10+ Ideal Volleyball Activities For Your Kids to Spark Joy and Energy!Β 

My little ones and I never miss out on an energetic game of volleyball 🏐 whenever we get an opportunity. 

Outdoor games such as volleyball 🏐 are an amazing 🀩 way for little ones to practice and take part in drills and physical exercises. An enjoyable game of volleyball is an ideal βœ…οΈ way to enhance the motor skills of young ones. 

Why keep the magic of volleyball 🏐 only limited to outdoors?

I have figured out numerous methods of making volleyball a part of indoor activities like painting and crafts. These volleyball 🏐 activities also provide a very strong helping hand in improving the cognitive 🧠 skills of little ones.

Engaging Volleyball Activities For Your Kids

I have carefully listed some amazing volleyball 🏐 activities that make my little athletes enjoy this game in several ways, alongside enhancing their cognitive abilities 🧠 really well.

Read on if you don’t want to miss out on this whole bundle of amazing and innovative πŸ’‘ volleyball activities.

Balloon Volleyball 

Balloons are the favorite decorative items that can be utilized as volleyball 🏐 too. 

My son enjoys assuming the role of a guide (just like an adorable and responsible coach 🧒) for my daughter throughout this volleyball activity.

For this amazing activity, I buy a set of a few funky balloons🎈 of different colors and inflate them.  

I take empty cardboard rolls or tissue paper rolls 🧻, align them in a straight line across the room, and ask my little athletes to stand on either side of the line.

This volleyball 🏐 activity is an amazing motor activity because my little athletes are busy moving their arms and legs to throw all the balloons 🎈 through the air to the other side of the line of cardboard rolls, thereby enhancing their muscular πŸ’ͺ control.

Throw And Catch The Volleyball 

I really like this physical πŸ’ͺ activity during which we conduct a chain of skillfully catching and throwing a volleyball 🏐 with my little athletes wherein the catcher ( usually my son) loses πŸ“‰ his points if he fails to catch the volleyball.

We make sure to keep increasing the distance or space between the throwers and catchers of volleyball 🏐 after every round.

Volleyball-themed Tic Tac Toe

Playing tic tac toe β­•οΈβŒοΈ is a classic game we enjoy with family and friends. My little athletes love 🀩 this volleyball version of tic tac toe and keep engaging in it repeatedly.Β 

Read on to learn how to create a volleyball-themed version of tic tac toe 🏐❌️ for your little athletes.

What you need- 

Colorful cutouts of volleyballs 🏐 , white chart paper, and colorful marker pens.


  • For this amazing activity, I usually draw a pattern resembling a volleyball 🏐 net on white chart paper using colorful watercolor 🎨 pens and preparing volleyball cutouts using colorful paper.
  • The favorite and most beneficial part of this activity for my little athletes is to prepare the colorful volleyball 🏐 cutouts by skillfully sliding a pair of scissors along the colorful outlines. This activity provides an extremely good helping hand βœ…οΈ to enhance their fine motor skills.
  • Following this step, we love to play tic tac toe ⭕️ ❌️ by using these colorful volleyball cutouts as a replacement for the circles. To arrange the crosses, we diagonally placed two wooden sticks collected from our backyard to form a cross.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little ones do not hurt themselves while playing with a pair of scissors.

Bracelets and Greeting Cards 

Volleyball-themed 🏐 crafts are one of the most innovative and creative πŸ‘πŸ» activities for my little athletes at home. 

My little athletes really love to create volleyball-themed 🏐 bands and bracelets using white or colorful threads or pieces of yarn 🧡 and paper.

They also learn about numerous patterns when I guide my kids over the process of entangling the thread or pieces of yarn 🧡 through holes punched on the colorful volleyball 🏐 cutouts following certain stepwise methods. 

In addition to the former lesson, this threading activity to keep the volleyball 🏐 cutouts together to form a circular wristband also helps boost their motor πŸ‘Œ and sensory skills.

When we make volleyball-themed greeting cards πŸ’Œ, we engage in an interesting sensory activity, making use of colorful threads. 

What you need- 

Colorful kite papers, scissors βœ‚οΈ, watercolor pens, colorful threads or pieces of yarn 🧡, and glue.


  • I guide my little athletes through the process of preparing colorful circular volleyball 🏐 cutouts out of glossy or kite papers by sliding the scissors βœ‚οΈ along the dotted outlines I have marked using watercolor pens. 
  • Now, my kids use glue and stick pieces of colorful threads or pieces of yarn 🧡 in a spiral or lines entangled in various patterns to make the cutout resemble a funky volleyball. 
  • We use tape to put together two such volleyball cutouts to create a funky πŸ’Œ greeting card. 
  • Sometimes, I teach my little athletes how to make a volleyball 🏐 by using the magic of origami. 
  • Origami has been a favorite 😍 in our lists of craft activities and is one of the easiest methods to create terrific pieces of art 🎨 with my little artists.
  • This paper-folding volleyball 🏐 activity is equally intriguing and engaging for little ones.

Important Note:

Please take a lot of precautions while teaching your little athletes how to use a pair of scissors βœ‚οΈ safely to avoid any kind of accidents.

Volleyball Cookie and Slime

My little athletes never say no to dark chocolate cookies πŸ˜‹ and the idea of decorating it such that it resembles a volleyball 🏐 makes them extremely invested in this volleyball activity. 

This volleyball activity is also an excellent opportunity to improve my little ones’ focus 🧠 and motor abilities by teaching them how to draw cute little designs or patterns using a piping bag stuffed with flavored cream.

What you need- 

Dark chocolate cookies πŸͺ, milk chocolates 🍫, bowls, piping bags, cream(with added food coloring), and candies.


  • Most of the time, I prefer to bake regular circular-shaped dark chocolate cookies πŸͺ for my little athletes at home and assist them in covering them with white cream utilizing a spoon. 
  • My son and daughter take piping bags containing different flavors of colorful creams, and I assist them through making several patterns on the dark chocolate cookie so that it looks like a flattened 🏐 volleyball.
  • The most engaging part about this volleyball activity is when I ask my little athletes to add these dark chocolate cookies to a tub or tray carrying melted milk chocolates 🍫 to create their own volleyball slime. 
  • We also add volleyball-themed lollies 🍬 to it. My little athletes love squishing the chocolate slime with their cute and tiny hands; therefore, this whole process promises to be a very suitable sensory activity for my dear son and daughter.

Read About Volleyball 

Reading deeply informative books πŸ“š about the game of volleyball 🏐 will enhance the curiosity of my daughter and son toward this amazing and energizing game. In fact, there are numerous fascinating and engaging activity books πŸ“– about volleyball for young ones. 

I believe introducing my little athletes to the worldwide popularity and historical importance of volleyball along with the life of iconic players is very important βœ…οΈ for their knowledge.

If we are not in the mood for an outdoor game of volleyball, then we read these amazing books, which have indeed deepened our fascination for this game.

Here are a few of those volleyball-themed books we love to read- 

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to go through the contents of any book πŸ“– before handing it over to your little athletes to ensure that the contents are suitable according to your little one’s age group.

Watch Documentaries and Movies Related To Volleyball

Learning by means of visualizing information on the screen πŸ–₯ has always had an effective influence on the minds of little ones.

I make sure that my little athletes don’t miss out on watching informative movies 🎬 and documentaries about volleyball 🏐 highlighting the interesting aspects of this game.

Here is a list of a few movies 🎞 and documentaries about volleyball that I thoroughly enjoy watching with my little ones- 

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to go through the contents of any movie 🎬 before watching it with your little athletes to ensure that the contents are suitable according to your child’s age group.

Volleyball Counting Activity 

I believe this volleyball-themed activity is an amazing way to teach my little athletes about numbers πŸ”’ or πŸ”  alphabet.

What you need- 

Scissors βœ‚οΈ, colorful watercolor pens, a few bowls, and cutouts of volleyballs.


  • I help my little artists prepare cutouts of volleyballs 🏐 by sliding a pair of scissors along the dotted lines marked on the outline of the diagrams of volleyballs.
  • I mark each of these volleyball cutouts with random numbers πŸ”’ or alphabets πŸ”  using watercolor pens and mix them up together in a small bowl. 
  • I instruct my little ones to sort out these cutouts into a number of bowls by following a set of rules. For example, sometimes I instruct them to sort the volleyball 🏐 cutouts with numbers and English alphabets written on them into separate bowls. 
  • Another interesting way of engaging in this activity is writing capital alphabets πŸ”  and small alphabets πŸ”€ on these volleyball cutouts, mixing them up in a bowl, and asking my little athletes to sort the vowels and consonants in a bowl. 
  • I follow a similar rule for the volleyball cutouts carrying numbers and instruct them to sort out the cutouts with odd numbers in one bowl and even numbers in another.
  • You can also inform your little ones about the concept of prime numbers like 2️⃣, 3️⃣, 5️⃣…..and the rest if your little one is a big fan of mathematics, just like my son. 
  • Another creative πŸ’‘ counting activity for my son and daughter is carefully arranging the volleyball cutouts in certain numbers on the carpet and teaching my little mathematicians to count the number of cutouts 🏐 are positioned on the floor.
  • If your little mathematician is a toddler, you can ask them to document ✍️ the number of volleyball cutouts they have counted on a piece of paper.
  • Moreover, I also assist my little ones in forming a word with the volleyball cutouts carrying alphabets.

Cover the Volleyball

This volleyball 🏐 sensory activity is viral 😍 in our household. 

Trying to analyze and feel a varied range of textures is a good sensory activity for little ones.

Therefore, for this volleyball 🏐 activity, I have utilized a varied range of amazing textures.

What you need- 

Glue, tissue papers, glossy papers, sandpaper, cardboard pieces, foam paper, kite paper, hand-made glitter paper, and translucent papers.


  • I create small bits or pieces of a varied range of papers (as mentioned above) with unique and amazing βœ…οΈ textures and jumble them up in a plastic bowl.
  • I instruct my little athlete to stick these amazing pieces of textured paper on a volleyball 🏐 using art glue.Β 
  • My little ones analyze and feel the different textures of these little bits of paper and sort out the ones they end up liking the most.
  • My little artists have a unique volleyball 🏐 created with different pieces of textured paper.

Volleyball Bubble Wrap Picture

This volleyball activity is an amazing way to utilize red, black, and all the colorful food coloring 🎨 available at home.

I try to incorporate as many diverse textures as possible to make this volleyball 🏐 activity as ideal.

What you need- 

A bunch of oranges 🍊 or a coconut πŸ₯₯, different kinds of bubble 🫧 wraps, a bottle of vinegar, white paper, a small packet of baking soda, and a watercolor pen.


  • I slice an orange 🍊 (or chop a coconut πŸ₯₯) from the center, and the segment of one of the two pieces of the sliced orange (or coconut) exposing the interior side serves as a unique stamp to form a volleyball’s 🏐 outline on the white art paper.
  • I ask my little artists to use watercolors to paint 🎨 the outer segment (also known as exocarp) exposed (on the side of the piece of orange that was cut) with edible black food coloring (only along the outlines or the border) using a paintbrush πŸ–Œand stamp it on paper to form the impression resembling a volleyball or a circle. 
  • This impression serves as the outline or border of our volleyball. 
  • Following this step, I usually prepare a mixture of vibrant and bright shades of food coloring and a packet of baking soda in a plastic bowl. 
  • The next step for my little ones is to coat a circular piece of a bubble 🫧 wrap in this food coloring mixture and stamp its impression within the border or outline of the volleyball 🏐 they had just painted. It forms a funky painting of a volleyball made up of bubbles. 
  • We also proceed to add pretty details (curves, lines, crisscrosses, and patterns) using a paintbrush πŸ–Œ and a mixture of vibrant edible coloring and baking soda. 
  • Now, for sprinkling the magic of science, I pour πŸ«— vinegar from a container on this portrait of a volleyball, giving rise to a bubbly, fizzy, and magical reaction striking off between baking soda and vinegar. 

My little athletes are very fascinated throughout the process of making this volleyball 🏐 painting.

Pro tip 

Another interesting volleyball scientific experiment is throwing warm and cold volleyballs 🏐 on the floor and asking your little athletes to analyze which volleyball bounces back highest.

Important Note: 

Please ensure your little ones don’t mishandle vinegar or baking soda.


If your little ones are enthusiastic about volleyball, I believe it would be a great idea πŸ’‘ to enroll them in a professional training institute. These volleyball 🏐 activities are fun to engage in as well as beneficial βœ…οΈ for the little ones in many ways.

Volleyball is an energetic game, and every parent will enjoy 🀩 themselves to the fullest with their kids during any related activity.

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments below πŸ˜‡ which volleyball activity you liked the most.

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