27+ Best Anne Hathaway Facts that You Might Know

Little fact-explorers, let me introduce you to Anne Jacqueline Hathaway or Anne Hathaway.

She is a famous and talented American actress😲!

She has won many accolades for her acting, such as an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a British Academy Film Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award.

She even appeared on the Forbes Celebrity list in 2009.

So, in this article, let us go through some really wonderful facts about this beautiful and talented actress!

Interesting Anne Hathaway facts

Anne Hathaway took birth in the Brooklyn Borough of New York City

Anne Hathaway Was Born In New York City

Little friends, did you know that Anne Hathaway was born in New York City’s Brooklyn borough?

She was born on November 12, 1982.

Her mom, Kate, is a former actress, while her dad, Gerald, is a labor attorney.

Also, Hathaway’s maternal grandfather was Joe McCauley, WIP (AM) Philadelphia radio personality.

Anne’s mother👩 is of Irish descent, and her father has French, Irish, English, and also German ancestry.

Anne has two brothers, one older, Michael, and another younger, Thomas.

Also, Anne was named after William Shakespeare’s wife!

During her childhood, Anne wanted to be a nun

Raised as a Roman Catholic, Anne wanted to be a nun during her childhood. 

She has really strong values and said, “When I was 11, I felt like I got a calling from God to be a nun.”

However, later her relationship with the Catholic Church ⛪age when she was fifteen.

It happened after learning that her older brother was gay.

So, her family left the church and joined the Episcopal Church due to its acceptance of gay.

At eight, Anne wanted to pursue acting

When Anne was just eight, she watched her mother perform the first national tour of Les Miserables. 

Her mother played Fantine.

Anne instantly became fascinated with the stage. However, her parents were not so active in allowing her to pursue an acting🎭 career.

Later, Anne’s mother quit acting to raise the children!

Anne and her professional screen debut

Anne Hathaway's Professional Screen Debut

Did you know this wonderful fact about Anne?

She made her professional debut on screen in the short-lived television 📺 series named ‘Get Real’ (1999-2000). 

It was before landing the lead role in the well-known Disney film ‘The Princess Diaries’ (2001). For this movie, Anne won the Teen Choice Actress Award.

Another interesting fact is that, during Anne’s audition for The Princess Diaries, she accidentally fell out of her chair 🪑and was offered the role right there!! 

The film was a commercial success and catapulted Anne into stardom.

Interesting, isn’t it?

She got an award nomination in high school

Anne graduated from Millburn High School. There she was quite involved in several school plays and even received a Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Award nomination😲!!

She got the nomination for Best Performance by a High School Actress for playing the role of Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress.

Later, Anne appeared in productions at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey, including Gigi and Jane Eyre.

Hathaway still feels gratitude for her breakout role

Every year since the release of The Princes Diaries👑, Anne has said, she always reflects and gives thanks on the anniversary of the movie. 

She even said “I remember (the day), and I give thanks to the universe, a big open-hearted thank you because that was the day that dreams came true for me.”

Anne Hathaway and The Barrow Group Theater Company

Anne Hathaway In Barrow Group Theater Company

Anne Hathaway attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Also, she was the first teenager to be accepted into the famous acting department of The Barrow Group Theater Company🎭.

Also, she performed in several plays at Seton Hall Preparatory School in West Orange, New Jersey. 

Anne even sang soprano in the All-Eastern United States High School Honors Chorus at Carnegie Hall. It was between the years 1998 and 1999.

Anne Hathaway acted with her idol Meryl Streep

In 2006, Anne starred alongside Meryl Streep in both commercially and critically successful movie; The Devil Wears Prada! 

In the 2006 movie, she played the role of Andy Sachs😲!

According to Hathaway, working on this film made her respect the fashion industry a lot more than she had previously. 

However, she still claimed that her personal style is something that she “still can’t get right.”

Her amazing acting alongside Streep made her quite famous in the industry, and for her portrayal of Jane Austen in the movie Becoming Jane, she earned a BIFA nomination for Best Performance by an Actress🥇!!

Hathaway has musical and dancing talent

Along with acting, Hathaway has a remarkable singing voice! She displayed her wonderful vocal and singing abilities in the movie “Les Miserables.”

In the movie, she played the role of Fantine!

She received great recognition for her performance as Fantine. Also, for this role, she even won the Academy, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and SAG Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

Also, Hathaway is not only a great actor and remarkable singer, she is also a talented dancer! 

She has trained in several dance styles, including jazz and ballet🩰! Really impressive, right?

Anne Hathaway: A versatile actress

Anne Hathaway Is A Versatile Actress

I am really surprised to explore this interesting fact about my favorite actress Anne Hathaway! Want to know?

Anne Hathaway has proven her remarkable versatility as an actress by playing a wide range of characters. 

From playing the role of a troubled scientist in the movie 🎬 Interstellar to a superhero in the film The Dark Knight Rises, she never fails to impress audiences with her ability to tackle diverse roles.

Ann has deep love for literature

Hathaway is an avid reader and has expressed her deep love for literature📚 on multiple occasions.

Some of her favorite authors are Jane Austen, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and J.R.R. Tolkien. 

Also, she is very fluent in French, and has displayed her amazing linguistic skills in several movies and even interviews.

Some notable awards and nominations of Anne

Actress, Anne Hathaway, earned the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actress and was also nominated for the Golden Globe, Academy, Indie Spirit Awards, and Screen Actors Guild awards for Best Female Lead/ Actress 🏆.

She received these for her acting in the 2008 movie Rachel Getting Married!

She even won her second Teen Choice Award for Best Comedy Movie Actress for her role in 2009 movie, Bride Wars. 

Also, in 2010, she starred in the hit movie Alice in Wonderland, Valentine’s Day, and Love & Other Drugs, earning her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress-Motion Picture Comedy or Musical. 

Hathaway had a relationship with an Italian real estate developer

Hathaway's Relationship With Italian Real Estate Developer

In 2004, Anne started a relationship with Raffaello Follieri, an Italian real estate developer.

However, in the year 2008, Follieri was arrested for defrauding investors out of millions of dollars in scheme. It that scheme, he posed as the real-estate agent of the Vatican. 

According to reports, the FBI 👮 confiscated the New York Apartment of Follieri as part of their ongoing investigation.

Later, in 2008, he pleaded guilty and sentenced to four and a half years in prison!

Hathaway married Adam Shulman

Little fact lovers, have you heard this amazing fact about Hathaway?

On September 29, 2012, she married 👰‍♀️ businessman and actor Adam Shulman, in Big Sur, California. It was a traditional Jewish ceremony!

Later in March 2016, their first son was born, and Hathaway bought an apartment of $2.55 million to love with her husband and son!

In July, 2019, Anne announced that they were expecting their second child, and even revealed her struggles with infertility and conception.

Later, in November 2019, their second child was born.

Anne Hathaway is an active philanthropist

Throughout her career, Anne has been actively involved in philanthropy.

She has donated her resources and time to different causes, including poverty alleviation, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ rights.

For example, Shulman and Hathaway sold their wedding photo 🖼️ and donated the profit to Freedom to Marry, a same-sex marriage advocacy group.

They even the National Engagement Party, an event of Freedom to Marry, which raised $500,000.

Anne Hathaway: Meet an environmental advocate

Anne Hathaway An Environmental Advocate

Little friends, did you know this wonderful secret about Hathaway? No? Let me tell you.

Hathaway is a known advocate for environmental conservation 🌎, and even supports initiatives to combat climate change! Amazing, right?

In addition, she serves as the goodwill ambassador for the initiative of the United States on climate change, famous as Earth Day.

Anne Hathaway and her humanitarian work

Beside her acting career, Hathaway is involved in numerous charitable causes and organizations quite actively!

She is also associated with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Lymphatic Education & Research Network.

Hathaway and her Broadway debut

In the year 2002, Anne made her Broadway debut in the play “Carnival!”

There she displayed her amazing acting and singing abilities on the grand stage.

Hathaway and her love for animals and Yoga

Anne Hathaway's Love For Animals

Hathaway is a well-known animal lover and has spoken out against animal 🐈 cruelty!

She even actively supports animal rights organizations, like the Human Society of the United States.

In addition to this, she is a dedicated practitioner of yoga. She credits the practice for helping her stay grounded and centered amidst the demands of her career!

Hathaway’s remarkable voice-overs

Along with being a great actress, Hathaway has also been successful in giving voice to animated movies like Alice in Wonderland and Rio.

She even provided her voice for the character Princes Penelope in an episode of the famous animated series The Simpsons.

Working with Christopher Nolan

In the year 2016, Hathaway got the opportunity to work with the widely-famous and acclaimed director Christopher Nolan.

She got the chance to work in Nolan’s movie Interstellar. In the movie, she delivered an amazing performance as astronaut 👩‍🚀 Amelia Brand.

Hathaway is also quite fascinating in playing historical roles

Anne Hathaway In Historical Roles

Like me, if you are a big fan of Hathaway, then you will definitely love this surprising fact about this surprising actress!

In the film Becoming Jane in 2007, Anne played the role of the world-famous English writer Jane Austen

Through this role, she displayed her ability to take on historical roles with perfection! Surprising, right?

Hathaway is a known advocate for mental health awareness

In early 2007, Hathaway talked about her experiences with mental issues like depression during her teens! She said that she eventually overcame the issue without medication!

Thus, today, she has been a known vocal advocate for mental health awareness. She even has spoken quite openly about her own experiences with anxiety!

Hathaway’s collaboration with Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan

After many years of working as an amazing actress in many movies, Hathaway received the opportunity to work with famous director Steven Spielberg on the movie The Intern.

Hathaway even got the opportunity to work with Christopher Nolan in his epic superhero movie The Dark Knight Rises.

In the movie, she played the role of Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman!

Hathaway’s role in sci-fi comedy Colossal

Hathaway’s Role In Sci-Fi Comedy Colossal

Anna Hathaway played the role of Gloria in the 2016 sci-fi comedy movie Colossal.

In the movie, Gloria is a woman who finds out a mysterious connection with a giant creature wreaking havoc in the country of South Korea!

When it comes to big roles, Anne takes cues from her mother

Anne was quite inspired by her mother acting in the role of Fantine. It was the same role that earned Anne an Oscar in 2013.

Anne even said about her mother, “She told me a lot about her experience playing Fantine, which gave me even more confidence that it was in my blood.”

Hathaway: An ardent advocate for Women’s Rights

Anne Hathaway An Advocate For Women’s Rights

Hathaway is also a beacon of Women’s Rights! Amazed, right?

She has fought a lot to see women treated fairly and with the respect they actually deserve!

Some of her notable efforts include advocating for the Nike Foundation to raise awareness about child marriage!

Also, Anne founded the Girl Effect, which works to empower girls in poor countries where they cannot study properly.

In addition, Anne even paid for parental leave for both women and men!

Summing up

So little fact lovers, now you know quite a lot about Anne Hathaway😲!!

We can never gather too much information about the person who has an amazing personality along with various types of talents.

So…now we stop here and move on to some other famous personality…

See you soon…!!!

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