16 Amazing Toronto Facts: Experience the Magic of Cultural Hub

As a traveler, having a scattering of wisdom up your sleeve to be spontaneous, but not so much that the mystery of the destination is diminished, is the most excellent way to orient yourself in a new city.

Start planning your next trip to Canada by learning some great facts about Toronto, one of North America’s largest and most beloved cities.

This is the world’s most multicultural city

    Half of the city’s residents were born outside of Canada. Individuals from all over the world have moved here for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is the seventh most livable city in the world. 

    Toronto is one of the world’s most varied and hospitable cities, with over 200 ethnic groups speaking over 180 languages and dialects.

    Not only does this create a bustling city atmosphere, but Toronto’s cultural melting pot offers no shortage of neighborhoods with unique cultures and styles just waiting to be discovered. 

    Toronto held the world’s highest skyscraper

      One of our favorite Toronto facts is that the CN Tower was once the world’s tallest building. The CN Tower has long stood on a towering pedestal (boom-tish) compared to other skyscrapers worldwide.

      The CN Tower, which rises to a breathtaking 553.3 meters (1,815 feet) in height, was the tallest freestanding structure in the world from the time it was erected in 1973 until 2007 when Dubai had to do what Dubai does by breaking the record with the construction of the Burj Khalifa. 

      The CN Tower is Toronto’s most popular tourist attraction, attracting 1.5 million visitors each year to safely induce vertigo on the glass-bottom viewing platform, gaze out at Niagara 

      Niagara Falls is within a short distance from the city

        Few people hear the words “Niagara Falls” and don’t immediately envision a guy barreling down its rapids. What may surprise you is that this narrative was created not by some chiseled young guy around the turn of the century but by a 63-year-old woman! 

        On her 63rd birthday in 1901, a schoolteacher named Annie Edson Taylor careened down the Falls in a barrel and survived with only minor bleeding.

        Presumably because whichever deity she worshiped was too stunned by her audacity to accept her.

        Even non-drinkers enjoy the Distillery District

          The Distillery District in Toronto may have had some sticky roots (at least if you spilled a barrel), but it is now one of the most popular zones for tourists and locals alike to cruise through.

          The Distillery District, with its cobblestone lanes and intact 19th-century factories that have been converted into restaurants, bars, retail stores, and luxury residences, is as much a voyage back in time as it is a celebration of everything old becoming new again. 

          There are lots of eerie mysteries to be discovered if you dare

            Although Toronto is a modern metropolis, it does not mean it is devoid of an eerie past. The Original Haunted Walk of Toronto will take you through the city streets at night, taking you past some of the city’s most notorious places for paranormal activity.

            On this tour, you will learn all kinds of facts about Toronto, from the city’s exciting early days to the most haunted historic locations, or you can solve the unsolved riddles that remain unanswered to this day.

            If you enjoy sports, Toronto is a sports fan’s paradise

              Toronto is the only Canadian city with representation in seven major league sports, and based on the baseball hats and sports jerseys seen on a large portion of the population, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re all-time greats in their respective sports.

              Despite being Canada’s national sport, the Toronto Maple Leafs have been bravely grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory since 1967, when they last won the Stanley Cup.

              Yet that doesn’t stop ardent fans from cramming the sacred corridors of their home arena to show their support for their long-suffering but always-loved team. 

              Casa Loma in Toronto is North America’s only really authentic castle

                One of our favorite Toronto facts is that it possesses the only genuinely authentic castle in North America. If you want to experience Toronto like royalty, Casa Loma is your only – and best – option.

                This magnificent Gothic revival palace and grounds are located near the Tarragon Theatre (more on that later) and are a treasured historical site owned by the city of Toronto.

                Constructed in 1914 by Sir Henry Pellatt, a young financier with a passion for fine art and architecture, Casa Loma now welcomes approximately 350,000 visitors per year, not least as a luxury events facility. 

                Toronto is undoubtedly Canada’s cultural hub

                  This is one of the more contentious facts about Toronto, with our Canadian cities competing for the honor.

                  Toronto combines theatre, music, and dance, allowing it to claim the title of Canadian cultural capital.

                  Toronto is home to the National Ballet Company, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Canadian Opera Company, and the Mendelssohn Choir.

                  The Toronto Zoo is Canada’s largest

                    Welcome home, animal lovers. Since 1974, the Toronto Zoo has been connecting people with wildlife, making it a must-see destination for anyone who adores feathered, furred, or flying creatures of all kinds.

                    The Toronto Zoo, which is home to approximately 16,000 animals, provides a wonderful blend of educational and entertainment activities for people of all ages.

                    Go up close and personal with some of nature’s most amazing animals, or take an enchanted night walk through the Terra Lumina. 

                    Toronto is stunning on land, but it is even more stunning from the sea

                      Toronto Island is only a short ferry ride from downtown, and it offers amazing views and wonderful lake exploration.

                      The Island is actually a collection of 15 islands connected by roads and bridges that may be traversed from end to end without the danger of cars, as it is North America’s largest car-free urban community. 

                      Swim, run, kayak on the water, or spend the day at Centreville Amusement Park with your family (highly recommended among the best theme parks in Toronto).

                      There are about 8,000 eateries in Toronto

                        Foodies, snackers, culinary adventurers, and others flock to Toronto in pursuit of flavors and flair found nowhere else – but guess what? Ontario’s capital consistently exceeds expectations.

                        Toronto’s diverse variety is one of its culinary highlights. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a city with tastier Filipino cuisine outside of the Philippines or more authentic Indian curries or Greek gyros than the neighborhoods of Toronto.

                        Toronto is a hidden gem in the film business

                          This one’s for you, moviegoers: Toronto’s film industry is one part of Hollywood that few people know about, despite 25% of Hollywood films being shot here.

                          On average, the Toronto film industry employs 28,000 people and earns over $1.5 billion each year, possibly contributing to the city’s stellar image for lifestyle and livability (but more on that later!).

                          Toronto has some of the best markets in the country

                            Toronto takes pleasure in providing exceptional products and products with a splash of elegance in every manner. This idea is realized through the marketplaces that take place across the city.

                            Kensington Market, located in Toronto’s bohemian district, is ideal for getting a snack, sipping a coffee slowly, buying some handcrafted products, and soaking in the atmosphere.

                            If you prefer a little wisdom with your adventure, a specialized walking tour is by far the finest way to explore this specific market.

                            In Toronto, there are over 23,700 artists

                              Beware, Bohemians! If you’re hunting for the Next Great Toronto Artist, you can end up in a never-ending cycle of uncovering rising star after rising star.

                              Toronto not only has twice as many museums as any other Canadian city, but it also has double the number of underground and elite artists.

                              Thus, if beauty, emotion, and artistry are what get you out of bed in the morning, Toronto will make your cup runneth over and again.

                              Parkland covers 18.1% of the city’s total area

                                This one takes the cake when it comes to green facts about Toronto. If you prefer green space to cities, especially cities with plenty of green space above all, Toronto is the place to be.

                                With over 1,500 parks ranging from simple playgrounds to massive High Park (complete with a zoo, a dog park, sports fields, and even hiking trails), Toronto provides abundant opportunities to immerse oneself in nature without leaving the city.

                                The Toronto International Film Festival was dubbed the “Festival of Festivals” at first

                                  If Cannes is a touch out of your price range (or budget), don’t worry: Toronto’s homegrown glitz outshines its European cousin.

                                  Because of the Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto becomes a celebrity hotspot every September (TIFF). TIFF attracts over half a million moviegoers, big-shots, and film stars each year with its glamor, glamour, and screening of the best new films at the spectacular Bell Lightbox downtown.

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