Smart Phone: Who Invented, Types, Applications

A smartphone is a certain kind of portable computing device that combines computing functions and a mobile telephone into one unit. The famous company IBM is regarded as the creator of the first smartphone, the Simon Personal Communicator, in 1992.

It went on sale in 1994 and had email capability, a touchscreen, and a handful of built-in applications, like a sketch pad and a calculator.

Smartphones can be distinguished from feature phones due to their extensive mobile operating systems and more robust hardware capabilities. These devices can facilitate the Internet, more comprehensive software, and various multimedia functionality, such as gaming, cameras, music, etc.

Smartphones mainly contain several IC or integrated circuit chips, metal-oxide-semiconductor, or MOS.

Moreover, these devices may have various sensors that can be leveraged by third-party or pre-included software and can support wireless communications protocols, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even satellite navigation.

Recently, smartphone companies have started integrating satellite emergency services and satellite messaging connectivity into devices for use in those remote places where you cannot get any reliable cellular network.

Nowadays, faster wireless communication and improved hardware have bolstered the growth of smartphone and their industry.

Types of Smartphone

Various types of smartphones are prevalent, such as:

  • Android phone.
  • iPhone.
  • Windows phone.
  • Amazon’s Fire Phone.

The Following Are Some Examples of Smart Phones

There are different examples of smartphones that we get to see and use today, such as:


These kinds of smartphones work on the Android Operating System. The Android OS can support Google services like Google Drive, Google search, and Gmail.

These types of smartphones work best with a Gmail account of the user. Many companies manufacture Android phones, like HTC, Samsung, Nexus, etc.


This is another prevalent smartphone that works on the Apple Operating System. It is one of the best-sold smartphones in the world that runs with features such as Safari, FaceTime, and Siri, a well-known personal digital assistant.

With the help of Siri, you can play a video or a song by speaking the song’s title into your phone.

Windows Phone:

This is another example of a smartphone that includes OneDrive, Xbox, and Bing in terms of the operating system.

Similar to the iPhone, a personal assistant feature known as Cortana is included in these smartphones that can remind you of your important dates, help you avoid heavy traffic, etc. You can power up your Windows phone from the App Store of this device.

Applications of Smartphones

Many different types of applications of smartphones help us in many ways, such as:

Registering Contacts: Within your smartphones, you can write the names and contacts of those essential to you.

Sending and Receiving Texts, Mails, and Photos: Just by having a feature-rich smartphone, you can send and receive important emails, multimedia messages, photographs, and many more with ease.

Browsing the Internet: With your smartphone, you can scan the Internet for Internetrtant information.

Playing Games: Smartphones can store various types of exciting video games that you can enjoy in your free time.

Calculator and Alarm: With your smartphone, you can set alarms for important events, calculate numbers, and even convert currencies if necessary.

Online Payment: With a smartphone, you can enjoy digital and online payment facilities.

Video Recording and Photography: A smartphone lets you easily take beautiful photographs and videos.

Torch: You can use the torch function of your smartphone to make light in dark places.

Therefore, we have discussed several vital factors regarding a smartphone that can help you.

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