15+ Alliteration Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids

We have all read about alliteration in our English classes. Writers and poets use this figure of speech to bring rhythm and add a different meaning to their works. It can be defined as “the occurrence of the same sound or letter at the beginning of adjacent words ‘. 

If you want to familiarize your little ones with the concept of figurative language, you must start with alliteration because it’s the simplest and most fun to do. 

The basic strategy is- repeat, repeat, repeat! I tried adding this grammar skill to my kids’ playtime and activities so that they could learn it while having fun instead of jamming up pages of a book. 📕 

In this article, I present to you some top-notch alliteration activities you can try out with your little ones. I found them super useful. Let’s start learning together!👇

Interesting Alliteration Activities for Kids

Alliteration action

To begin with, you can ask the kid to listen to alliterative song recordings and then clap to the beats.

When they grasp it, they can create an image of the song on paper to explain how they learned the alliterative effect. 🎵

Pro Tip: Make sure they have gloves on while listening so that the sound effect is a bit muffled.

Alliteration task cards📇

Alliteration task cards are the best addition to your kids’ playtime. They will have fun while learning something so important.

Let them form their own sentences using the quirky prompts on the cards. Some of these will be so silly and interesting to read!🤪

Poetry pzazz

Kids will love doing this alliteration exercise where they can write a visual poem using alliteration words.

They can write sentences with the first letter of all rainbow colors to create an ‘Alliterainbow.’’ This is my all-time favorite ‘craftivity’ for the little ones!📗

Pro Tip: Use brainstorming charts in color and monochrome for this exercise.

Flocabulary alliteration📀

Ever thought of teaching alliteration to the kids with a rap video? Well, here it is.

There are plenty of hip-hop-inspired videos that have excellent alliterative instances and a snappy beat that kids are bound to get attracted to. Play these videos regularly so that they remember them forever.

Spanish alphabet alliteration🔤

This is a great alliteration activity for preschoolers and kindergarten students. Using the Spanish alphabet, they understand the concept of alliteration.

There are traceable letters and worksheet packs to assist their learning. This can be done for individual or group study.🙇‍♂️

Pro Tip: Kids can do the interactive Easel activity on any device.

The Alphabet Game🔠

If you are looking for a super fun alliteration activity that combines fun learning with technology, this is the one!

Kids will connect bats, showing words to other bats with a word that begins with a letter with a similar sound. 🎧

Guess the video🎥

Kids love interactive ways to learn new stuff. So, this creative video session lets students identify the portrayed alliteration on screen and collect points.

This way, you make sure that even their game time is for something meaningful and worthy of learning.

Jump and clap alliteration👏

I love this alliteration activity so much because it requires minimal prep time. With alphabet cards, you can make kids practice movement and alliteration simultaneously.

Make them jump at the beginning of a word and clap when they are done. 

Pro Tip: Kids have to form alliterative words with the alphabet that comes up on the card they turn over.

Scavenger hunt

Get items that start with the same letter. Hide them in different areas of the room, and assign the kids a letter to find out.

This treasure hunt is an amazing way to help kids practice alliteration throughout their playtime. 

 Memory game

This is a fun twist on the memory game that helps kids learn alliteration. Let them choose cards with alliterative phrases and see if they can remember them perfectly.

This not only improves their understanding of alliteration but also strengthens their memory.

Pro Tip: You can easily print digital cards for this activity.

Pete the Cat for alliteration🐈‍⬛

I love the Pete with Cat puppet! It assigns alliterative names for my kids, for example, Lucky Luke and Sleepy Sarah.

They then find random objects around the room and assign alliterative names to them as well. This is so fun and interactive!😺

The Alliteration printable

If your kids are a bit older, you can use these amazing alliteration worksheets for them. Ask them to draw a letter and use the recording sheet to answer questions, but only using words beginning with their initially chosen letter.

Pro Tip: Use alliteration worksheets to help the little ones explore sounds and create quirky combinations of letters.📖


As we come to an end, I hope you find these activities useful. If you are concerned about keeping your kids engaged in playful learning from a younger age, you are at the right place. These ideas are the perfect choice for the little ones. Do let me know how they worked out for you. 

Kids are always looking for fun things to do with their parents, and these activities might just be the best way to introduce grammar and the English language to them without making them feel bored. 

Can’t wait to hear back from all of you lovely parents! Love to all! Let the learning playtime begin!

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