20 Amazing Belarus Facts of This Eastern European Gem!

With Belarus sandwiched between Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia, Eastern Europe is a region that has not been thoroughly explored.

But it’s time it received a ping on your travel radar since there are gorgeous primordial woods to uncover, delectable potato pancakes to eat, and gigantic bison to sight there.

These incredibly bizarre and amazing facts will pique your interest if you’ve never considered visiting Belarus.

Belarus has a forest cover of about 40%

The Biaowiea Forest, also called the “Lungs of Europe,” is one of the last and biggest portions of the enormous prehistoric forest that formerly covered the European Plain.

Several beautiful national parks in this area are perfect for nature lovers and ardent hikers. The green stripe on the flag represents oh, and Belarus’ woods.

The longest street in the nation is Independence Avenue

Independence Boulevard, which runs the length of the city over 15 kilometers, traverses five separate squares, including Victory Square and October Square.

Its length and width have increased throughout time, and it has had 14 name changes, more than any other street in Minsk.

Pancake Week is the focus, not Pancake Day!

This Eastern Slavic feast, also known as Maslenitsa Week, is observed during the final week before Lent.

Every household makes pancakes to eat with friends and family and to serve at neighborhood street fairs.

Belarusians’ choices for inventive toppings are virtually limitless, from sugar-sweetened crushed poppy seeds to substantial mushroom stew.

They enjoy watching sports

There are 23,000 public sports facilities in Belarus, so even if people aren’t participating in sports, they’re probably watching them.

Football, handball, ice hockey, and tennis are among the favorites. Here’s a little fun fact for you:

The only male or female professional tennis player from Belarus to have ever won a Grand Slam singles championship is well-known tennis player Victoria Azarenka.

It’s tough to resist falling in love with the natives

Belarusians are the kindest, friendliest, and most friendly people you will ever encounter. Even if they don’t know your language, they will do all in their power to assist you.

Its national library has received several honors

The National Library of Belarus, sometimes referred to as “The Diamond of Knowledge,” is a substantial building.

It’s hard to miss because it is 74 meters tall, has 23 stories, and has an observation deck at the top.

It has gained notoriety as one of the strangest and ugliest structures on the entire planet. Supposedly instructed to make a statement, architects Michael Vinogradov and Viktor Kramarenko most definitely did.

Potatoes are quite important

It’s uncommon to sit down to dinner in Belarusian cuisine without the humble potato appearing.

You’ll be overwhelmed by the selection of more than 300 potato dishes, including Kaduna, potato-wrapped minced meat dumplings, and tukmachi, a tiered potato cake.

The draniki has to be my favorite. When topped with a generous dollop of sour cream, these shredded potato pancakes are wonderful.

Fans of street art will like Minsk

You may find a lot of big, vivid murals created by various street artists while strolling the city streets. Oktyabrskaya Street has a few of the largest.

The local kids have given this formerly industrial estate-like part of town new vitality.

Vulica Brasil, a street art event that unites artists from Belarus and Brazil, has been taking place in Minsk since 2014. It was established in collaboration with the Brazilian embassy.

One of their national symbols is the bison (s)

The Belarusians chose the heaviest living terrestrial mammal in all of Europe as their national animal.

Two European bison that had been saved from extinction in the early 1950s were reintroduced into the Biaowiea Forest.

Over 600 may be seen here right now. The stork and the cornflower are two other national emblems.

The method is superstition

People from Belarus enjoy a good superstition. One particularly well-liked is the warning to never whistle in your home for fear of wasting all of your money.

They also advise against cleaning your home after a visitor has gone since it can be taken as a sign that you’re permanently banishing them from your life.

What are the Belarusians’ characteristics?

The Belarusians are exceedingly cordial and pleasant except for a few store saleswomen. Locals are modest individuals.

No matter how difficult the situation is, Belarusians will not moan about it; instead, they will embrace it wholeheartedly. Also, Belarusians are diligent workers.

Nation of programmers

Every second youngster in Belarus aspires to become a coder rather than an astronaut. It is a very prominent job here, and programmers make more money than in any of the neighboring nations, even though the average income is among the lowest in Europe.

Eastern Europe’s “Silicon Valley” in Belarus. This area’s High Tech Park, home to roughly 170 businesses and 27000 IT professionals, was established ten years ago.

There are various IT sector in the country

A notable example of an IT company is EPAM, which has a New York Stock Exchange registration and annual revenue of over $1 million.

The popular game World of Tanks was developed by the Wargaming corporation, which today has 6,000 workers and 120 million users worldwide. 

Application After Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Viber is currently the third most popular messaging app. Rakuten, a major Japanese e-commerce company, paid $900,000 to acquire Viber. 

Map of Belarus and Europe

East of Europe is where Belarus is located. Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, and Latvia are its neighbors. Even though it is just 188 kilometers from Minsk to Vilnius, Belarusians require a visa to travel to Lithuania.

What is the land dimension of Belarus?

Belarus has a total area of 207 thousand square kilometers. It is the 84th-largest nation in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not by any means the smallest country in Europe; rather, it is one of average size. Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Hungary could all fit on Belarus’s soil.

How populated is the country?

The population of Belarus is around 9 500 000, placing it in the 93rd position in the world. There are not many people living there.

Interestingly, the population of the aforementioned nations—which together may fit on Belarus’s territory—is 46,300,000.

A sizable portion of Belarus has forests, rivers, and lakes. It makes sense why the nation is known as “the lungs of Europe.”

Belarus is pleased with its sportspeople and their accomplishments

The accomplishments in this sector are amazing for a tiny nation. These accomplishments include biathlon, freestyle, football, hockey, rowing, wrestling, light and heavy athletics, shooting, swimming, and rhythmic gymnastics. 

Money in Belarus and important Belarusian information

It is the Las Vegas of the East. In Belarus, there are a lot of casinos. One of the reasons so many Russians visit Belarus is because several casinos there were established after gambling was outlawed in their home country.

Recently, every Belarusian has been a millionaire. Strong inflation caused the Belarusian ruble to weaken, and it was feasible to exchange up to 25,000 Belarusian rubles for 1 euro.

Due to the fluctuating exchange rate, Belarusians determined the pricing of various items in dollars.

A denomination was carried out in July 2016, and 4 rubles were removed from the ruble. Now, counting was more practical. 2 rubles are worth 1 euro.

In Belarus, there is just one passport

Our mandatory military duty in Belarus lasts for one and a half years. The time frame is shortened to one year in the event of post-graduate service.

In this country, a movie ticket costs between $1 and $2, yet the same amount will get you a full meal in a factory or university dining hall.

Belarus has historically led all of Europe in the number of riches discovered each year. Quantifying how many great and little conflicts took place on the nation’s soil is challenging.

There is reason to think that Belarus’s soil has many more hidden gems waiting to be found. Belarusian SSR’s flag Old national crest in four languages

One of the rare nations that do not change to “winter” time in Belarus

The dominant state language of Belarus has frequently changed over its history due to the country’s territory belonging to several states at various times.

Russian, Belarusian, Polish, and Yiddish were all official state languages for 17 years throughout the Belarusian Soviet Socialistic Republic’s existence in the 20th century.

In this article, we have read about the various facts about Belarus. To know more, follow this website.

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