150+ Funny Squash Puns That You Butternut Miss Reading!

Fall and Halloween are incomplete without pumpkin and squash. So to make your celebrations merrier, we bring you some funny squash puns.

So be your family gatherings or gift cards; squash puns are sure to elevate the excitement and joy of celebration. Your family and friends will definitely like your fall parties more when you use these hilarious squash puns.

Funny Squash Puns

We promise you that these squash puns are going to become the start of your party. With tasty food and good company, these squash puns will give you the best time for Halloween. The season of joy and merriment becomes more enjoyable when you have these cool and witty squash puns to share with everyone at dinner.

I thought of eating spaghetti squash, but then I decided I butternut.

The ants hate that I like playing squash.

Two vegetarian rappers could either have beef or squash it.

The difference between squash and zucchini is that you cannot zucchini bugs.

The pumpkin is not happy, but he thinks it will all come out in the squash.

Nobody is interested in the pumpkin’s career because it is all squashed up.

I work at a factory where soft drinks are squashed. I find it soda-pressing.

A Sass-squash is an edible gourd that also has a cheeky disposition.

A Zucchini got stepped on by mistake. It said,” Squash!”

The linguini thought that the spaghetti squash was an impasta.

The squash saw the pumpkin patch getting blown up. So it shouted,” Oh my gourd!”

 If you squash a house, you get a flat.

When you add Godzilla to a vegetable garden, you get squash.

When bigfoot stamps on your vegetable garden, you get squash.

 Godzilla loves fruit, especially squash.

 The squash regularly goes to the gym because zucchini season is almost here.

Somebody soaked their wedding invitation cards in squash. They wanted to invite everyone cordially.

 The gourd had a bad relationship with the cow. So it said to the zucchini,” We’ve got to squash this beef!”

“I’m totally squash-icated!”

“I’m squash-tastic!”

“Squash me if you can!”

“You’re the zest squash-tion to my day!”

“I’m squash-olutely delighted to see you!”

“I’m just vine-ing for some squash!”

“Squash-ly but surely!”

“I’m having a squash-tacular time!”

“I’m gourd-geous, just like a squash!”

“Squash goals, all day, every day!”

“I’m feeling squashed with joy!”

“I’m not squash-ing around, this is serious business!”

“You’re the squash-tain of my heart!”

“I’m on a squash-high!”

“I’m a total squash-aholic!”

“Let’s squash all the doubts and have fun!”

“You’re squash-tastic, there’s no acorn about it!”

“I’m in a squash league of my own!”

“Squash me up, buttercup!”

“I’m not afraid to squash the competition!”

“You’re my squash-mate for life!”

“I’m on a winning squash streak!”

“I’m feeling a-maize-ing, like a butternut squash!”

“I’m not just a squash player, I’m a squash superstar!”

“I’m the captain of the squash team, bow down!”

“Squash-erific, that’s what I am!”

“I’m so squash-piciously good at this!”

“You’re the pumpkin to my squash!”

“I’m a squash wizard, brewing up some magic!”

“I’m squash-ing the competition, one game at a time!”

“Squash-tainly, my dear!”

“I’m feeling all squishy inside, like a ripe squash!”

“I’m ready to squash it out on the court!”

“You bring out the squash-tastic in me!”

“I’m squash-inating the game!”

“I’m squash-stacular, like a shooting star!”

“Squash me if I’m wrong, but I’m the best!”

“I’m squash-a-licious, and I know it!”

“You’re my squash-crush!”

“I’m squash-ably the greatest player ever!”

“I’m squash-cessful, don’t you squash-tion it!”

“Squash is my game, and I play it like a boss!”

“I’m squash-mazing, and I’m not afraid to show it!”

“You’re my squash-piration!”

“I’m a squash sensation, watch me in action!”

“I’m the squash king/queen of the court!”

“I’m squash-ing it, one match at a time!”

“You’re the spice to my squash!”

“I’m the life of the squash party!”

“I’m squash-ified with happiness!”

 If you want to turn a pumpkin into another vegetable, you just throw it up in the air, and it will come down squash.

 All vegetables love playing their favorite sport, squash.

 A squash cannot get married in secret because it cantaloupe.

A vegan pirate is a squash-buckler.

 The Hulk’s favorite sport is squash.

Lake Superior is a wolf, and Lake Michigan is a squash. Again, Lake Erie is flammable.

 Every year, we change our decorative squash. It is the traditional changing of a gourd.

My wife suddenly throwing a squash at me suddenly caught me off gourd.

  I made a fiddle out of squash, but I think it’s broken. It is only playing gourd vibrations.

Squash Puns

Are you making a pie for your friends? How about slipping in a card with funny squash puns written on it? They will love your gift and send you loads of love back. Squash puns are your go-to things when it comes to being funny and humorous. We can’t wait to hear how much you love reading these squash puns.

If someone flirts with you by giving you a squash, they are trying to sejuice you.

The pumpkin doesn’t admit it, but I think it has a squash on me.

 Squashed grapes are sensitive because they always look for an opportunity to let out a wine.

I am allergic to onomatopoeic food. No wonder I can’t eat squash.

When an elephant sits on an orange, you get orange squash.

I never play Hacky Sack with Bigfoot because there is a risk of getting sack-squashed.

The pumpkins are not at home because they are playing squash in the field.

When Godzilla steps on a bar, you get pub squash.

That team of pumpkins wins every match. They are simply squash goals!

A hydraulic press’ favorite vegetable is squash.

 The new Smashing Pumpkins cover band is calling themselves ‘Squished-Squash.’

A compressed pumpkin is a squash.

 The squash is the new security gourd of all vegetables.

When Mom said that she wouldn’t be carving pumpkins this year, it squashed everyone’s excitement.

 The squash came to the party, and everyone agreed that it looked gourdgeous.

If zucchini became our President, it would be called George Squashington.

 The lemon crossed the road because it wanted to play squash.

Young winter squash can cross the road safely because the crossing gourd is always there to help.

A squashed bee is a was.

An ant was saying bad squash puns, So I squashed it. Pun-ant-ended.

 The hunter couldn’t understand the gravity of his actions until an elephant squashed him.

Fruit squash is banned in Germany because they have a terrible history with concentrated soda.

I played squash against my son. I admit a wall would have been better.

Lady Gaga said to her glass of squash,” You were a perfect dilution.”

 When a squash wants to see animals, he goes to the zoo-chini.

If you want to succeed in life, just focus on yourself and squash the haters.

 A squash was on vacation. He sipped his coffee and said,” Life is really gourd.”

On Halloween, the squash said to his lover,” I only have my pies for you.”

When you drop a pumpkin, you get squash.

It was happy hour at the club. The pumpkins walked in, cheering,” Let’s get squashed tonight!”

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