Essay on Tiger in English (1000 Words)

The tiger is the most powerful animal on the earth. It’s a magnificent carnivore. It has the appearance of a large feline. It belongs to the Felidae family. It has two lovely eyes that are six times brighter at night than humans’. It has domestic cat-like eyes. 

The blue eyes of the white tigers, on the other hand, are a distinct feature. In the dark, its eyes seem to be a glowing candle. It has two ears, which aid in hearing the voices of other animals when hunting.

Usually, Tigers have four long canines two in the middle and bottom. These fangs are very handy while catching and strangling prey. It has a dorsal fin that comes in handy when hunting.

Body Appearance

Tigers have four legs, which are naturally painted and have sharp claws, as well as a lengthy tail.

He has four teeth in all, two in the upper jaws and two in the lower jaws, all of which are much bigger, longer, and sharper than normal teeth.

  • Tigers range in size from 8 to 12 feet in length and 3 to 4 feet in height.
  • Tigers are brown with black stripes, which aid in their camouflage when hunting in the wild.
  • Tiger has a strong physique and stamina, which aids him in sprinting quickly.
  • A typical Tiger can sprint at speeds of up to 85 km/h and leap up to 7 feet in height.
  • A tiger’s tail is also important since it aids him in keeping his body balanced while chasing his prey.

Being An Endangered Species

  • Wild animal hunting has been practiced since antiquity.
  • For pure enjoyment, rulers used to hunt wild animals, particularly tigers, in the past.
  • They are, however, slain for different reasons in this contemporary age of science. To make money from their skin, teeth, and bones.
  • Because tiger body parts are very costly on the market, they are smuggled all over the globe.
  • The number of tigers into globe has changed dramatically as a result of hunting.
  • In 2019, just around 3500- 4000 tigers are left in the wild throughout the globe, putting them on the verge of extinction.

How does Tiger Catch its Prey?

Tigers often hunt buffaloes, deer, crocodiles, leopards, pythons, and other big or medium-sized animals. Tigers normally live alone and hunt alone, rather than in a pack. When it captures a crocodile, it uses its paws to attack the eyes first. It then snatches him in its mouth and strangles him till he dies. The tiger, on the other hand, does not pursue its victim over a long distance; instead, it creeps up behind it and attacks it unexpectedly. It can leap up to 10 meters at a time.

Tigers do not eat men, although they do become man-eaters on occasion. It is due to a wound, infirmity, or just being too old. Cattle, horses, sheep, and other animals provide food for tigers.

According to an Encyclopedia source, a tiger (which eats cattle) chases an ox every 5 days when it is 60 to 70 years old. If a tiger is unable to locate food, it might feed on birds, eggs, or berries. When it can’t locate any form of sustenance, it consumes every kind of flesh it can get its hands on.

Origin of tigers.

The tigers came from where? It’s the trickiest question to answer. Some people believe tigers originated in Asia, while others believe they originated in Africa. However, tigers are thought to have originated in Asia, not Africa. Tigers from China and Bangladesh are being reintroduced to Africa. They were freed from zoos in order to help their species’ existence and environment.


The tiger is a very powerful creature. Despite being proclaimed Poweful animal, it has long been hunted and used illegally for smuggling. Tiger poachers kill tigers for a variety of reasons, including the skin, bones, and teeth, as well as medicines. For the sake of entertainment, some individuals murder tigers and other wild animals.

Various tiger subspecies are threatened due to these factors. We should also endeavor to make people aware of the smuggling Project Tiger g of tigers in order to make this operation a success.


Essay about why tigers need to be saved.

Tigers are at the peak of the food chain because they are top predators. They, along with other predators, keep an eye on herbivores, assisting in the preservation of the forest’s natural equilibrium. Deforestation can be avoided by continuing this cycle. In this way, a single tiger may guard many acres of forest.

What would be a decent tiger introduction?

The world’s largest living cat, the tiger (Panthera tigris), belongs to the Panthera genus. Dark vertical stripes on orange fur with a white bottom distinguish it the most. It is an apex predator that eats ungulates like deer and wild boar.

What is the purpose of tiger slaughter?

The capturing and killing of tigers is referred to as tiger hunting. The tiger has always been seen as a popular large game species, and it has been pursued both prestige and trophy purposes. Even after such hunting became illegal and the tiger was granted legal protection, widespread poaching has persisted.

The tiger’s diet consists of what?

Tigers consume everything from insects to elephant calves, and they devour it all. Large-bodied prey including moose, deer species, pigs, cows, horses, buffalos, and goats make up a significant portion of their diet.

Is it a lion or a tiger that is the most powerful?

A recent study reveals that the tiger is really stronger than the lion in terms of physical power. According to the conservation group Save China’s Tigers. A tiger is bigger than a lion in terms of size. A Siberian or Bengal tiger is preferable to an African lion, according to most experts.

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