20 Amazing Australia Fun facts That Will Leave You Dazzled

Each and every country has its own culture, heritage, and natural beauty. Living in our own country is the best for sure. The curiosity of exploring other countries is quite common in humans.

Going through the fun facts about Australia can easily make you fall for it. Thus, you will try your best to plan your next trip to this country only.

Here are some of the unique and general facts about Australia for your concern.     

Australia is a large country that ranked in the 6th position

There are many countries in this world. The area of these countries is also different. The approximate area of this country is 7.7 million square kilometers.

This vast area is easily making it the 6th largest country in the world. Most portion of this country is land for sure. Thus, this country is quite dry compared to other countries.    

The biggest city in this country is Sydney

There are many famous cities in Australia where most immigrants want to shift to live a better life. Sydney is the biggest city in this country, where many students generally fly to pursue their further higher studies.

Some people also fly with work permits to work and live with their families in this city for sure. The high living standard and several facilities make it the most popular one.   

One can find almost 60 various species of kangaroos here

Kangaroos can be found only in Australia. Thus, this is the national animal of this country. Besides, you will surely find almost 60 various types of kangaroos here.

This is why Australia is a great place for those zoologies who want to research the kangaroo family. 

It is a country and a continent at the same time

Most continents are made up of different countries. However, Australia is a continent itself. This continent is made of one country only, which is Australia itself.

Thus, this is one of the most important and fun facts about Australia for sure. 

The Ayers rocks can actually blow your mind with its scary site

Each country has its wonder and scariest places to amaze people in every possible way. Australia also has the scariest visiting point in the northern part of this country.

The name of this visiting point is Ayers Rock. It is large sandstone which is situated in the Northern Territory.   

 The currency of this country is AUD or Australian Dollars

You need to use only Australian Dollars to make any deal. Even while buying a bottle of water you cannot use any other currency for sure.

You should convert your own money at the airport or you can also enjoy your shopping through online bank transfer.

Most people use online transactions only to avoid any problems. However, it is always better to carry Australian Dollars to face any unwanted situation. 

One of the most iconic buildings of Australia is the Opera House

You may hear about the Opera House before. By visiting Australia you can actually have a chance to observe this iconic building by yourself.

One of the unique animals named platypus belongs to Australia

Platypus is an animal that carry both the qualities of a bird and a mammal. These qualities make it different from other animals.

You can only find these animals in Australia only. Apart from this, Australia has many other unique animals in it. 

The Alps of Australia are quite appropriate for snowboarding and skiing

Not only in winter but also in the summer season you will get thick layers of ice in the Alps area of Australia. Thus, this is becoming a dream destination for people who love skiing and snowboarding.

Various agencies always provide you with the ultimate safety equipment to avoid any serious accidents. Thus, you can enjoy your time in an adventurous way. 

Apart from kangaroo, Australia has camels

Australia is famous for its kangaroos. It has a variety of kangaroos to see. However, it has different types of camels too. Many tourists like to click a picture while doing camel riding in Australia. 

You may find different kinds of venomous snakes here

Australia is the home to different dangerous animals and various flora and fauna families. It has a number of snakes that can be found only in this country.

These animals are making Australia the most beautiful and dangerous country at the same time. The wildlife of this country is quite more dangerous than you can even think.   

The largest underground water reserves found in this country

According to geography experts, Australia is the driest region as most of its area is land. However, many underground water sources are found in the Artesian Basin area.

Thus, the people of this country do not need to face any water issues for sure. Apart from this, the underground water is helping the forest to stay alive with its animals.  

The longest river in Australia is the Murray River 

The longest river in Australia is the Murray River. This river starts from South Eastern Australia and runs through the whole country.

In this way, you can surely imagine the whole length of this river. Apart from this, the civilization of Australia gets influenced by this river without any doubt.  

The wild dog named Dingo actually native to Australia

There are a number of species available for dogs. A specific type of dog named Dingo is the wildest according to zoologists.

These types of dogs belong to this country only. They are native to Australia. Apart from this, Australia has many other wild animals which can be found only in this country.  

Australia is also famous for its koalas

Koala is also a quiet animal that cannot even make sounds. Apart from this, they need a lot of time to move from one place to another.

The innocent face and slow-moving features are making it more adorable and cute. Apart from this, they would like to cuddle with trees almost all day long. 

The capital city of Australia is Canberra

There are several bigger cities available in Australia. They are Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and many more. Some specific and particular reasons they make Canberra their capital city.  

The biggest reef system named Great Barrier Reef situated in Australia

The bigger reefs of this country help people to improve the fishery business. Apart from this, many fish help us balance any region’s ecosystem more smartly. Thus, the Great Barrier Reef is home to several fishes.  

This country is a combination of only 8 states

Many countries have smaller states to combine the whole country. This is quite problematic for people to control the whole country together. However, Australia has only 8 states in it.

In this way, the political and administrative people do not need to face any difficulties while controlling any serious situation.

Apart from this, the unity of the whole country can also be maintained properly. 

Bush fire is quite common in Australian Jungles

The extreme heat and heavy storms are responsible for Bush Fire in Australia. Due to this reason, many wild animals and their babies need to die every year.

Apart from this, the vast dry land is also responsible for increasing bushfire chances. 

The production of wine in this country is massive

Various juicy fruits, especially grapes, help Australia produce wine in massive quantities. Thus, many people work in this sector to earn money and live their lives. The long time processing for wine makes it quite more expensive than any other drink. 

Here you receive a few facts about Australia to realize the overall situation of this country.

You should surely go for other articles in Australia to get more detailed information easily. Thus, you can avoid any silly mistakes while packing for your trip to Australia. 

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