20 Mysterious Venice Facts that Will Make You Wonder

Welcome to Venice, the floating city of Italy!

From its mesmerizing natural landscapes to its striking architecture 🏗️ and winding canals, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover!

This article will offer some fascinating facts about the beautiful city of Venice that will amaze you. Let’s embark on this captivating😲 journey!

Interesting Venice Facts

Venice: There are 150 canals

Canal Grande In Venice

I am quite amazed to explore this secret about Venice!

This Italian city has around 150 canals, and hence, the main way to get around this picturesque city is either by boat⛵ or by foot. According to some surveys, there are around 177 canals.

The Canal Grande is the central canal. It divides the city into two. Though most canals are not that deep, the two primary canals, known as Canal Grande and Canale Dellab Giudecca are surely a bit deeper.

Venice City: It has 118 islands

Little fellow explorers, you might have already known this interesting secret about Venice!

This beautiful floating city is made up of more water 🌊 than land.

Venice has several islands, each with interesting landmarks and characters. Around 170 waterways and 400 bridges connect the islands!

They are located in a calm coastal lagoon; hence, they offer the entire city its unique charm. While exploring the city, it may look like one city’s land mass, so we can easily forget that those actually are separate islands! Some of these even offer a look into traditional trades for many decades.

Venice City: 1100 years old republic

If you are a history lover just like me, then you will surely love this amazing historical fact about the beautiful city of Venice!

Venice, famous as La Serenissima back then, was an independent republic between 697 and 1797. 

In 1797, the city was conquered by Napoleon, and in the next century, Austria and France fought to have control over the city until it became a part of the Kingdom 👑of Italy in the year 1866!

Venice: The city built on special logs

Alder Trees Of Venice

Did you know this interesting fact about Venice? Let me explain.

The majority of the beautiful buildings of Venice are actually constructed on special kind of wooden logs, which are mainly fossilized and mineral-rich logs.

These unique logs offer the underwater foundations of the city. These special logs are originally imported from the countries such as Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovenia. Most logs are made from alder trees 🌳, famous for their water-resistant properties. 

The logs were sunk underwater to create the base of the city, and buildings were built on top of the platforms. Amazing, isn’t it?

Venice: City found in Early 421 AD

The history of Venice is not complete without the people of Celtic. They are called ‘Veneti,’ who resided along the coastline of the Northeast Italy of today. 

They were Roman citizens from 49 BC until, in 453 AD, Attila the Hun invaded Italy. Some Veneti fled to the lagoon island because they were really terrorized. They constructed a village and created a federation that was independent.

The First Stone Bridge in Venice

First Stone Bridge In Venice

I am really surprised to learn this interesting fact about Venice! Want to know?

The first stone bridge🌉 was constructed in the year 1337, several centuries after the construction of the first wooden bridges in the Rialto area.

The bridge was constructed next to San Barnaba Square.

Venice City: The Pleasure Capital of Europe in the 1720s

This beautiful Italian city was the pleasure capital of the continent of Europe because different types of vices easily entertained the city as long as they improved tourism.

The city of Venice turned out to be a compulsory Grand Tour stop where English travelers, mainly English men, visited.

The main points of attractions in Venice City include gambling houses, beautiful courtesans 💃, and even the world-famous carnival🎉.

Venetian Gondolas: They are black in color

Venetian Gondolas

Oh! Venetian Gondola🛶!! How much I wish to enjoy an alluring ride in this! What about you??

There is an interesting fact about these interesting and famous boats is that they have to be painted black completely!

This law was created to reduce unfair competition between the numerous gondolas of the city!

Also, you will be amazed to know that a gondolier may earn around 100,000 euros in a year! Isn’t it amazing??

However, there are only about 400 gondoliers today in Venice compared to the 10,000 gondoliers in the 16th century!

Gondoliers in Venice: There are only 3 to 4 New Gondoliers per year

Another amazing fact about the city of Venice is that it is not easy to become a professional gondolier! Want to know why?

People will need a professional license to work as a gondolier. The profession is usually handed down from father to son; however, now there is even a gondolier course!

However, just 3 or 4 new licenses are granted per year. This course includes 400 hours of training to learn the skills needed and training with a gondolier.

Candidates also require to learn and even take an exam on Venetian history and landmarks.

There is only one female gondolier in Venice

Have you heard about this amazing fact about the floating city of Italy??

According to history, the first fully licensed female👩 gondolier employed by Venice City was in 2010. That said, the trade remains almost a male-dominated profession today.

It is a trade with secrets that are closely guarded, passed down from generation. However, in the year 2010, Giorgia Boscolo, the daughter of a gondolier, became famous by becoming the first woman to pass the exam to become a gondolier. Quite impressive, right?

Venice: With one of the narrowest streets on the planet

Narrowest Streets Of Venice

Just like us, no one can deny the fact that the twisting turning streets and also canals of Venice City are a real labyrinth. Many may get lost several times as the streets look quite similar. 

Also, like me, you will surely be amazed by the fact that the city is home to one of the world’s narrowest streets! Want to know what I mean by narrow?

Calle Varisco is only 53 cm wide and is named after the Varisco family! The family was mainly a group of silk workers who were known in the city in the 15th century.

Venice: Having the world’s first public casino

It is believed that Casino di Venezia is the oldest casino on the planet, dating back to 1638. For many rich and famous people, it has been a place in the city for centuries. 

The casino is situated in a 1930s building, and its original location is in the final resting home of Richard Wagner, the famous German composer.

Venice’s Carnival: It started back in the 12th century

Venice’s Carnival

The famous Venice carnival started back in the 12th century. The festival is one of the most famous and historic Italian celebrations, filled with many types of foods, colors, and entertainment.

The celebration began as a part of a celebration to prepare for the long fasting time during Lent. The festival first took place in the year 1162 to celebrate the Venetian Republic’s victory over Ulrich II Von Treven, the Patriarch of Aquileia.

It is a very famous and popular event to attend in Venice City in February, some even enjoy this with iconic carnival masks!

The Honored Venice Film Festival

I am quite thrilled to explore this prestigious fact about the city of Venice!

In 1932, Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata founded the Venice Film Festival 🎬! The festival is one of the popular facts about the city that most of us probably already know. However, it may not be known to many that it is also the world’s oldest film festival.

St. Marks Basilica or Basilica di San Marco

St. Marks Basilica In Venice

The Basilica that is famous today was completed in the year 1701. However, many other artifacts and art pieces, including sculptures, attractive mosaics, and other ceremonial objects, have been added to the church throughout the centuries. 

Venice: The city with more than 200 palaces

Have you heard about the palaces of Venice?

The beautiful city is famous for the main palace🏰 in town, called the Doge’s Palace or Palazzo Ducale. However, it is not the only palace in the city.

According to a recent survey, there are around 237 palaces in the town, and Doge Palace is one of the most famous names among them.

Venice: Holds a Masquerade Ball Every Year 

The Ballo del Doge is an amazing masquerade ball that is held every year during the Venice Carnival.

People show up dressed in historical costumes, surrounded by fantasy, history, and art 🖼️.

Each year the party has an interesting theme, and the artists, setting, costumes, and performances change to suit the theme.

The Vaporetto Boat: It is the main transportation in the city

Vaporetto Boat In Venice

Did you know about the Vaporetto Boat? No?? 

It is actually a public water transport that moves on the Grand Canal. It could take passengers to different districts and islands, like Lido, Murano, Torcello, and Burano.

Specifically, the Vaporetto Line 1 is perfect for exploring the entire city because it stops at the Grand Canal’s station.

The city of Venice is sinking

I know that you have already heard that Venice is having issues, and a lot of them are related to water. 

A city built on the water is definitely precarious, and according to some reports, the city of Venice is sinking up to 2mm per year.

This is because of a mix of human and natural causes and means that some of its remarkable monuments are increasingly in danger of flooding. 

Beautiful Venice: The word ‘Ciao’ started in Venice

Another interesting secret about the city is that the famous greeting ‘Ciao’ started here. 

The term originated from a veteran greeting ‘s-ciavo vostro’ meaning ‘at your service’ or ‘your slave.’ This was later shortened and became the word ‘Ciao.”

Summing up

So little fellow explorers, now you know that Venice is an attractive Italian city that takes pride in its natural beauty, modern advancements, and cultural heritage.

From attractive monuments🏫 and palaces to alluring gondolas, what in Venice attracts you the most?

As we are already on this journey together, we would be happy 😊 to get your feedback.

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