131+ Hilarious Wednesday Puns That Will Make Your Day!

Wednesday is the middle day of the week. Some even call it the ‘Hump Day’ because it is like climbing on top of a hill and down on the weekend. The name Wednesday comes from the Norse God Odin.

Wednesday is associated with the color green and is connected to the planet Mercury. In the UK people enjoy eating sweets like sugar pigs on Wednesday. There is even a rhyme that goes,  ‘Wednesday’s child is full of woe’ for fun but actually is full of wonder!

What do you call it when you win on Wednesday? A wins-day! That was the Wednesday pun. I hope you like that because I have some more of such puns for you below.

Funny Wednesday Puns

Q: Why did Sarah yell “Happy Wren’s Day” at midnight?
A: She brought a birthday cake to her boyfriend, Wren’s room.

Q: What did the rooster yell on Wednesday morning?
A: “Happy Wakes Day!” to wake up the sleepy birds.

Q: What did Sarah groan about on Wednesday?
A: Her plans to go out were ruined by constant rain, making it “Wet Day.”

Funny Wednesday Puns For Kids

Q: What do people crave on a rainy Wednesday afternoon when working from home?
A: A “brew-tiful” hot cup of coffee.

Q: What did Henry and Sarah plan on “Winesday”?
A: They decided to go out for a drink to relieve mid-week stress.

Q: What did Sarah and Henry plan to do on Wednesday?
A: They planned to go on a “whiskey business” adventure.
My Experience: Sarah and Henry planned to embark on a whiskey tasting tour on Wednesday, eager to explore the nuances of different blends and savor the rich flavors of aged spirits. As enthusiasts of fine whiskey, they looked forward to indulging in this sensory experience, relishing each sip and uncovering the stories behind each distillery they visited.

Q: What day is the hardest for mothers because children tend to whine more?
A: Whinesday.

Q: What’s the key to surviving a long week with Wednesday puns?
A: Some “encourage-mint” in your lunchbox.

Q: Why is Wednesday a mid-week crisis for some people?
A: They feel like it’s “Wedness” and might have to pull extra work.

Hilarious Wednesday Puns For Kids

Q: What did Sarah do to stop the toddler from whining on Whinesday?
A: She read Wednesday puns to him.

Q: Why did Wednesday feel like an exhausting weekday?
A: It was because it’s a “week day,” proving that Sunday is stronger.

Q: What is it called when you receive your salary on Wednesday?
A: Wednespay.

Embracing the Magic of Midweek Moments 🌈✨
Embracing the magic of midweek moments, Wednesday wonderers find beauty and wonder in the ordinary rhythms of daily life. Their appreciation, like a prism refracting light into a rainbow of colors, transforms the mundane into the extraordinary and fills each day with joy and possibility.

Q: What do people need to make Wednesdays bearable?
A: Some Wednesday puns.

Q: Why did the airplane joke on Wednesday not take off?
A: It flew over everyone’s heads.

Q: What did the Spain have to do with Wednesday?
A: People couldn’t wait for Wednesday to be over, like waiting for Spain to end.

Incredible Wednesday Puns For Kids

Q: Why did Sarah prefer to call their fun event on Wednesday “Wednesfun”?
A: Because it’s more bearable with Wednesday puns.

Q: How did Sarah describe Wednesday after it was only Wednesday?
A: She felt like she had been working for five days already.

Q: What did the toothless grandma ask Henry about?
A: She asked if he had more Wednesday puns.

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Q: What couldn’t calm down crying babies on Whinesday?
A: Even funny Wednesday puns couldn’t do the trick.

Q: What was Sarah looking forward to on Winesday?
A: She wanted to forget about work for a while.

Q: What days follow Chewsday?
A: Winesday and Whinesday.

Goofy Wednesday Puns For Kids

Q: What is a weekday called when you get to have wine?
A: Wednesbae.

Q: What is the pride march happening on a Wednesday in the neighborhood called?
A: Wednesgay.

Q: What makes Wednesday more bearable?
A: Wednesday puns during a mid-week crisis.
Pro Experience: Reflecting on this, I recall numerous occasions when my colleagues and I would find solace in exchanging puns and witty remarks during the mid-week grind. Whether it was a clever play on words or a humorous observation about our current workload, these moments of levity helped to alleviate stress and foster a sense of camaraderie among us.

Q: What does Wednesday become when happiness fades away?
A: Wednesfade.

Q: What’s needed to survive an unbearably long Wednesday?
A: A lot of “Lucknow.”

Q: Why was Sarah so happy that the month was ending?
A: She’d get her salary on Wednespay.

Amusing Wednesday Puns For Kids

Q: What does Sarah need to get through an unbearably long week?
A: A lot of “Lucknow.”

Q: What does a week ending feel like to people by Wednesday?
A: Like the weekend should be here already.

Q: How does Sarah stay happy during an unbearably long Wednesday?
A: By making some “eye” jokes, it’s “cornea.”

Wednesday Wanderers 🌟🚶‍♂️
Exploring the intersection of dreams and reality, Wednesday wanderers embark on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. Their footsteps, like breadcrumbs leading through the forest of life, guide them towards new experiences and unexpected joys.

Q: Why was Wednesday so fragile?
A: It’s a weekday, of course!

Q: When is a Saturday stronger than Wednesday?
A: When Wednesday is just too “week.”

Q: What do people need on an unbearably long Wednesday afternoon?
A: Some “encourage-mint.”

Silly Wednesday Puns For Kids

Q: What does Wednesday say to those working with mid-week stress?
A: “WednesAYYY Captain.”

Q: When did Michael Faraday discover benzene?
A: Could’ve been a calm Friday morning, but why not a Wednesday?

Q: What did Henry say when he realized it was just Wednesday?
A: “You’ve got to be kitten me!”

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Q: What day does Sarah prefer to call for fun on a Wednesday?
A: Wednesfun.

Q: What do people say when they realize it’s just Wednesday?
A: “You have got to be kitten me.”

Q: What is it called when you’re to receive your salary on Wednesday?
A: Wednespay.

Childish Wednesday Puns For Kids

Q: What did Sarah say when the girls planned to go out on Winesday?
A: “Winesday? More like Wednesbae!”

Q: Why was Wednesday so tired of it all?
A: Because it was a “week day.”

Q: What did Henry say when he boarded a flight on Wednesday?
A: “This is total nuts!”
Sigma Experience: I remember a Wednesday flight I took once, feeling a mix of excitement and anticipation as I boarded the plane. As I settled into my seat, I noticed the bustling energy around me, with passengers stowing their luggage and finding their seats.

Q: What is it called when your work day ends on Wednesday evening?
A: Wednesfreeeee.

Q: What does Wednesday say to an exhausted person in the morning?
A: “Are you bready to work your ass off again?”

Q: Why was Sarah so cranky?
A: She was Hungary and it was only Wednesday.

Amazing Wednesday Puns For Kids

Q: What is it called when your work day ends on Wednesday evening?
A: It’s Wednesfreeeee.

Q: What did Henry say when he was scared to give a presentation on Wednesday?
A: “I might have some Wednesfear, but I hope I’ll do alright.”

Q: Why didn’t gamers play video games on Wednesday?
A: They were too “tier-ed.”

Midweek Mirth Makers😄🐪
Infusing Hump Day with laughter and levity, midweek mirth makers chase away the midweek blues with their infectious sense of humor. Their jokes, like rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds, brighten spirits and energize weary souls.

Q: What did the Spain have to do with Wednesday?
A: People couldn’t wait for Wednesday to be over either.

Q: Why did the scarecrow refuse to work on Wednesdays?
A: Because it was tired of dealing with mid-“weekness.”

Q: How did Wednesday greet Thursday?
A: “Thu-are you almost Friday?”

Best Wednesday Puns For Kids

Q: Why do Wednesday and Monday never win at arm wrestling?
A: Because they’re both “week” compared to Sunday.

Q: What’s the favorite weekday of coffee lovers?
A: “Brew-sday,” especially when followed by “Winesday.”

Q: Why did the calendar apologize to Wednesday?
A: It said, “Sorry, I had to ‘date’ Tuesday before you.”

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Q: How did Wednesday respond when asked, “Are you ready for the weekend?”
A: “Week… I mean, weakly.”

Q: What’s the fastest way to turn Wednesday into Friday?
A: Add “Fri” at the beginning!

Q: Why was Wednesday feeling down?
A: Because it had “wed-ness” to it.

Q: What did Wednesday say to the alarm clock?
A: “You always ring at the ‘weak’ hours.”

Q: Why did Wednesday apply for a job at the bakery?
A: Because it wanted to be “bread-y” for the weekend!

Q: How does Wednesday feel about Sunday?
A: “Sun-day? It’s just ‘weak’ trying to act strong.”

Q: What did the calendar say when Wednesday complained about being boring?
A: “It’s not you, it’s the ‘week’ I’m in.”

Q: What did Wednesday ask the weekend?
A: “When will you ‘weak’ up?”|
Ultra Pro Experience: Wednesday, with its midweek demeanor, often carries a subtle sense of anticipation, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the weekend. In my experience, this anticipation manifests as a gentle inquiry, a whispered question to the forthcoming days of leisure and relaxation.

Q: Why did Wednesday go to the gym?
A: It wanted to work on its “week” muscles.

Q: What do you call a Wednesday with a sense of humor?
A: Wednes-pun!

Q: How does Wednesday feel about being in the middle of the week?
A: “I’m ‘weak’ compared to the weekend.”

Q: What did Wednesday say to the optimistic jar of jam?
A: “We’re in this ‘week’ together!”

Q: How did Wednesday comfort Tuesday?
A: “Don’t worry, you’re only one day away from me!”

Q: Why did Wednesday refuse to go to the amusement park?
A: It didn’t want to deal with the “week” of roller coasters.

Wednesday Wordsmiths 📚✨
Weaving tales of wonder amidst the workweek hustle, Wednesday wordsmiths transport readers to far-off lands and distant realms with their imaginative storytelling. Their prose, like magic spells cast upon the page, offer a brief escape from the rigors of daily life.

Q: Why did Wednesday skip the cooking class?
A: It heard the lesson was “week” sauce.

Q: How does Wednesday feel about rainy days?
A: “I’m already ‘weak,’ and now it’s wet!”

Q: What did the frustrated calendar say to Wednesday?
A: “You’re the ‘week’ that never ends!”

Diving into “Wednesday puns” has been a midweek delight! Did these puns give you a boost to get over the hump day or tickle your funny bone like a Wednesday Addams joke?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Your feedback keeps our humor going strong all the way to the weekend!

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