15 Amazing Azerbaijan facts: Land of Rich Culture and History

Azerbaijan, often known as the Land of Fire, is a nation of contrasts where high-tech metropolis and picturesque rural villages coexist, where European influences and Western Asian preferences converge, and where the scenery is both stunning (the Caucasus Mountains) and subdued (smooth, glossy lakes).

These interesting facts about Azerbaijan can help you better understand the nation and all it has to offer if you are just beginning to plan your trip.

Twenty-eight meters are below sea level in Baku

Baku’s capital city was once a bustling stop along the Silk Road. The greatest way to see Baku is on foot; you can stroll down the promenade that borders the Caspian Sea, although you’re really 28 meters below sea level. As a result, it has the lowest-lying national capital globally.

Another region of Baku is referred to as Little Venice and features a man-made lagoon that connects stores, eateries, and other locations. To go among them all, take a gondola!

The national dish of Azerbaijan is pancakes

In almost every restaurant in Azerbaijan, you may get kutabi, which are savory pancakes that are packed. Typically, they contain meat, vegetables, pumpkins, and herbs.

These are really excellent when griddle-toasted. Also, if you’re in the country’s north, make sure to taste the dushbara soup made with dumplings. Tandir, a typical Azerbaijani bread, is another delectable delicacy.

Another fascinating fact is that jam, rather than sugar, is used to sweeten tea in Azerbaijan. People in Azerbaijan enjoy drinking anything sweet.

Moreover, Azerbaijanis can produce jam from practically anything, including watermelon and rose petals.

There are around 400 mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan

Around 400 mud volcanoes exist in Azerbaijan, most of which are close to the capital city of Baku.

They are a simple option if you just have a day to travel. The ideal location may be in the Gobustan region of Azerbaijan, according to a map of the country.

Mud volcanoes don’t often extend more than 10 kilometers in circumference, but witnessing their blazing, boiling, untidy look is one of the fascinating things to do in the nation.

The fire in Azerbaijan never goes out

As mud volcanoes don’t spit fire, that is not how Azerbaijan acquired the moniker “Land of Fire.”

The flaming slopes resulting from gas seeping up through the ground gave the nation its name, Yanar Dag, which has constantly been burning on the Absheron Peninsula for over 4,000 years. It’s been a long time.

All around Azerbaijan, notably on the flag and at the well-known Temple of Fire, flames of fire are depicted.

This Area Has a 2 Million-Year Human Heritage

Archaeologists discovered archaic artifacts and human remains at the Azikh Cave in Western Azerbaijan.

These artifacts were discovered in a cave that has six complete chambers, and researchers believe that human habitation began there some two million years ago.

The most intriguing discovery made here was a jaw from a Neanderthal, but specialists claim there are still many mysteries to be solved.

Bizarrely futuristic in Baku

The Old Town of Baku is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; did you know that? Nonetheless, there is a wealth of contemporary architecture in the near vicinity of those historic streets.

You may find it unusual, but that’s all a part of Baku’s appeal. Building up Baku has taken a lot of effort from the government.

The Heydar Aliyev Culture Center and other modern structures, like the Flame Towers, a glassy blue trio of skyscrapers, contribute to the skyline’s originality.

While Baku is an oil town supported by the oil sector, it is nonetheless a reasonably priced capital city. You can get a cheap supper anywhere in the city for around $10. (the currency in Azerbaijan is the manat).

There is a city that is elevated

Because of its reserves, Azerbaijan possesses a lot of oil riches and is a significant producer of crude oil. Azerbaijan is a major producer of crude oil despite its tiny size globally.

An oil rig with raised walkways originally stood on Neft Daşlar in the Caspian Sea. Locals swooped in about 1949 and constructed a complete city on top of it even though it had been abandoned for a while.

Bakeries, hotels, stores, hostels, and many more establishments are now commonplace.

Making an oil rig a desirable location to visit is challenging, but Azerbaijan has managed it. One of the most intriguing locales and experiences the nation has to offer is this.

One of the friendliest nations in the Caucasus is Azerbaijan

Most people will agree that the inhabitants are the nicest and most friendly in the area.

This may be because of the country’s fusion of East and West cultures or because it is a Muslim-majority nation that has lost the coldness of the Soviet Union. It is a characteristic of Azerbaijan.

This is also the most secular Muslim nation in the whole Muslim world, which is an interesting fact. Actually, the first Muslim nation to permit a theater was Azerbaijan.

There is a museum in the shape of a carpet

The Carpet Museum of Azerbaijan is fashioned like a rolled-up rug and is located directly on Baku’s seafront.

Even though the building’s outside is striking in and of itself, the interior features stunningly vibrant carpets manufactured from the best materials available nationwide.

Make careful to see any demonstrations of carpet weaving that are going on. The degree of weaving expertise must be seen to be believed.

There Are Several Distinct Climate Zones in Azerbaijan

As diverse as Azerbaijan’s culture, this region’s topography features towering mountains, scorching deserts, deep forests, and a sizable coastline on the Caspian Sea, which serves as a natural border to the east.

One of your finest experiences will be leaving the city because there is so much more to see outside of Baku, and you can see a lot quickly.

Azerbaijan will create an impact whether you explore abandoned castles or the Seven Beauty of Azerbaijan (a collection of waterfalls).

A museum devoted to miniature books exists

The fact that Baku is also home to the world’s only museum devoted to tiny books is one of my favorite facts. Literally, it is what you would expect it to be: a library devoted to teeny-tiny books.

Many thousands of volumes are there, including small editions of works by Pushkin, Gogin, and other authors.

The earliest is a 17th-century copy of the Quran. Even one book requires the use of a magnifying lens in order to read.

The World Armwrestling Federation is headquartered in Azerbaijan

Indeed, the World Armwrestling Federation’s headquarters are in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The 60 member nations compete yearly in a worldwide arm wrestling tournament. Strangely enough, Azerbaijan has never had a champion.

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