20+ Activities with Dad for Building Memories!

A bond between father and kid is unique. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re looking for father-son tasks that will strengthen your bond. A kid is a father’s pride and source of hope, and the dad is a son’s defender and carer. 

You will treasure the happy times you had with your kids for the rest of your life and always cherish those. There are a tonne of activities you can do to strengthen your relationship with your son, such as making meals together, engaging in sports, or taking relaxing rides. 

We’ve gathered some incredible activities in this post that will help a dad and his child bond even more. Enjoy a wonderful day with your kiddo by trying out these activities.

Interesting Activities with Dad

Being a father is an enjoyable, demanding, and fulfilling job. I wouldn’t swap it for anything. There are a lot of experiences that come with becoming a father, some more pleasant than others. 

We all try our hardest to provide our children with enjoyable experiences because we want to be the greatest fathers we can be.

Build stuff

Completing a task or making something collaboratively is one of the simplest things you can do as a father and son. If your child happens to be a toddler👶, you can construct things with blocks together.

If he’s a little older, you can make him a sandbox. Moreover, you can use toy animals to construct a zoo🐘🐼🐯 or refuge for mini dinosaurs🦕.

Savor the rains

Enjoy the downpours a few times through the year if you two enjoy it enough to do so. Allow your little man to play in the puddles and splash around.

Learn with one another

Take up a new endeavor to learn about in partnership. Possible alternatives include taking a new technology course, learning to swim🏊, or earning an art certificate. This will assist you in pursuing shared interests.

Journey together

Spending time together while traveling will be great. Travel a long distance, take a 🚇subway ride, or you can also travel by air to your destination.

Engage in outside activities

Don’t worry if you’re not enjoying trips✈️, travel experiences, or vacations. As a team, run errands around the household. 

Exciting outings that would promote bonding include playing catch, running in the garden🏡, and taking walks. If your son is a toddler👶, bring him to a field or a theme park so you two can play.

Have fun playing golf

Consider bringing your kid along with you on specific days if you are a frequent golfer or if you have just started learning. Together, you can also sign up for a 🏌golf club and play regularly.

Cook and bake as a team

Get a good time attending in the kitchen by acquiring the skills of how to prepare meals or cook with each other.

Not only is cooking a vital life skill, but it’s also one of the finest activities dad and son can do together. You might pick up a new recipe for your go-to white sauce spaghetti🍝 or smoothies🧋.

Enjoy live functions

Go to a live performance that both of you like, such as a museum of cars🏎 or athletic🏃‍♂️ events. Keep in mind to bring some snacks with you.

Exchange thoughts

When you and your son have some free time, talk to him about your life experiences. Speak to him of your early years, the pleasures you experienced, and the things you valued. Engage in talks that deepen your relationship. 

Concentrate on your past activities and a few significant life events. Concentrate on your previous practices and a few significant life events. It might improve the bond between you.

Enroll in a program

Give it your all and attempt an activity that neither of you has any experience with. It could be anything from artwork to ⚽🏀sports.

Share new techniques

A wonderful method to strengthen the link between a father and a kid is to include educational resources.

Show the kids how to do crafts, play board games or tennis🎾, or perhaps just travel on a bike🏍. You can also ask your champ to teach you how to play video games🎮.

Collect various things together

If gathering objects is something you both enjoy doing, then why not engage in it? Coins🪙 and stamps aren’t the only items that can be included; other items include artifacts, artworks, and images🖼.

Engage in sports together

Playing together keeps people connected. Although it’s not a saying, it should be. If you’re looking for enjoyable activities for a father and son to engage in, think about going go-karting, enjoying online games🎮, combat 🥊sports, or board games.

Connect via music

People can bond through music🎶. Training the skills of playing a musical tool together will allow you to put skills into action.

Picking up an instrument like the guitar could give you both a way to release some of your emotions.

Try gardening

Gardening is a good hobby for all ages. If you enjoy being in the presence of greenery, you can spend hours gardening, whether you are doing it with your👶 or adolescent kid.

Spend a bit of time with family

Developing a close bond with your son does not necessarily require action-packed exercises.

Whether you’re stargazing or visiting a park, taking some time to yourselves and appreciating the wonders of nature may strengthen your bond.

Educate about cars

If you have a son who’s curious about cars🏎🚗, then set aside time to explain to him how they work and all. When he becomes old enough, you can start teaching him to drive as well.

Play podcasts in the background

A fantastic way to pass the time and learn is by listening to podcasts. They are also helpful in improving your listening skills.

Whether you’re driving or working together on chores, choose the ones with some fascinating topics and leave them to play.

Riding horses

Horseback🐎 riding is thrilling and enjoyable. It’s also a fantastic way to explore the outdoors and uncover the talents that each of you has yet to find.

Have fun with comic books

The most enjoyable father-son activity for preschoolers is reading comic strips together. As your child gets older, you may boost it over time by reading them more books. It is likely to improve his reading skills.

Enjoy weekends together

If you find it difficult to spend time together every day, set aside time on holidays for each other. You can either plan out your activities or just go with the flow. It’s enjoyable either way.

Reconnect with the past

Arrange an educational recreation tour for your son to participate in and learn about significant moments in history. Anything special to your family or significant in history can be performed.

Engage in a wits battle

Enjoy an intense chess match-up. Enjoy the game while surprising your kid with chess skills and using clever tactics to outwit one another.

Do some comparison shopping

Comparison shopping is a great way to demonstrate to your teenager or young son the importance of managing money.

It’s one of those enjoyable activities you can do with your kid to help him become a more informed consumer in the future.

Get some quality media

See some excellent movies together by using a streaming platform. It could be a combination of international films🎬, indies, and documentary series.

Teach how to get over failure

Life involves failure. When something doesn’t work out according to plan during something you are engaged in with your child, you should instill in him the importance of picking himself up from the errors and being willing to try again.

A quick tip:

Avoid becoming very philosophical, or your son could stop wanting to spend time with you. Don’t be too harsh on him or exert too much pressure on him to achieve what he wants. Acquire the ability to balance.

Set up interviews

Schedule discussions with each other if there is a lapse in communication or if you have the opportunity to meet rarely. Inquire about one another’s interests, life events, and other details.

Volunteer together

Allow your bonding to benefit someone else. Select the cause you want to support, sign up for an organization, and engage in time-saving volunteer work.

All of your photos from an organization can be assembled later to make a collage that will always be a special memento.

Put on a joint performance

A great way to strengthen the link between a father and son is to perform in front of an audience, perhaps even when visiting close relatives. It will highlight the splendor of your relationship to all.

Play with the Legos

Playing Lego with your young son can help you build some spectacular structures. You and your kid will both enjoy having no restrictions when creating anything.

Laugh aloud therapy

A good laugh😂 is the finest medicine. Check out some entertaining clips. A couple of hours can also be very well spent laughing heartily and watching films together.

Value artforms

Go to an art museum to share with your child the importance of art and the amount of passion that goes into creating it. Take an art lesson or engage in collaborative handicrafts.

You’ll spend a longer period together and foster your son’s imagination if you enroll in courses together. He’ll understand that having creativity is just as important as having courage, strength, and competitiveness.

Wrestle with the child

Who doesn’t enjoy calling for a 🤼‍♂️wrestling frenzy in their living room? It’s one of the traditional and enjoyable father-son pastimes that you will both love. Make the most of the experience by doing it every month.

Play board games

Board games are timeless, so you can play them regardless of how old you get. Choose a board game of your choice and have a full-day marathon with it. Involving others in the family might also help you include it in your family time.

Go to a concert

If you both enjoy music🎶, go to a concert👩‍🎤🎙🎶 together. Get tickets🎟 to see your favorite performer live and spend the evening together.

Give animals food

Grab a bag of animal feed and head outside to feed the ducks, birds, or stray creatures in the neighboring pond together.

Play cards

Allow your family members to participate as well. It’s more fun when the 🃏 card circle is larger.

Visit the hair salon

Once a month, take an afternoon to get spiffy. You might even consider getting your haircut💇‍♀️ like your kiddo. 

Fix challenging games

Sudoku, crosswords, or even some challenging math tasks – they can be anything. As long as they are of shared interest, get together to resolve them.

You will be so absorbed in solving a puzzle🧩 together that you won’t even notice how time has passed.

Go to the library

Visit the library🏫📚 together to relish the quiet and reserved, even if it may seem archaic in the age of podcasts and audiobooks. Rejuvenate yourself by reading literature📚 in a calm setting.

Construct a treehouse

Whether it’s building the wood frame, designing the interior, or gouging and cutting the timber, building a treehouse along with your son involves several tasks.

Consequently, you and your son will be able to enjoy quality time together through this pastime.

Take a walk in a neighboring park

Hiking can offer you several chances to strengthen your relationship with your son amid breathtaking scenery and fresh air.

Thus, as you explore, having deep conversations, lending each other encouragement, and exchanging anecdotes will undoubtedly strengthen your bond.

Take a fishing trip

A 🎣fishing vacation will provide you the chance to enjoy precious moments together free of the hustle and bustle of the city.

If this is your son’s first time catching fish🐠🐋🐟, spend time getting to know him while you explain to him the basics of fishing, such as tying knots and choosing fish hooks. You and your son can potentially turn this into an annual tradition.

Watch a movie relay

It’s not always necessary to go outside to spend time with your son. Spend this weekend lounging in the house with your son, watching your favorite films🎬, and enjoying your favorite snacks and conversation.

Prepare dinner together

Try a new recipe, pass along a family recipe, or just make dinner🍜 for the entire family with your son.

This will undoubtedly improve your relationship and help the two get along better, from choosing what to make to purchasing the ingredients and cooking together.

Play sports together

A father and son can start the journey of being healthier together by exercising together, whether they are playing football⚽, badminton🏸, or another sport.

Along with making memories for you both, this might also be a tonne of fun and giggles.

Take a bowling trip

Take your son bowling🎳, play pickup games, and spend quality time together. Teaching your son to bowl will undoubtedly improve his social skills since it’s a great social sport.

Take a birdwatching adventure

Consider taking a weekend trip to a local park, hiking trail, or any other area with lush vegetation if you enjoy the outdoors and the peaceful sounds of songbirds.

Have a pleasant and leisurely time while observing and classifying various bird species together.

Take part in the charity run

To spend quality time and engage with your son, sign up for a charity race or sprint for a good cause. As a team, begin your training regimen, decide on daily goals, and run the race alongside.

Attend father-daughter dates

If you are raising a daughter, you have to start taking her on father-daughter outings when she is young and continue as she gets older.

It’s never too late to start a father-daughter date. It’s beneficial to her future relationships as well as to yours, and it’s exciting.

Have fun in the rain

Dancing in the 🌧rain will teach your son to enjoy the small things in life. You’ll be laughing so hard at this that you both might shock your family members when two soaking persons come looking for towels! The best enjoyment for a dreary day is this!

Teach a magic trick

Draw your son’s attention to the amazing realm of magic. Take a few minutes to study and perform a basic magic trick you discovered on the internet.

Not only is it an enjoyable pastime, but it also helps your son gain confidence when he begins to demonstrate his new skill to relatives and friends.


It can be a beautiful experience to stargaze🌌. Just walk out into your garden on a clear night to gaze up.

You may even learn to recognize different constellations with a stargazing app. It’s a fantastic approach to spark wonder and interest in the cosmos.

Show him how to shave

Dads are customarily the ones who teach their sons how to shave🪒. For future teenagers about to begin puberty, quality time shared is crucial. Help him accomplish this step towards becoming a man.

Create a garden

Grab some soil and work together to cultivate the garden. Not only is gardening a wonderful way to enjoy time outdoors, but it may also provide your child with an enjoyable, non-formal science education. The results (or flowers💐) of your work will undoubtedly please you both!

Additionally, creating your flower bed from scratch can turn into a long-term hobby that you both work on.

Construct a birdhouse

By constructing a nesting place together, you may educate your kid regarding the area’s varieties of birds.

This project offers a fantastic chance to teach life lessons about the natural world, duties, and artistry. It might be finished in a single weekend. Once finished, enjoy watching birds visit your handmade nesting place together.

Make a documentary about your family

Make a family documentary to preserve the amazing times you spend together. Collaborate to arrange, record, and customize each segment using the video recorder on the cell phone📱 or an exclusive 🎥video cam.

This activity is a great way to encourage creativity and create a finished product that the whole family can enjoy.

Visit a class in mixed martial arts

Here’s another father-son exercise that can develop into a long-term bonding activity and strengthen your entire body!

Studying mixed martial arts helps develop self-discipline and trust alongside physical health. You also get to help each other out as you both succeed in learning a difficult but rewarding skill.

Go on a cruise

Cruises🛳 are a great way to give your son a very luxurious vacation. If your entire family fails to attend, this is a great method for you to truly connect with your son.

Fun events such as mini golf🏌, aquatic centers, deck recreation, and shore trips are abundant on most cruise ships. This may be a unique gift for a significant birthday.

Create a campfire in your backyard

If you are unable to go camping or hiking, have a campfire in your backyard with the kids. Plan for food, refreshments, and music, and enjoy connecting with one another and telling stories.

Take him to taste a beer

Now that your son is of legal drinking age schedule a time to go beer🍻 tasting together. Talk to him about various beers, taste some samples, talk about flavors, and create memories.

Learn pottery together

A father and son may enjoy quality time bonding through the artistic and imaginative pursuit of pottery-making. Take a pottery lesson to learn how to mold, shape, and create a masterpiece out of clay.

Together, hit the gym

Achieving your fitness objectives on your own can occasionally be more difficult. So join hands with your kid and go to a gym🏋🚴💪 together, helping and inspiring one another to work out and achieve his fitness goals.


Over time, a multitude of experiences will shape the connection with your children. These are by no means all of them. It is irrelevant what they are—just perform them with your young ones. Some of these experiences—if we’re being really honest—are meant for both father and child. 

That, in my opinion, explains why dads are frequently referred to as grown children. We appear to enjoy ourselves just as much as our children. You can also add some of your choices in the comment section. 

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