50+ Stupid Riddles with Answers that You Might Know

These sorts of dumb riddles may often be so ludicrous that we falsely assume there is a right solution when, in fact, they are usually just absurd riddles that are entertaining anyway. The “who am I?” variations of these idiotic, stupid riddles also make you question your intelligence.

Stupid Riddles for kids

Dumb riddles can really make a child smarter and sharper, improving their problem-solving and reasoning skills, which turn out to be much more useful life skills as they get older.

It is not only a wonderful way to spend time with your child, but it will also offer your mind and that of your child with a hard workout.

Q. Exactly what sort of chicks will hatch if a rooster produces brown and white eggs?

A. No chicks could emerge from the eggs because, well, roosters don’t lay eggs. However matter, whether you want to say brown, white, or a mixture of both, the answer is quite hilarious and will make you chuckle as well.

Stupid Riddles for Kids

Q. Today marks the seventh birthday of a girl who was born in 1976. How’s that possible?

A. In a hospital room in 1976, the daughter was born.

Q. Railey is my name. Corby became my new name. I afterward replaced John. Then I switched it to Colin, and Arthur started to call me. What do you call me?

A. As he begins this remark, his name is still Railey; the other identities are from the past.

Q. What will increase as you continue to reduce it more?

A. A hole.

Q. Few people survived a terrible plane accident. It made an emergency landing on the Pakistan-India border. Where were the survivors interred?

A. The survivors are not buried.

Q. What will a greenhouse be made of if a red house is made up of red bricks and a yellow house is built of yellow bricks?

A. Green brick was the right solution; therefore, you were tricked into thinking a greenhouse was constructed of glass!

Q. In a one-storied pink house, everything in the house is pink in color. The lamp, the floor, the sofa, the TV and the kitchen too. So what color are the stairs?

A. No stairs are present because the home is one-storied.

Q. One tomato was squashed by a car as it crossed the street with a companion. What had the squashed tomato got to be in a new beginning of life?

A. Ketchup.

Q. Eight fingers are on each hand. There are thumbs on them in addition. Yet they aren’t alive. And what are they?

A. A pair of gloves, please.

Q. What months have 28 days and which have 30 days, 31 days, but which have both?

A. 28 days are present in every month of the year.

A. I only emerge once a year, twice a week, and yet never once a day. What am I?

A. The letter E.

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Hard Stupid Riddles

Hard Stupid Riddles

Famous riddles are usually the ideal stuff for individuals to discuss with one another. These silly riddles are more unusual so that the whole family will think.

If you enjoy solving puzzles, try to solve these challenging dumb riddles with just a twist each day to train your brain. You can also take something odd home to share with your friends and family since they’ll all find this one amusing.

Q. If you completely eliminate my first and last letters, I become a musical genre. I am recognized as a fruit, but if you completely remove my first and second letters, you will describe me as an animal. I, who am I?

A. A Grape.

Q. I am a day, though never in a year. Never the start; I really am in that middle or the end. And who am I?

A. The number D.

Funny Stupid Riddles

Q. A donkey moves nine meters south, six meters north, eight meters east, and five meters west. What will the tail be confronting now?

A. There will be no change in the downward motion.

Q. I should only be spoken once, or I’ll be exposed, according to rule number 24. If you give me away, I’m enjoying it. I won’t be as amusing if you tell me who I am. And who am I?

A. A riddle.

Q. I am a term that matters; omit a “G,” and I will perish. And who am I?

A. “One” is used.

Q. An instructor and a student went fishing. Although becoming the teacher’s daughter, the girl’s mother might not have been the teacher. How is that even feasible?

A. The girl’s father was indeed the teacher.

Q. Two coins totaling 30 cents are there. There is a coin there, and it is not a nickel. Which two coins are they?

A. The first one is a nickel, and the second is a quarter.

Q. You’ll really like to share me with anyone else after you have me. You will no longer possess me if you exchange me with others. So who am I?

A. A secret.

Q. The impoverished have something that is better than God and worse than the devil, and if you devour it, you will expire. This is what?

A. Zero.

Q. I just have an ear, not even a head. Who am I?

A. Corn.

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Fun Stupid Riddles

Stupid But Funny Riddles

If you really want to engage on a hilarious journey filled with absurd riddles that occasionally have unexpected solutions, go forward.

You can find some wonderfully crazy riddles to share with your dear ones so that everybody can laugh out loud at the entertaining solution. Why not let your family and friends laugh at a ridiculous mystery riddle that is popular all around the world?

Q. What is it if it has a head at night but none in the morning?

A. A cushion

Q. How can a tissue be taught to dance?

A. You put a boogie over it.

Q. How does one let the violin crack up?

A. You recite a fiddle riddle to such violin.

Q. I am indeed a word that comprises over 100 letters. What am I?

A. The post office.

Q. What seems to have holes inside it but can still contain water?

A. A Sponge.

Q. What could you grab but definitely cannot release?

A. A cold.

Q. What was the butchered weight who was 5.6″?

A. His area of work is to weigh meat.

Q. What are the end outcome of anything and everything?

A. The letter, G.

Q. What do an island and the letter T already have in common?

A. They are both located in the midst of the sea.

Q. What travels the globe yet is always found in a corner?

A. A stamp.

Q. When you close your eyes, what tends to happen?

A. Because then you can see, you will be clueless.

Hard Stupid Riddles

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Dumb Riddles

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