50+ Best Space Puns To Brighten Your Day Instantly!

Space is a giant and magical place that is filled with planets and stars. It is so mysterious as well. Do you know where the stars are located as they twinkle in the night? Yes, space is where the stars are.

As you know there are 8 planets in our solar system. Every planet is different. Space is so big that it would take years for you to travel to any nearest star. Astronauts wear special suits called space suits so that they can be safe and comfortable while they are in space.

Why did the astronaut break up with their computer? Because it had too many space bars. I hope that this pun about space made you feel like you’re floating in space. But don’t worry if it didn’t because I have some more for you below.

Funny Space Puns

Q. Why was the Sun attending all the lectures?

A. To be bright student!

Q. What did the judge say to the jailed planet?

A. No mercury to you

Funny Space Puns For Kids

Q. What did the Sun do to lose weight?

A. Solar Cycle

Q. Why were the aliens quite during the interview?

A. They were told not to comet.

The amount of existential crises I have, will name myself Pluto.

Q. What app does astronomers use to listen music on the space?

A. Neptunes…

Q. What protein did planets take to muscle up their game?

A. Asteriods.

Hilarious Space Puns For Kids

Q. What vitamins did Pluto intake to become a planet?

A. Vita-moons.

Q. What did earth say to Saturn during an argument?

A. Calm down and get a life.

Pluto is that kid who got bullied all their life to just get mere acceptance.

Q. Why did the baby go to the space?

A. To see the milky-way.

Q. What business can be done on the space.

A. Milkshake

Incredible Space Puns For Kids

Q. What did Saturn say to Mercury before they broke up?

A. I need space!

Q. Where do planets maintain their cheque?

A. The spacebook account

Nobody invites Pluto to the planet meet! Pluto wished them to have a blast.

Q. What did Pluto study to qualify as aplanet?

A. The Comet Book.

Q. Why did planets never pass an exam?

A. They always space out.

Goofy Space Puns For Kids

Imagine never going to college just like SUN, because you already got a million degrees!

Space Funny Shorts!

  • If I was Pluto I would have pretended I didn’t exist at all!
  • I would have never begged for validation just like Pluto did!
  • The amount of time sun takes to complete one lunar is the same amount of time I need to complete my assignments.
  • If I were to go to moon I would take coffee beans and survive a millions years ahead.

The kind of love moon has for planet is the kind of love we all need.
Someone to just revolve around us!

Amusing Space Puns For Kids

Q. Why did all the girls follow Saturn?

A. For the rings!

Q. When do the planets party?

A. On Saturnday!

It was Pluto’s birthday bash but there was no one to planet.

Q. What do most the parents do not give their children and planets have in common?


Q. When the solar was formed they made Sun, the head boy!

A. So everyone started revolution against it!

Silly Space Puns For Kids

Q. Guess who was arrested from space?

A. Shooting star

Q. What causes pollution on planets?

A. Stardust

Q. What was Dora the explorer doing in space?

A. Searching PLUTO.

Q. When do planets have fun?

A. On SUN-day

Childish Space Puns For Kids

Q. What did astronaut drink in space?


Q. Why was the Earth making fun of other planets?

A. For not getting a life.

Q. Where did the Aliens go for their wedding shopping?

A. Saturn

Q. Why did the moon skip dinner?

A. Because it was full!

Amazing Space Puns For Kids

Q. What is planet’s favorite video game?

A. SpaceX

Q. Why did the Venus buy an Air Conditioner ?

A. Guess Mercury got closer!

Q: Why did the astronaut break up with his girlfriend?

A: He needed space!

Q: What’s a light-year?

A: The same as a regular year, but with less calories!

Best Space Puns For Kids

Q: How do you know when the moon has had enough to eat?

A: When it’s full!

Q: What do you call an astronaut who loves to paint?

A: An art-ronaut!

Q: What do you call an astronaut who loves to dance?

A: A moon-walker!

Exploring “Space puns” has been a journey to the stars! Did these puns launch you into laughter or make you feel like an astronaut of amusement?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Your feedback fuels our cosmic humor engine and helps us keep the laughs orbiting! 🚀

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