145+ Sticker Puns to Make You Giggle Hard

An item of printed paper, plastic, vinyl, or another material with temporary or permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side is called a sticker. Depending on the context, it may be employed for utilitarian or decorative purposes.

Funny Sticker puns

Do you and your buddies pun around together? Is there a phrase used by your team that you adore? Stickers may now be customized to display precisely that! 

Keep reading if you want to know first the funny puns and puns on stickers so that we can gradually provide this functionality to the community.

I saw a parked automobile with the bumper sticker “I miss New York” today. I broke his window and took his radio as a result. 

Just now, a man who had a “Baby on Board” bumper sticker pulled out of a parking space and struck my car head-on. This guy had a lot of trouble pulling out. 

Last night as I was returning from work, I came across a bumper sticker that read, “I am a vet. Therefore I can drive like an animal.” I abruptly became aware of how many proctologists were traveling.

I went to a journalist’s home for supper and noticed that he had stickers covering the bottles of ketchup, mayonnaise, and tobasco. He apparently prefers to keep the identities of all his sauces secret. 

It’s odd that my buddy left her job and borrowed money to start an Etsy business where she sells stickers, but every time I inquire about her situation, it’s simply… (Cricut noises). 

When I visit bookstores, I prefer to go through the selection for a title marked “Signed Copy.” Put it on a Bible after peeling it off as a sticker. 

They claim that bumper stickers may be used to forecast who will be the future president. My analysis suggests that the president ought to have been that one honors student.

How is a damaged vacuum cleaner fixed? It will be awful once again if you put a Green Bay sticker on it. 

I questioned the salesman about the sticker price when looking to buy a car. $200, he said. I said, “Not much for an automobile.” He responded, “The car’s extra.” 

I had this idea when I followed a car that had a Star Wars Rebels sticker on it. What kind of weather do Stormtroopers prefer? Mist.

I explained that I had a “Trump 2020” sticker on my car for financial reasons to my friend when they questioned why I had one. Because people believe I am white, the police never stop me.

I was given a worn bumper sticker from my child’s school. He entered the regifted program because of this. 

Today I came upon a bumper sticker that said, “War is NEVER the solution.” And I reasoned that until I was asked to identify the band that performs the song “Low Rider.

My bumper sticker would read: “If we can persuade Al Franken to run for President with the Green Party nominee as his running partner.” 

My all-time favorite bumper sticker. I still miss my ex, but my goal is to become better. 

People who have bumper stickers with both American and Confederate flags have always baffled me. 

Why was the sticker a great musician? It stuck to the beat!

What do you call a confused sticker? Disoriented and unstuck!

Why don’t stickers ever quit? They stick to their goals!

Why are stickers good at chess? They stick to their strategy!

What do you call a sticker that’s always late? Stick around, it’ll show up eventually!

What do you call a sticker on a diet? A stick-thin!

Why don’t stickers ever argue? They always stick to their story!

Why are stickers good at keeping secrets? They keep their lips sealed!

Why do stickers make good comedians? Their jokes always stick!

Why don’t stickers make good politicians? They stick to their policies too much!

Why was the sticker good at math? It stuck to the formula!

Why are stickers great at poker? They always stick to their poker face!

Why did the sticker go to therapy? It had attachment issues!

Why are stickers great in the kitchen? They stick to the recipe!

Why did the sticker start a blog? It wanted to stick to the narrative!

Why are stickers never surprised? They always stick to what they know!

Why do stickers make great detectives? They stick to the evidence!

Why are stickers so good at climbing? They stick to the ascent!

What do you call a sticker with an opinion? A stick-torian!

Why was the sticker good at track? It stuck to its lane!

Why don’t stickers make good librarians? They stick to the books too much!

It appears to be a toxic connection. It’s as if they are saying, “This one is to remember my love for Steve, and this one is to remember the moment I attempted to get away from Steve. Neal Brennan is to be credited.

I always had this in my head whenever I saw a “Baby On Board” bumper sticker. Either the driver is a very anxious parent. Or a kidnapper who is really cunning. 

I explain that it’s for safety when people ask me why I have a “Trump 2016” sticker on my car. It’s the easiest method for me to let the cop know I’m white when I’m stopped. 

What does Billie Eilish’s legal age of majority mean? If she contacts 1-800-441-2400, she may order 12 intriguing issues of Zoobooks for $19.95. The additional Elephants issue, stickers, and Tiger Poster will be delivered with her order when she phones. 

I came upon an ice cream truck with the label, “Stop for kids.”I agree, and at least I don’t stick it to the side of my vehicle! 

What is written on an NSA computer’s sticker? Inside Intel.

Sticker puns

Kids may experience insecurity and self-consciousness when reading is difficult. Puns offer a rapid reward since, after just a few words, there is a hilarious punchline to make you laugh. You don’t need to read the full page or chapter to get to the interesting portion.

Puns enable a child to have pleasant experiences in only a few short minutes at a time.

What is the Oklahoman term for a disability sticker? A diploma from high school. 

Why is Spiderman the most adhesive sticker? They are difficult to peel. 

I have a Braille bumper sticker. You’re driving too closely if you’re able to read this. 

The antithesis of a scratch-and-sniff sticker is my cat. He first gives me a smell before starting to scratch. 

Bumper sticker for ISIS. I would rather be moving.

I was trapped behind a car today while I was on my way home that had the bumper sticker “Be an organ donor!” The pace was 20 in 30. They must not feel very devoted to the cause, I suppose. 

The woman had a pro-life bumper sticker on her car. …But, her erratic driving seemed to indicate otherwise. 

I wanted to write a joke about stickers, but I realized it wouldn’t stick!

Why did the sticker join the police force? Because it always sticks to the case!

Why don’t stickers ever get lost? Because they know where to stick around!

Why are stickers always up-to-date? They always stick to the current issue!

I would tell you a joke about a broken sticker, but I’m afraid it won’t hold together.

Why was the sticker so good at basketball? Because it never missed a stick!

Why do stickers make good secret agents? They can stick to any surface, undetected!

Why are stickers such bad boxers? They always stick to their corners!

What do you call a sticker that loves music? A stick-er to the beat!

Stickers are never single because they always stick together!

Why are stickers the best friends? They always stick by you!

You can’t trust a sticker, they always attach themselves to someone else!

What do you call a sticker that’s gone bad? A stick-up!

On the corner of the street are two potatoes. How can you identify who the hooker is? It’s the one with the Idaho bumper sticker! 

The other day I came across a bumper sticker that read, “Work hard, Pray hard.” There may have been Asians or Christians, but I couldn’t tell.

Bringing his schoolwork home is a young Asian lad. He says, “Daddy!” as he places the paper in front of his dad. Look! I excelled so much that I earned a seahorse sticker! “C-HORSE,” the father answers. HOW ABOUT A HORSE? 

The Texas-based version of Survivor Texas is preparing for the success of the “Survivor” episodes so they could sell stickers.

My girlfriend left my best buddy and me… I also miss him, according to a bumper sticker.

Why are stickers great at hide and seek? They stick to the hiding spot!

Why do stickers never get old? They always stick to their youth!

Why did the sticker go to school? To stick to its studies!

Why are stickers always punctual? They stick to their schedule!

What do you call a sticker with an attitude? Stick-tator!

Why are stickers good listeners? They always stick to the point!

Why don’t stickers work in teams? They’re too sticky for group work!

Why are stickers so good at detective work? They stick to the facts!

Why did the sticker win the award? It stuck out from the crowd!

Why are stickers good at yoga? They can stick any pose!

Why are stickers so fashionable? They stick to the trends!

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