15+ Best Listening Activities for Kids that No One Knows

Finding activities that will engage your children in fun and educational activities and help them develop their skills can take much work for a parent. Simple listening activities are a great way to do just that. They are easy to implement and give your children fantastic opportunities to develop their listening skills.

One of the fundamental skills we can help them develop is the ability to listen. Listening activities for kids can help them build the concentration and focus needed for successful communication. With the right approach, these activities can be fun and engaging for parents and children.

What are listening activities for kids? 

Listening activities for kids can be a great way to develop their listening skills and help them build confidence in their ability to understand and remember. These activities help kids to increase their attention span, understand and remember more, and develop their listening comprehension.

A few simple listening activities for kids include following instructions, conversing, and playing games. 

  • Following instructions is a vital listening activity since it teaches kids to listen and focus on what is being said. 
  •  Conversations, on the other hand, can help kids understand the perspectives of others and come to conclusions on their own. 
  •  Lastly, fun listening games like I Spy and Charades can help children focus their attention and develop their language skills.

What is the importance of listening activities for kids?

As a parent, it is essential to understand why listening activities are important- 

  • Listening activities can help kids to become better listeners and better understand and remember what they hear. 
  •  Kids can strengthen their listening skills and increase their self-confidence through these activities. 
  •  Additionally, they can learn to pick up on the cues of others and develop the skills they need to engage in meaningful conversations. 
  •  Listening activities can also help kids to stay focused and become better problem solvers. 
  •  Listening activities can help children focus their attention, understand what is being said, and respond appropriately. 
  •  Through these activities, kids can develop their language skills, increase their understanding of multiple perspectives, and become better problem solvers. 
  •  Listening activities for kids are beneficial for their social and cognitive development
  •  They teach kids how to listen, understand, and respond in various situations. 
  •  Additionally, these activities can help them build their language and problem-solving skills. 

Ultimately, by helping kids develop listening skills, these activities can foster their overall growth.

How does it help kids? 

Here is how listening activities can help-

  • Listening activities can help kids become better communicators. 
  •  Children can learn to interact with others, express themselves, and communicate their needs and want by engaging in activities that require them to listen and respond. 
  •  Furthermore, these activities can help kids develop empathy as they learn to understand other people’s points of view.

The importance of listening activities for kids cannot be overstated. Developing listening skills helps children improve their overall academic performance and their ability to interact with their peers. 

10 Simple Activities to enhance listening skills in your kid

Listening is an essential skill in all stages of life. It is necessary for kids as it can make them understand the world around them and better express themselves.  

To help your kid to become an active listener, Here are ten simple activities to help your kids develop their listening skills:

1. Listen carefully

listening Activity for Kids

This is a great way to begin teaching listening skills to young children. It can be as simple as closing your eyes, listening, guessing what I’m doing, and asking your child to listen and follow simple instructions, such as picking up a toy or going to the kitchen. You can add more complexity to the game as they age.

2. Read/Tell stories

Reading Activity for Kids

Engage your children and get them to practice listening by telling Stories. Ask questions about the story to ensure they pay attention and focus on the details.

Reading stories together is a beautiful way to practice listening skills and increase language and vocabulary. 

3. Musical Memory

Singing Activity for Kids

Singing is fun for kids and can help them practice their listening skills. Singing songs is a great way to engage and help a child remember the words.

Have them listen to the song’s words, tune, and rhythm. This practice helps to sharpen their listening skills as they must remember the song they just heard.

4. Hear and repeat

Hear and Repeat Activity for Kids

Give your child sentences/instructions and ask them to repeat them. Have your child listen to a story and then ask them to tell you what they heard. It is a great way to practice following directions and paying attention. 

5. Listen to music

Listening Activity for Kids

Listening to music can be an excellent way for kids to practice focusing and paying attention. Talk to them about the different instruments in the song and have them identify the different sounds. Talk about different genres and language songs. 

6. Read aloud

Reading Activity for Kids

Reading aloud is an excellent way for kids to practice their listening skills. Have them follow along with you and ask questions about the characters and plot.

7. Play Simon Says

 Simon Says Game for Kids

This classic game is a fantastic way for kids to practice listening and following directions. Please encourage them to focus and pay attention while they listen.

This game is a way to test and build a child’s ability to pay attention and differentiate between verbal instructions. 

8. Art & Craft

Drawing Activity for Kids

Ask your kid to listen to you and draw a picture based on your instructions. For example, you can have them draw a person and give instructions on the type of clothes, the facial features, etc., or you can dictate your child’s stories or instructions and help them illustrate them. 

9. Play guessing games

Play Guessing Games

Guessing games are a great way to help your kid practice active listening. Create a game based on clues or riddles and have the kid think of the answer. This will help them use their listening skills to process the clues and make a guess.

Memory games, such as matching pairs of objects, also increase a child’s ability to listen and remember instructions. 

10. Connecting words

Reading Activity for Kids

This activity can help your kid better understand different terms and how they are connected. Start by reading a book aloud, have your kid listen for particular words, and then explain their connection.

Audiobooks are a great way to help your kid practice listening to longer stories. Pick a book that is age appropriate and match it with activities like drawing.


In conclusion, simple listening activities are crucial in developing children’s language, cognitive, and social skills. They help children to focus their attention, develop critical thinking skills, and promote positive relationships.

Therefore, parents and teachers should prioritize these activities in their daily routines to foster healthy development in children.

 Listening Activities for Kids
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