111+ Best Celebrity Puns For Rolling out the Red Carpet of Humor

Celebrities are the most crucial part of the entertainment industry and they play an important role when it comes to giving the world a whole new level of excitement in the midst of their chaotic life. 

However, it is even more fun watching to have them included in puns. Here are a few puns on celebrities that will add spark in your life. 

Celebrity Puns and Funny Quotes

Q: What did fans say when they missed Keanu Reeves after his last film?
A: “Keanu, please come back!”

Q: What utensil was missing when Reese Witherspoon hosted dinner?
A: The party had Reese Withoutaspoon.

Q: What was Gillian Anderson called after dropping her son off at school?
A: Gillian Withoutherson.

Q: How did the weather affect Rainn Wilson’s name at the corn field?
A: He was renamed as Sunn Wilson.

Q: How was Blake Lively described after a tiring shoot day?
A: She became Blake Dreary.

Q: What did Lena Dunham’s friends call her after she couldn’t finish her dinner meal?
A: Lena Stillworkingonham.

Q: How did Tom Cruise’s name change after a box office flop?
A: He was then known as Tom Bus Ride.

Q: What did people call Beyonce after she got married?
A: Beytwice.

Q: How did Kanye West describe his shift in life direction?
A: He became Kanye East.

Q: How did Neil Young age?
A: He turned into Neil Old.

Q: After a calm movie role, what was Gene Wilder called?
A: Gene Calmer.

Q: How did Morgan Freeman’s busy schedule affect his name?
A: He was named Morgan Not-So-Free Man.

Q: How did age affect Woody Harrelson’s appearance?
A: He turned into Woody Baldeslson.

Q: What did people say after seeing Ana in a hat?
A: Ana Hathaway.

Q: How did Bear Grylls cook the animals he hunted on his show?
A: Bear Grilled them!

Q: What transformation did Olivia Wilde undergo after calming down?
A: She was Olivia Mild.

Q: Why did Elijah refuse the movie role?
A: Because Elijah Wouldn’t.

Q: What change did Tom Hardy undergo after spending the day with girls?
A: He became Tom Softy.

Q: How did Jay Z react to the snooze button?
A: He went Jay Zzzzzz!

Q: How was John Goodman described after playing a villain role?
A: John Badman.

Q: What compliment did Matt LeBlanc receive for his monochrome Oscar outfit?
A: He was Matt LeNoir.

Q: How did Rob Lowe’s behavior change at a party with alcohol?
A: He went from Rob Lowe to Rob High.

Q: What would 50 Cent’s twin be named?
A: One Dollar.

Q: How did the heat affect Stephen’s role in his movie?
A: First, he was Stephen Walken, then Stephen Sitting, and finally Stephen Flying.

Q: What was Thor called after adopting trendy styles?
A: Hipsthor.

Q: Why was Gerard always chosen to serve the guests at parties?
A: Because he’s Gerard Butler!

Q: How did Angelina Jolie feel after her break up with Brad Pitt?
A: She was Angelina Sad.

Q: What names did Christopher go by during various activities?
A: Christopher Walken, then Christopher Sitting, and finally Christopher Flying.

Q: Why did people ask Selena Gomez to stop her car?
A: They were shouting, “Selena Stopmez!”

Q: How did Gerard Butler greet his friends from the southern states?
A: “Gerard Butt-y’all!”

Q: What happened when the paparazzi spotted Selena speeding?
A: They started calling her Selena Gofastmez.

Q: Why was Tom Cruise feeling so cold during the film shoot?
A: Because he was Tom Frooze.

Q: What song did Jay Z sing at the nap time?
A: “Jay Zzz.”

Q: How did Thor introduce himself at the fashion show?
A: “I’m Trendy Thor.”

Q: Why was Matt Damon feeling so illuminated?
A: He was Matt Day-glow.

Q: How did Jennifer Lawrence react when gravity pulled her coffee down?
A: “That’s just the Law, hence.”

Q: Why did Taylor Swift move so quickly during her performance?
A: Because she’s Taylor “Swift”!

Q: How does Ryan Gosling calm a crying baby?
A: He says, “Gossshhh, it’s okay!”

Q: Why was Meryl Streep so good at handling disputes?
A: Because she could always “Streep” things calm.

Q: What did Leonardo DiCaprio say while drawing?
A: “I’m Leonardo DaSketchio.”

Q: Why was Anne Hathaway so good at making decisions?
A: Because she always “Hath a way.”

Q: What did Scarlett Johansson do when she saw a red scarf?
A: She said, “That’s Scarlett, just like me!”

Q: Why was Brad Pitt feeling so deep and profound?
A: Because he was Brad Depth.

Q: How does Sandra Bullock stop her car?
A: She “Bullocks” the brakes.

Q: Why was Johnny Depp always ready for a sea voyage?
A: Because he’s always Johnny “Deep” into adventures.

Q: How does Hugh Jackman greet his friends from Australia?
A: “Hugh Jack-mate!”

Q: Why did Dwayne Johnson get a good night’s sleep?
A: Because he was “The Rock-a-bye baby.”

Q: Why did Julia Roberts smile when playing cards?
A: Because she always had a “Pretty Woman’s” hand.

Q: What did Natalie Portman do when her ship docked?
A: She opened the “Port, man.”

Q: Why was Nicole Kidman always so young at heart?
A: Because she’s Nicole “Kid, man.”

Q: Why was Robert Downey Jr. so good at ironing clothes?
A: Because he’s “Iron Man.”

Q: How did Chris Hemsworth keep his hair in place?
A: With “Thor-hold” hairspray.

Q: Why was Emma Stone always so solid in her decisions?
A: Because she’s an “Emma-stone.”

Q: What did Kate Winslet do when she saw something floating in her drink?
A: She said, “Titanic!”

Q: Why did Reese Witherspoon eat with a fork?
A: Because she’s Reese “With-a-spoon.”

Q: Why did Ryan Reynolds wrap gifts so well?
A: Because he’s good at “Ryan-wrapping.”

Q: Why was Charlize Theron always so warm?
A: Because she’s “Ther-on.”

Q: What did Kiefer Sutherland keep under his bed?
A: A “Kiefer” his favorite wine.

Q: Why did Viola Davis always look so vibrant?
A: Because she “Viola-ted” all color norms.

Q: Why was Cate Blanchett always so clean?
A: Because she’s Cate “Blan-chett.”

Q: Why did Kevin Hart have such a big heartbeat?
A: Because he’s Kevin “Heart.”

Q: What did Denzel Washington use to clean his clothes?
A: “Denzel” detergent.

Celebrity Puns

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