25+ Best Solstice Activities for Mindful Moments!

As a mother, I have seen firsthand the remarkable transformation that outdoor activities have brought about in my children. Positive changes are evident, ranging from improved social skills to increased creativity. Playing outside develops resiliency, curiosity, and a strong bond with the natural world.

I can promise you that the activities🧩 in this article which have been lovingly and experiencedly chosen will not only benefit my children but will also unquestionably contribute to the holistic development of every child, fostering a generation that thrives both indoors and outdoors.

Amazing Solstice Activities for kids

How ready are you to absorb the seasonal vibes? Now is the perfect time to get into some fun activities as the Solstice draws near. Let’s take advantage of the longest day and shortest night by enjoying outdoor activities like stargazing and bonfires!

A happy solstice activity🧩 for kids can enhance creativity, cultivate a love for the outdoors, and create enduring memories. Disconnect and have fun!

Thus, take your kids outside to experience the magic of the Solstice and make some amazing memories beneath the stars and sun! 🌞 

Summer Monoprints

Kids can have a lot of fun creating summer monoprints. They can create one-of-a-kind artworks with basic tools, developing their creativity and motor skills. 

I believe this practical experience makes summer memorable and instructive by fostering self-expression, confidence building, and fun exploration of artistic concepts.


My son tried this amazing activity. Making a sundial is an instructive endeavor. Start by putting a stick vertically in a space that receives regular sunlight. 

Record the hourly shadow of the stick. It’s an interactive astronomy activity where kids learn about time, angles of sunlight, and the rotation of the Earth. 

A Four Seasons Handprint Tree Art project

Recently, my son made this amazing handprint tree project. This activity is a fun way to commemorate the passing of the seasons. 

For the trunk, use brown paint; use four different colors for each season. Youngsters use their hands to create vibrant, personalized masterpieces that capture the beauty of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Leaves crown

Making a floral crown is a fun and simple craft. Collect a variety of vibrant leaves🌿 and foliage. Use wire or a flexible branch to tie them together. I believe Children learn about nature and develop their creativity in addition to participating in an enjoyable, hands-on activity.

 Sun-Drenched Masterpiece

I often introduce this activity in summer. Kids can create a coloring page with a beach scene for summer. Add waves, dunes, and a beaming sun. Youngsters can add bright colors to make a happy, sun-drenched masterpiece, encouraging creativity and offering a soothing activity that embodies summertime happiness.


I introduced this to my kids. Kids can cut clear sheets into the shapes of stars to create cosmic suncatchers☀️ and add colors to them and a string for hanging. The suncatchers will add a celestial touch to brighten with brilliant cosmic patterns that appear when sunlight filters through.


My kids love playing with kids. This is a fun DIY project. Kids can assemble lightweight supplies such as string, paper, and bamboo sticks.

Using colors to decorate the kite and letting their imaginations run wild will make this activity an enjoyable outdoor activity and also teach fundamental aerodynamics concepts.

Pro tip: For soaring success, choose an open space and lightweight materials to make the kite soar effortlessly. Allow their imaginations to run wild! 

Adventurous Trip Planning

Kids can make a bucket list of thrilling things to do to ensure that this summer is one to remember. Add activities like water balloon fights, hiking, stargazing, beach picnics, and ice cream. A season full of happiness, adventure, and treasured time spent with loved ones is guaranteed by this.

Make Ice Cream

My son loves making this. For a delectable summer treat, kids can make ice cream. Mix the cream, sugar, and flavorings in a sealed bag and put it inside for freezing. Shake briskly for ten to fifteen minutes. As a result, everyone can enjoy a delightful dessert.

Sun Prints

Kids can try putting objects or stencils on light-sensitive paper and expose it to sunlight to create eye-catching sun ☀️prints. The objects’ silhouettes are captured as the paper gets darker around them.

I believe this fascinating method blends science and art, educating children about the sun’s significance in photography.

Natural Mandalas

During the summer solstice, my son made this. Kids can arrange found objects, such as leaves, flowers, and stones, in intricate circular patterns to create natural mandalas.

In addition to encouraging mindfulness, this creative and contemplative exercise helps kids connect with nature’s beauty and develop a sense of harmony and creativity.

Make Handprint Sunflowers 

Kids can create handprint sunflowers🌻 by using brown for the center and yellow paint on a child’s hand. To form the shape of a flower, press it onto paper. I believe it includes verdant leaves and stems. This fosters creativity and motor skills in addition to capturing a moment in time.

Magic Seed Star

My kids have recently made this amazing activity. Kids can cut out cardboard and glue it to create a magic seed star. After lightly pressing the flower or herb seeds onto the glue, allow it to dry. Creativity comes as kids plant a star in the soil and give it some water.

Planting A Tree

Planting a tree is an easy yet powerful task. Select a good spot, dig a hole, and plant a tree with caution. I believe children learn about the environment, responsibility, and nature through this interactive experience. The tree matures and becomes a permanent reminder of its contribution to the world.

Pro-Tip: Pick a spot carefully, dig a hole carefully, and plant with affection.

Plant with Newspaper

My kids do this in every Solstice. Kids can fold newspaper into pots in the origami style to create flower newspaper planters. Soil them up and sow flower seeds inside. The seedlings can be sown directly into the ground because the newspaper will eventually break down.

Pony Beads

I helped my son with this school activity. Kids can arrange pony beads. The beads should be melted and fused in the oven. After it has cooled, take the sun catcher, hang it with a string, and watch as it catches the sunlight to create a colorful, translucent decoration.

Paper Sun

I introduced this activity to my kids for their school project. Kids can use yellow paper to make an adorable sun. For the sun☀️, cut out a big circle, and for the sun’s rays, smaller triangles. After adhering them together, use markers and googly eyes to create a smiling face.

Science Behind The Solstices

Explain the science behind the solutions to children. I believe taking part in practical exercises that demonstrate the astronomical concepts underlying these seasonal occurrences, such as simulating the sun’s rays with a globe and flashlight, makes children better understand the fascinating science behind the solstices with this interactive approach.

Discuss About Solstices

Kids and families can get together and discuss the idea of solutions. Kids can yarn for explanations of the solstices. I believe it will promote dialogue and inquiries to create a common understanding of the scientific theories underlying these astronomical occurrences.


My kids recently tried doing this activity. Youngsters can arrange tiny plants, stones, and accessories to create a fairy garden. This creativity fosters creativity, instills a love of nature, and teaches basic gardening skills.

Children learn responsibility and appreciate the outdoors as they take care of their miniature world.

Weaving Sun

My son came out with this amazing craft. Kids can cut out the inner circle of a paper plate and make radiating slits to create sun☀️ weaving. Form sunbeams by weaving colorful yarn through the slits. This fun project helps kids develop their creativity and understanding of weaving.

Go for Hike

I love taking my kids for hiking. Kids can take a hike to discover nature. Pick an age-appropriate trail, bring necessities like water and snacks, and take pleasure in the great outdoors.

Hiking is a fun adventure that encourages bonding with others, physical activity, and appreciation for the environment.

Pro-Tip: I always make sure that my kids are physically fit and are ready for a hike. I recommend you check the activeness of your kids and always carry first aid, dry fruits, and water while you go hiking.

Synchronize Sleep Schedule

My kids follow this ritual every day. Kids can get up with the sun and go to bed at the end of the day to synchronize their sleep schedule with the cycles of nature. This improves mood, encourages a connection to natural daylight, and supports a healthy circadian rhythm.

Sun Salutation

Every morning, I help my kids to do this activity🧩. Help your child learn this. Begin in downward dog, press your hands together, reach up toward the sun, bend forward, step back into a plank, descend to the ground, arch upward for the cobra, step forward, and rise once more.

Pro-Tip: I always guide my kids to do stretches first and then go for the yoga poses. I also recommend this to you because, without stretching, kids might feel lethargic or in pain after yoga. 

Make Flower Crowns 

Kids can make flower crowns by collecting a variety of fresh flowers, foliage, and floral wire. Children can measure and form the wire into a circle, then arrange and fasten the flowers around it. This activity fosters an appreciation of nature and creativity while producing customized flower crowns.

Pro-Tip: Please ensure that your kids are safe while using craft supplies like needles, glue, or scissors for making crowns. After they make the craft, keep things away from them.

Chase The Sun

Kids can spend time outside to chase the sun. Playing games, taking a stroll in the outdoors, or just lying in the sun all encourage movement, the absorption of vitamin D, and happiness. It cultivates an appreciation for the outdoors.

Journal Pages 

Kids can create journal pages for summer nature walks so they can record their outdoor adventures. Add sections for the date, the weather, flora and fauna observations. I believe with the help of this, older kids can develop their observational skills, appreciate nature, and feel more connected to the natural world.


My son recently made this amazing craft. Kids can create a sun-inspired artwork by sketching a bright sun on a piece of paper or canvas. Promote the use of warm colors, such as orange and yellow. In addition, it gives children a platform for artistic expression.

Herb-Gathering Adventure

Kids can take a midsummer herb-gathering 🌿adventure. Look for aromatic herbs such as chamomile, mint, or lavender in your garden or adjacent fields. Talk about using them in crafts or teas. I believe children learn about herbs through this activity, which also fosters a connection with nature.


My kids do follow this. Kids can practice gratitude to cultivate a positive outlook and make a gratitude jar or journal in which every member writes down one thing each day for which they are grateful. This easy ritual fosters an appreciation for all of life’s little moments and increases mindfulness.

Suggested Reading

Wendy Pfeffer’s “The Longest Day: Celebrating the Summer Solstice”. This captivating book introduces children to the summer solstice’s scientific and cultural significance while fusing factual information with eye-catching illustrations to make studying this celestial event fun.

Seasonal Feast

Kids can prepare a seasonal feast made with local, fresh ingredients to celebrate summer. Add a range of vibrant fruits, vegetables, and grilled foods. I believe in addition to serving up a tasty meal, this culinary adventure promotes local agriculture and teaches kids the value of eating in season.


Kids can enjoy a wonderful winter solstice with friends gathered around a bonfire🔥. Roast marshmallows, tell tales, and take pleasure in the fire’s warmth. I believe this shared activity fosters social cohesion, forges enduring memories, and encapsulates the spirit of a comfortable and joyous summer night.

Pro-Tip: I suggest you be there with the children while they plan for a bonfire. The way of lighting the woods might be harmful to kids.

A Coloring Page

My son created this for his school project. Kids can create a coloring page for the Summer Solstice with a bright sun, beautiful scenery, and a happy mood. Youngsters can learn about the longest day of the year by using vibrant colors to make the page come to life.

Record Sheet

Kids can make a “Changing Length of Day and Night Record Sheet” so that they can keep track of the hours of daylight. Add columns for the date, time of day, sundown, and hours of daylight. I believe promoting daily observations offers a straightforward and instructive way to keep records.

Flying Kites

My son loves this. Kids can enjoy a fun-filled day with loved ones flying kites in a park. Select vibrant kites🪁 and revel in the excitement of seeing them soar through the sky. This easy-to-do but happy exercise encourages outdoor play and offers a great chance for rest and connection.

Pro-Tip: I suggest that you do not let your kids fly kites on the terrace. And even when they fly kites on the ground, make sure they do not go too far away. I recommend you to be active while they are running behind the flying kites.


My kids love to learn about astronomy. Kids can stargaze as an interest in astronomy. Kids can utilize binoculars or a telescope to observe the night sky and discuss the phases of constellations.

This interactive encounter advances scientific knowledge and cultivates a lifetime of admiration for the wonders of the cosmos.

Summer Bucket List

Kids can make an exciting summer bucket list. Adding activities like hiking, watching movies outside, picnics, and picking up a new skill. I believe this dynamic to-do list builds excitement, establishes objectives, and guarantees a season full of unique and unforgettable events.

How tall is my shadow?

My kids often compete in between them for this. On a sunny day, kids can play the game “How Tall is My Shadow☀️?”.

Chalk the lengths of their shadows in the morning and afternoon and explain the sun’s position and the Earth’s rotation. Science exploration and outdoor fun are combined here.

Sun Foods

Kids can consume “Sun Foods” by adding vivid orange, yellow, and red fruits and vegetables to their meals. Savor peppers, oranges, carrots, and mangoes. I believe this introduces the idea of eating seasonally and healthily, in addition to giving their diet a pop of color.

Summertime Playlist

Kids can make a summertime playlist and listen to it. Add upbeat songs that capture the essence of summer☀️, like beach-themed melodies or music related to outdoor pursuits. I feel the season is made more festive and joyous by dancing and singing along to the music.

Outdoor Activities

Kids can spend the whole day or night engaging in outdoor activities. I believe spending time in nature, whether it be through stargazing, picnicking, sports, or reading in the shade, promotes well-being. This prolonged time spent outside promotes physical activity, relaxation, and a closer bond with the environment.

Use Crystals

My kids celebrated the Solstice with his friends. Kids can use crystals to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Select crystals that are linked to solar energy. After setting intentions for the season, place the crystals in the living area and charge them in the sun. This meditation technique encourages positivity and mindfulness.

Pro-Tip: Please ensure that the crystals are kept away from the kids because of their rough surface. I might cut their fingers or hands.

Winter Spirals

My kids love doing this in the snow. Kids can arrange evergreen branches in a spiral pattern, which is the process of creating a winter spiral. Youngsters can use lights and ornaments to decorate it. This creative exercise brings a little bit of nature indoors, inspiring creativity and a joyful vibe.

Light and Hopes

Kids can make a “Light and Hopes” solstice ☀️craft by drawing or writing inspirational phrases on candles. Children can express themselves thoughtfully, which promotes optimism. I believe during the Solstice, lighting these personalized candles represents hope, making it a thoughtful and artistic tradition.

Practice Meditation

Kids can have a solstice meditation craft by decorating crystals or stones. They infuse intentions into positive energy, encouraging mindfulness. I believe this straightforward but meaningful activity helps kids understand the significance of the Solstice and promotes inner balance and serenity.

Solstice Light Lamp

I helped my kids in making this amazing craft. Kids can make a Solstice ☀️Light Lamp by putting tissue paper or colored translucent beads inside a jar with a flameless candle inside. This activity creates a festive and meaningful decoration by symbolizing the warmth and hope associated with the Solstice.

Pro-Tip: I always keep electric items out of reach of my 2-year-old daughter. I suggest you supervise them strictly while adding bulbs to the craft. 

Paper Lanterns

Kids can also make lanterns by using paints, markers, or cut-out shapes to decorate a paper with designs to create a homemade lantern. For a warm, secure glow, place a light inside that runs on batteries. I believe this improves imagination and brings a festive vibe to cold winter evenings.

Decorate Outside Tree

My son came up with this amazing idea, and we enjoyed making it. Kids can make an edible tree for wildlife by hanging fruit slices, stringing popcorn, and fastening birdseed ornaments.

This exercise fosters a relationship between children and nature by encouraging them to observe wildlife and supporting nearby ecosystems.

Yule Log

Kids can make Yule Log for a fun and festive winter solstice. Select a log, adorn it with organic accents, and add a dash of cinnamon or other flavorful herbs. I believe during the winter solstice, lighting the log represents warmth, light, and hope for the return of the sun.

Orange Pomanders 

My son loves making this. Kids can make orange pomanders, which is a fun wintertime solstice. Oranges🍊 and cloves can be creatively arranged to create fragrant and festive decorations. This interactive project gives the house a cozy, natural scent for the winter while also encouraging children to explore their senses.

Snow Candy

My kids tried this amazing thing out. Kids can make snow candy by drizzling warm maple syrup over fresh snow to create candy. It turns into a sweet, taffy-like treat as it cools. This craft teaches kids about the amazing changes that occur when ingredients are heated to different temperatures.

Pro-Tip: I always remain careful while I hand over the pan full of warm syrup. I hold their hands while pouring on the snow. I recommend you do the same while your kids make the caramel or warm the syrup. Always keep the first aid box aside for a quick emergency.

Bake Buche de Noel

Last Solstice, my kids and I baked this. Kids can make a Buche de Noel, a joyous log cake for Yule. Form a log shape out of sponge cake that has been filled with cream, cover with chocolate ganache, and use a fork to give it a log-like texture. 

Yarn Snowflake

My son loves making this on every Solstice. Kids can wrap yarn around popsicle sticks arranged in the shape of a snowflake❄️ to create a snowflake yarn art. For added sparkle, add sequins or beads.

This winter-themed creativity brings seasonal joy and festive decoration while also improving fine motor skills.

“STEM” Snowflakes

My son also tried making this with amazing stuff. Kids can cut out shapes associated with science, technology, and math from paper to create “STEM” snowflakes.

Children can create and put together these one-of-a-kind snowflakes, fusing STEM education with artistic expression. 

Pine Cones

Kids can glue feathers and googly eyes to pine cones to create cute creatures. Children can create lifelike creatures out of pine cones by using markers.

I believe this easy-to-do yet creative activity fosters an appreciation for the wonders of nature, creativity, and fine motor skills.

Salt Dough

Children can create suns out of salt dough by combining flour, water, and salt into a dough. Form it into suns, add features to the faces, and bake it until it solidifies.

I believe this exercise develops their motor abilities, sparks their imagination, and shows them the joy of sculpting.

Make Animal Masks

My son loves making and wearing masks. Children can create animal masks out of cardboard, paint, and elastic. Select their favorite animals, then use paints and patterns to embellish the masks.

This imaginative craft can be a fun addition to playtime or themed events, and it fosters creativity and role-playing.

Kid-Friendly Version of Wassail

Kids can make a kid-friendly version of wassail as a warm winter treat. In a pot, mix apple juice, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange slices. Simmer and let the aroma permeate the space. I believe children get comfort in the warm, festive beverages that are offered during the winter months.

Pro-Tip: I suggest you supervise your kids while they make the wassail. There might be a chance of getting burned in the hands. Ensure you are there to burn the fire or light the gas stove.


These games and activities for Summer and Winter Solstice 🧩 will keep your kids occupied and help them develop critical skills that should be a part of everyday routines.

I hope you enjoyed reading through the suggested activities above and gained some clear insight into how to involve your kids positively and enjoyably to make Peace Day a wonderful occasion.

If you have any questions for me to answer, or if you have any more ideas for activities to add to this list, please leave a comment below. I would appreciate hearing from you! ❤️

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