123+ Space Trivia Questions That Will Challenge Your Knowledge!

Prepare to embark on a cosmic voyage into the limitless wonders of the universe with our exhilarating space trivia questions!

Space🪐, the final frontier, has long ignited our collective curiosity, inviting us to gaze at the stars and ponder the mysteries of the cosmos.

From the birth of stars to the far reaches of galaxies,🌌 the universe is a treasure trove of awe-inspiring facts and mind-bending phenomena. Let’s take off on this celestial adventure!

Space Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Which planet is the “Red Planet”?
A: Mars.

Q: Largest planet in our solar system?
A: Jupiter.

Informative Space Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: First human to walk on the moon?
A: Neil Armstrong.

Q: First spacecraft to reach the moon in 1959?
A: Luna 2.

Q: Name of Saturn’s largest moon?
A: Titan.
My Experience: It reminds me of my passion for astronomy, especially Saturn’s captivating moon, Titan. The vastness and mystery surrounding Titan’s unique characteristics always intrigue me and fuel my curiosity about the wonders of our solar system. 🌌🪐🌕

Q: What causes the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Earth’s atmosphere?
A: Solar particles interacting with the magnetic field.

Q: Space telescope launched in 1990 for stunning images of galaxies?
A: Hubble.

Q: Closest star to Earth?
A: The Sun.

Educational Space Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Galaxy containing our solar system?
A: The Milky Way.

Q: Year of the first human in space (Yuri Gagarin)?
A: 1961.

Q: Name for an exploding star?
A: Supernova.

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Q: Apollo 11 mission’s moon landing year?
A: 1969.

Q: Planet with the most moons in our solar system?
A: Jupiter (79 known moons).

Q: Process in stars that fuses hydrogen into helium?
A: Nuclear fusion.

Insightful Space Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Mars rover launched in 2021 exploring the planet?
A: Perseverance.

Q: Agency behind Voyager 1 and 2 missions?

Q: First artificial satellite, launched in 1957?
A: Sputnik 1.

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Q: Earth’s “sister planet” due to size and composition?
A: Venus.

Q: What is the Kuiper Belt?
A: Region beyond Neptune with icy objects.

Q: First American woman in space?
A: Sally Ride.

Wise Space Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: First spacecraft to reach Mars in 1976?
A: Viking 1.

Q: Term for a “shooting star” entering Earth’s atmosphere?
A: Meteoroid.

Q: Largest moon of Neptune?
A: Triton.

Q: UAE’s first Mars mission in 2020?
A: Hope Probe.

Q: European Space Agency’s infrared space telescope?
A: Herschel.

Q: Second-largest dwarf planet in our solar system?
A: Eris.

Q: What is speed of light in a vacuum?
A: 299,792,458 m/s.

Q: First American in space (Alan Shepard) launched in?
A: 1961.

Q: Small icy object with a visible tail in space?
A: Comet.

Q: Comet landing mission in 2014 by ESA?
A: Rosetta.

Q: Celestial object blocking another’s view in space?
A: Transit.
Pro Experience: It reminds me of the magical moments I’ve experienced while stargazing, witnessing celestial objects like planets and moons cross paths in space. These cosmic transits always leave me in awe of the vastness and beauty of the universe. 🌌🔭✨

Q: Chinese space agency launching Chang’e missions to the Moon?

Q: Famous asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter?
A: The asteroid belt.

Q: First American space station launched in 1973?
A: Skylab.

Q: Spacecraft that first successfully landed on Venus in 1970?
A: Venera 7.

Q: Region where gravity is so strong that nothing escapes it?
A: Black hole.

Q: First woman to conduct a spacewalk?
A: Kathryn D. Sullivan.

Q: First American in orbit (John Glenn) launched in?
A: 1962.

Resourceful Space Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Stable point in space balancing gravitational forces?
A: Lagrange point.

Q: Mars rover missions, including Curiosity and Perseverance, by?

Q: Large cloud of comets and icy bodies in the outer solar system?
A: The Oort Cloud.

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Q: Spacecraft traveling beyond Earth’s orbit to explore celestial bodies?
A: Deep space probe.

Q: India’s first artificial satellite in 1975?
A: Aryabhata.

Q: Star explosion that outshines a galaxy?
A: Supernova.

Thoughtful Space Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Spacecraft with close-up images of Pluto in 2015?
A: New Horizons.

Q: NASA’s exoplanet-studying telescope launched in 2018?

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Q: Point where gravitational forces create a stable position for spacecraft?
A: L1 Lagrange point.

Q: First woman in space (Valentina Tereshkova) launched in?
A: 1963.

Q: Spacecraft carrying humans to the International Space Station (ISS)?
A: Soyuz.

Q: Spacecraft landing on asteroid Bennu and returning samples?

As our cosmic expedition through space trivia questions comes to an end, remember that the universe is an endless source of wonder and curiosity.

Keep your eyes on the stars, stay curious, and may your fascination with space always reach for the farthest reaches of the universe!

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