Essay About Thanksgiving Day Template (1000 Words)

Thanksgiving is also about being grateful for and appreciating what we have. We become too preoccupied with our daily life from time to time to remember how honored we are. For example, we should be thankful for being well, for having food on the table, for having a place to live, and for a variety of other things.


Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity. We do so by thinking about others who aren’t as fortunate as we are. When I worked at Good Shepherd Hospital, I recall that every November, especially on Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day, people from various associations, and even people who didn’t belong to any, came to see patients who had been hospitalized for a long time, or who were destitute, or who had no family.

Perhaps we can do that throughout the year at the same time, but if we haven’t already, Thanksgiving is the reminder of the year for remembering what we should be grateful for.

Tradition Of Giving and Sharing Thanksgiving

Another unique aspect of Thanksgiving is the tradition of giving and sharing. It all starts with giving each other food. People donate money and food to local charities such as the Salvation Army, with the money being distributed to those who are in need. Others volunteer their time at food rescue organizations such as Manna Food. While there, the volunteers organize, pack, and distribute the presents in time for Thanksgiving Eve or Thanksgiving Day.

During the time when many families attend or host Thanksgiving parties – and enjoy sharing the food and joy with their loved ones – a large number of volunteers are heading to deliver pre-prepared meals to families who are in need. People and families may be unable to arrange or purchase Thanksgiving dinner due to a variety of factors such as poverty, illness, or vagrancy.

 Each year, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, the volunteers at Shady Grove Hospital’s volunteer office were engrossed in pressing the presents that had been produced by the clinic’s employees. Assisting with that cycle made me feel warm and content in an inexpressible way.

Thanksgiving offers a basic, mainstream, and universal message that may be followed by people of many backgrounds, beliefs, and civilizations. The message of contentment, thoughtfulness, and gratitude is about each individual’s essence, not about race, color, religion, or sexual orientation.

Occasion For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has a special place in my heart since my better halves and my younger child’s birthdays fall around Thanksgiving, even in some instances on Thanksgiving Day. My better half’s birthday is November 24, and my child’s birthday is November 23. During our Thanksgiving celebration, we usually host a separate event. 

Rather than traveling to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving, I host my own gathering, and in addition to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, I prepare my significant other’s and children’s favorite foods. In my family, another unique aspect of Thanksgiving is the birthday cake. We have pumpkin pie and a birthday cake on the table. 

It’s almost impossible to request a birthday cake on Thanksgiving Day and find an average, but novel, the birthday cake is even more difficult. It’s incredible to have two birthday parties at the same time as Thanksgiving, and it makes me realize how fortunate I am.

For some Americans, the Thanksgiving celebrations aren’t complete until they go out shopping on Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Many retailers provide reduced prices on a variety of items, and many people spend their whole Friday shopping at different locations. Every Black Friday, one of my friends finishes her Christmas shopping. 

She has a list of goods she needs as well as a list of shops she must visit. She claims to put away a large sum of money, but I’m not sure whether I would choose to do so. I believe it is more about advertising and how much shops need to sell, and people believe they are getting a great deal when in reality they are just getting a good deal.

How Does Thanksgiving Actually works in America

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that brings joy and love to almost everyone’s dinner table. Thanksgiving has taught me that I may share my joy with people without being associated with a certain race, religion, or group. Overall, I am able to function normally while still observing Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family to come together, celebrate, eat, and buy. As a foreigner, I am grateful to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and friends in my hometown.

I want to maintain celebrating Thanksgiving, but I think it’s also important to remember to be thankful all of the time, not just on Thanksgiving Day. Every year, I remember myself to not only be glad on the day but to share my gratitude with others. Being appreciative may make a person happier because they will notice the worth in things they often overlook. 

On Thanksgiving Day, many families go around the table and express their gratitude for something. When I ask myself this question, it makes me think, yet there is so much to be thankful for. The great majority of people spend their time grumbling, yet this is a terrible quality of life.

Thanksgiving isn’t simply a day for me to reflect on all of the good things in my life; it’s also a time for me to forget about all of the problems. I believe that if people could learn to focus in this way on the positive aspects of daily life, they would be able to enjoy each day more. There would be less contempt on the world, and people would learn to respect the little, often noticed things that brighten their days.


Thanksgiving is essential because it is a pleasant and popular event in which we express gratitude, something that we don’t do nearly enough of anymore. It’s also a gathering celebration in the autumn. It’s a great time to get together with friends and family and express gratitude for our blessings.


What does Thanksgiving mean to me?

Thanksgiving has historically been seen as a religious occasion in which people express gratitude to God. The first Thanksgiving was held to honor God and the Native Americans for assisting the Pilgrims in surviving the hard winter conditions.

What is thanksgiving to God?

Thanksgiving in the Bible refers to expressing thankfulness for God’s kindness and grace. In the Old Testament, the term “thanksgiving” signifies “raising hands to God in appreciation.”

Why is Thanksgiving so important?

Thanksgiving is significant because it is a pleasant, secular festival in which we express thankfulness, which is something we don’t do nearly enough these days. It’s also a harvest festival in the autumn.

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