everyone enjoys coffee in Serbia.

Coffee In Serbia

Coffee is the one thing that every Serbian loves the most. People in this city like drinking coffee, and you can always find them doing so.

Cafes are places to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee β˜•. In the larger cities, coffee enthusiasts may enjoy cafΓ© hopping πŸ˜„.

There is only one forest in Serbia.

Only One Forest In Serbia

Serbia is home to the Vinatovaca rainforest, a natural preserve with beech trees over 300 years old 🌲. Several things have been forbidden in this protected region.

For instance, moving downed trees, collecting plants, lumber, and many other activities are prohibited. The people have preserved this rainforest so no one will ever harm it.

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