100+ Best Written Riddles for Kids to Boost Brain

A riddle is usually a multiple-meaning topic or phrase that would have to be comprehended. You are attempting to solve it like a crossword.

All of this depends on the designer of the riddle, whether that would be remarkably simple or incredibly hard. It’s essential to begin making your riddles if you already have a firm grasp of what one would be.

Written riddles for kids

Children will enjoy learning riddles as well as seeking to comprehend them. Everybody there appreciates delivering and striving to decipher riddles.

This assortment of children’s riddles is a beautiful place to get started learning about riddles! Riddles can indeed be amusing or thought-provoking brain teasers. A few of the best riddles engage thoughtfulness.

Q. What needs to be damaged before one may use it?

A. An egg

Q. Whenever I am young, I am tall, and if I am older, I am short. So who am I?

A. One candle

Q. Which month already has a whole of 28 days?

A. All of them

Amazing Written Riddles For Kids

Q. What has a few holes but even knows how to keep water?

A. The sponge

Q. What subject can you never affirmatively react to?

A. Are you sleeping yet?

Q. What is continuously in front of you and yet is entirely undetectable?

A. The future

Q. There is indeed a one-story house including all yellow interiors. Yellow furnishings, doors, as well as walls. Which color are the staircases?

A. It’s a one-story house, and therefore there are none.

Q. Perhaps if you have never picked it up or touched it, what else can you break?
A. A pledge
My Experience: Reminds me of a reflective conversation with friends. I once had us playfully contemplating the fragility of intangible things. 🤝🤔😄

Q. What lifts and yet never goes down?

A. Your age

Q. Without the need for a hat or umbrella, a man out there in the rain did not have a single hair on his head to get wet. Why?

A. He had a beard.

Q. What dries when being wet?

A. A cloth

Q. What remains when you have already contributed to someone?

A. Your phrase

Best Written Riddles For Kids

Q. My beard does not change, even though I shave every day. So who am I?

A. The barber

Q. There isn’t only one passenger on the boat. You see that this is also meant to be filled with people. How is that even easily achievable?

A. Everyone else on the boat is indeed a married couple.

Q. You approach a space that would be equipped with a fireplace, a kerosene lamp, a candle, and a match. What would you begin through lighting?

A. The match

Q. A man who turned 25 also passed away from old age. How is that even doable?

A. He was born on February 29.

Q. Although I have branches, I lack a trunk, leaves, or fruit. So who am I?

A. A bank

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Q. What is mute and will therefore engage when tried to address?

A. An echo

Q. You end up seeing fewer of them when there are too many. It is what?

A. Darkness

Q. There seem to be three sons born to David’s parents: Snap, Crackle, and who else?

A. David

Q. You can’t touch me as well as catch me because I continuously follow you and imitate your every action. So who am I?

A. Your shadow

Interesting Written Riddles For Kids

Q. What can unlock multiple locks but still not a single one?

A. A piano

Q. What could not be handled on the right but on the left?

A. Your right elbow

Q. What is white when it’s dirty and black when it’s clean?

A. A whiteboard.

Q. What grows exponentially in size as more is taken away?

A. A hole

Q. Even now, the most muscular person can’t seem to hold me for five minutes because I’m as gentle as a feather. So who am I?

A. You inhale

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Q. I regularly turn up in paws of wondering kittens, in addition to socks, scarves, and mittens. So who am I?
A. Yarn

Q. According to what way does today precede yesterday?

A. The encyclopedia

Q. What technological advancement allows for direct wall viewing?

A. An opening

Q. If you acquire me, you would like to share me; if you do so, you have not retained me. So who am I?

A. A secret

Fascinating Written Riddles For Kids

Q. What is not best suited for just a saucepan?

A. The lid.

Q. What vibrates up and down without starting to move?

A. The stairway

Q. What role are you in if you outpace the sprinter in second place throughout a race?
A. Third place

Q. Even though it is yours, everyone uses it more commonly than you do. What is it?

A. Your name. 

Q. What does have many eyes and yet is blind?

A. A potato

Hard written riddles

The written riddles initiate merely, and some are particularly suitable for children. Many entail word as well as letter combinations. However, some puzzles will be challenging, and you may be required to be a mathematics specialist.

Once you reach the end, you can try the residual riddles, but be highly cautious; challenging kids’ riddles will put your abilities to the test.

Q. What has only had one eye and also is blind?

A. A needle

Q. What comprises a considerable proportion of needles while it does not sew?

A. A Christmas tree

Q. What is hand-made but isn’t able to clap?

A. A clock

Awesome Written Riddles For Kids

Q. What has legs but is not able to move?

A. A table

Q. What else has four legs, a foot, and a head?

A. The bed

Q. What could you throw but also can you grasp?

A. A cold

Q. What sort of band does not implement any pieces of music?

A. An elastic band

Q. What is toothy but isn’t able to bite?

A. A comb

Q. What has been compiled on a plate and yet never devoured?
A. A deck of cards
Pro Experience: Reminds me of a family game night. I once had us playfully comparing a cards to a carefully arranged plate of entertainment. 🃏🍽️😄

Q. What is oral, and even though it keeps quiet?

A. A book

Q. What swirls a backyard infinitely without anyone ever moving?

A. A fence

Q. What is capable of going around the entire planet without really having left its corner, ever?

A. A stamp

Nice Written Riddles For Kids

Q. What doesn’t meet the criteria as a hand but includes a thumb and four fingers?

A. A glove

Q. What appears to lack a body but has both a head and a tail?

A. A coin

Q. Where exactly do the two walls meet each other?

A. On the corner

Great Written Riddles For Kids

Q. Which configuration has the most significant number of floors?

A. A library

Q. Which item has a better flavor than that aroma?

A. The tongue

Q. What did lack all the other organs and already had 13 hearts?

A. A set of cards

Q. It wanders the countryside, having used hearing-impaired ears. What is it?

A. Corn

Q. Which category of coat could perhaps you put on wet?

A. Put some coat of paint on

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Q. What is at its top when it has a bottom?

A. Your legs

Q. What flies and has four wheels?

A. A transport for trash that is a garbage truck

Q. I am an odd one out. I can indeed make things even if you take away one letter. What number am I?

A. Seven

Q. What are the numbers four and five if two is an organization and three is a crowd?

A. Nine

Q. What three non-zero digits produce the same overall result once added to each other or multiplied?

A. One, two, and three

Q. Each one of Mary’s four daughters has a brother. Mary has four daughters. What number of kids would Mary have?

A. Five. There is only one brother for each daughter.

Unique Written Riddles For Kids

Q. Which did weigh more, a tonne of feathers or a tonne of bricks?

A. They both weigh a tonne, so no one.

Q. Bill claimed to be three doctors’ brother. However, Bill claims that he is an only child. How many actual brothers does Bill have?

A. None. The number of sisters he has is three.

Q. So, there are three individuals in the car, although there are two fathers and two sons. How is that possible?

A. They are a grandfather, father, and son.

Q. I was 21 the day before yesterday and will be 24 the following next year. According to what month have I been born?

A. New Year’s Day is today, December 31.

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Q. A young girl acquires a dozen eggs from the store. With the exception of three, all break whilst she is driving home. How many eggs are all still unchanged?
A. Three

Q. “They have all been blonde, and even though two; all brunette, and even though two; and then all redheaded, and yet two,” a man says of his daughters. He has precisely how many daughters?

A. Three: A redhead, a brunette, as well as a blonde

Q. How many apples do you have when you have three and you strip away two?

A. You possess two apples.

Q. So, each girl seems to have two brothers and one sister, but the proportion of brothers per brother is only half that of sisters. How many siblings does the family have in total?

A. Three brothers and four sisters

Q. What five-letter word gets two additional letters to make it shorter?

A. Short

Funny written riddles

Even as an adult, I want to drive in the car every once in a while and ponder on how to develop a riddle. Many such kids love to create their own riddles.

You achieve all that by reading and retelling a diverse range of riddles. We perhaps included a few amusing riddles to ensure that you’re entertained.

Q. What has only one letter and starts with the letter “e”?

A. An envelope

Q. Going to take away one letter from a word I am accustomed to results obtained in 12 letters remaining. What is it?

A. Dozens

Q. What else could you comprehend inside the center of Toronto?

A. The symbol “o.”

Q. In November, you perceived me twice, once during June and not once in May. So who am I?

A. The symbol “e.”

Mesmerizing Written Riddles For Kids

Q. Two within a shelter, one in a corner, and zero inside a house. What is that?

A. The letter ‘E.’

Q. The beginning, as well as the end of everything, are both symbolized by the letter “r.” I am always the start of eternity and the wrap-up of both time and space. So who am I?

A. The letter “e.” 

Q. What four-letter word can continue to be read left to right if it is documented forward, backward, and perhaps even upside down?


Q. Forward While I am heavy, I am not a backward individual. So who am I?
A. The letter “not.”
Sigma Experience: I once pondered this riddle while reading a book. It reminds me of how words can play tricks on the mind, making even the simplest sentences intriguing puzzles to solve.

Q. What are 2/3 cat, 2/4 goat, as well as 3/7 chicken?

A. Chicago

Q. I have three letters, so if you add two, there will be fewer. Which word am I?

A. Few

Excited Written Riddles For Kids

Q. What five-letter word continues to remain one after the removal of removing two?

A. Stone

Q. What would everything’s final part be?

A. The symbol “g.”

Q. What word maintains the very same pronunciation when four of its five letters have been removed?

A. Queue

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Q. The word “I” is a term that usually begins with the letter “I.” I become a new word with a variety of meanings but still an approximate identical sound if you add the letter “a” to me. What word am I?

A. Isle (make “isle” by adding an “a”)

Q. What English word actually achieves the following: The very first two letters signify a man, the first three designate a woman, the first four denote a great, and the first five represent a great woman. Which word is that?

A. Heroine

Q. What is so sensitive that simply uttering its name will completely destroy it?

A. Silence.

Q. What has a mouth and yet never speaks, a head and yet never weeps, a bed but just never sleeps, and therefore can wander but then never walk?

A. A river

Q. On the specific topic of rivers, a man calls his dog from the opposite side. Without getting soaked and without utilizing a bridge or boat, the dog straddles the river. How is that possible?

A. The river was frozen all over.

Q. What uses up no room but also can fill one?

A. Light

Q. I will end up breaking if you drop me, but then if you giggle at me, I will always return the favor. So who am I?

A. A mirror

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Q. More is left while behind the more you consider taking. Describe it.
A. Footsteps

Q. Just before I turn, nothing that exists out and about would therefore enter. I turned approximately once more, and nothing would ever end up coming out. So who am I?

A. A key

Q. People have created and ended up saving, transforming, as well as raising me. So who am I?

A. Money

Q. What falls and yet never breaks, as well as what did break and yet never falls?

A. Night and day

Q. What needs to pass by towns as well as farms and yet never moves?
A. A road 
Ultra Pro Experience: Reminds me of a scenic road trip with family. I once had us playfully personifying the way. 🛣️🌳😄

Q. I will be starving to death if it is not fed, but everything else I make contact with will eventually turn red. So who am I?

A. Fire

Q. A man commented, “Brothers as well as sisters, I have no one, but even that man’s father is my father’s son,” as he explores a work of art and the paintings in a museum. Who is represented in the painting?

A. The man’s son

Q. I stay with protruding fangs; I crackle out eventual fate with perforating force; I scoop up prey, maybe I would proclaim; I physically join forces with a single bite. So who am I?

A. The stapler

Q. I have urban areas without even any frameworks, mountain ranges without even any rock formation, as well as lakes without even any water bodies. So who am I?

A. A map

Q. What do people really love more often than life, intensely dislike more often than death, or undertake along with them to their burial grounds? What would happy people like, what do the rich require, and what do the poor have? What do all the misers spend, the fiscally irresponsible save?

A. Nothing

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