Mobile Phone: Who Invented, Types, Applications

A mobile phone is a telephone with access to a cellular radio system. Hence, this device can be used over a wide area without requiring a physical connection to a network.

A mobile phone or mobile telephone is a portable device that can connect to a telecommunications network to receive and transmit voice, video, or various other types of data.

American engineer Martin Cooper built the first mobile cell phone; hence, he is known as the father of the cellular phone.

Motorola’s well-known company produced the first handheld mobile phone on 3 April 1973. A mobile phone can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link, which can work even when the user is moving within a telephone service area. Modern mobile phone services use a cellular architecture and are also known as cellular phones.

In addition to making and receiving calls, a mobile phone can support various types of other services, such as text and multimedia messaging, internet access, email, video games, satellite access, digital photography, and many more.

Types Of Mobile Phones

There are mainly three types of mobile phones, according to their capabilities, such as:

Feature phones.

Basic phones.


Examples Of Mobile Phones

Nowadays, mobile phones are used for different types of work; hence, there are different types of mobile phones that help us a lot. Some common types of mobile phones are:

Basic phones:

This mobile phone can make voice calls, receive and send short message service or SMS, and also can use USSD or unstructured supplementary services data.

Feature phone:

This kind of mobile phone can offer important features added to a basic phone, such as increased storage and cameras, along with the ability to access the Internet. Feature phones generally have a standard numeric keypad.


This type of mobile phone can offer advanced capabilities and features over feature phones, allowing users to add applications to their phones.

These mobile phones run a full-featured operating system. Most have Wi-Fi, 3G or third-generation capabilities, and a Qwerty keypad. However, many smartphones are improved and getting new features that vary in size.

Android phone:

This type of smartphone can run on the Android operating system. Android is a specific operating system developed by Google and based on the Linux kernel.


This kind of smartphone was developed by the company Apple. It can perform multiple tasks, from making calls to playing games and enjoying videos.

Windows Phone:

The operating system of Microsoft powers windows phones. Their AI assistant is Cortana, a famous and useful personal assistant.

Applications Of Mobile phones

There are many ways in which mobile phones can help us to perform different types of tasks, such as:

Communication: Mobile phones are used to make and receive calls and also send and receive different types of messages, including numbers, symbols, etc.

Photo And Video Sharing: With a feature-rich mobile phone, we can share important photos, gifs, and videos with ease.

Entertainment Purposes: Mobile phones are one of the best sources of entertainment, such as streaming online content, playing games, listening to music, reading books, and many more.

Travel Purposes: With the help of mobile phones, people can find their way around with the GPS-enabled feature.

Alerts And Reminders: With the help of mobile phones, you will never forget important dates because it helps you to write vital notes for later use.

So, we have provided several vital information regarding mobile phones that can be really helpful.

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