20+ Best Thailand Facts: The Land of Smiles Unveiled

The wonderful country of Thailand is one of the most popular and famous tourist destinations on the planet. However, not many are aware of the numerous interesting facts that this Land of

A Thousand Smiles has to offer, and it shares its boundaries with four countries, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, and Lao People’s Democratic.

So, in this article, we will now discuss some interesting facts about this captivating and amazing country, Thailand.

Interesting Thailand Facts

Here you will find both the largest and the smallest creatures

Thailand's largest and smallest creatures

Thailand is a country where you will see both the largest and the smallest creatures in the world. You can watch the largest fish in the world, the whale shark, in Thai water.

On the other hand, you will also see the smallest mammal on the globe, the bumblebee bat.

Its official language is Thai

Here, the official language spoken is called Thai. The standardized central version of Thai is taught in schools nationwide and also is spoken throughout the country. In addition to Thai, there are also some other regional dialects and languages.

For instance, in Northern Thailand, people use the local language, called Kham Mueuang, while conversing with family and friends. In contrast, in the North-East part, the language spoken is called Isaan.

Also, there are different languages spoken by various hill-tribe communities of this country.

The flag of Thailand has three colors

The flag of Thailand has three colors

The colors of the flag of this country are red, blue, and white. White represents religion, red represents the people, and blue represents the monarchy. The current design of Thailand’s flag was adopted on 28 September 1917.

Also, in 2017, to commemorate this flag’s 100-year anniversary Thailand introduced National Thai Flag Day.

This specific occasion is now marked on 28 September per year.

Before 1938, Thailand’s old name was ‘Siam’

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘syam,’ Siam was a name selected by the Portuguese in the 16th century when it was established as a geographical destination.

However, it was not until 1938 when a vigorous nationalist and modernizer, dictator Luang Phibunsongkhram, declared “Thailand” as the new name of this country.

The 51st-largest nation in the world

Thailand is 51st-largest nation in the world

Thailand is the world’s 51st largest nation, with a land area of 510,890 square kilometers and waters of 2230 kilometers. Hence, the total area of Thailand is 513,120 square kilometers.

Northern Thailand has Laos and Myanmar on the opposite side of the border. Thailand’s mountainous regions take pride in its river valleys and thick woodlands. This area’s culture is a mixture of Burmese and also history regarding the Lanna kingdom.

The most dominant region is Central Thailand

Despite housing the capital city of this country, Central Thailand also serves as the center of economy, culture, and politics, along with rice-producing fertile plains.

The population of this region has the greatest density and the most eminent Thai ethnicity. 

On the other hand, a large mountain range isolates the Northeastern part of Thailand from the rest of the regions, while the Southern part of Thailand is more on the Malay peninsula. Also, the tropical climate of Southern Thailand makes it a great home to various fishing communities.

Phibun changed the name of this country to tell that ‘Thailand for the Thai’

The dictator and leader Phibun aimed to guide his subjects into the modern world along with emphasizing their sole identity.

Phibun ended Chinese immigration and businesses to protest against the existing domination of this country’s Chinese population. He even changed the country’s name as part of an anti-Chinese campaign.

The government set up and even supported Thai businesses and restricted Mandarin usage in Chinese schools to just 2 hours every week. Thailand strengthened its identity with the national anthem and a new flag.

Thai people show respect for another’s head

Showing respect for another person’s head is imperative in this country. The head is regarded as the most important part of a body, and hence, the people of Thailand and their culture forbids touching anyone on the head, even if that person is a child.

So, in Thailand, if you meet someone who is more important or older than you, you should lower your head in deference to show respect.

The association of elephants and Thailand

Elephants of Thailand

Most people associate elephants with Thailand. In fact, there are over 5000 elephants found here, though over half of them are domesticated. More than a thousand years ago, there used to be almost 100,000 elephants, and almost one-fifth of them were wild.

 Thailand: The Land of Buddhism

Buddhism in Thailand

The name ‘the Land of Buddhism’ is based on the fact that the nation has almost 95% devotees among its people.

This country, Thailand, ranks either 2nd or even first on the list of countries that are home to the biggest percentage of the Buddhist population. Sometimes results may vary, with China and Cambodia as its main contenders.

Also, the national religion of Thailand is Theravada Buddhism. However, few people still go to churches, such as the Chinese and Hinduism indigenous religions.

All Buddhists are not vegetarians

Theravada says that Buddha allows monks to eat chicken, fish, and pork under one condition. The monks need to ensure that the animal they are about to consume is not executed on their behalf.

Also, high regard for Buddhism here needs traditional practices for men to follow, such as at some point age before reaching 20 years, all men must become monks. However, it may be only a short period of time.

You can appreciate a meal here without saying a word

Contrary to what you might be doing, leaving a small bite on your plate after finishing eating is a sign of courtesy in this country.

It is a gesture that shows that you find the food extremely delicious and full. On the other hand, leaving your plate clean might not be a good gesture as it will show that you are not yet satiated.

The staple food of Thailand is rice. Whether it is dessert or breakfast, rice needs to be always present.

Important festivals of Thailand: Songkran festival and Makha puja

Buddhism in Thailand

The popular Buddhist celebration called Songkran festival is celebrated here during the month of April, the hottest month in this country. In this festival, even tourists could participate.

The streets of this country invite everyone to various parties and friendly water games. Here water embodies the locals’ method of cleansing the previous year’s misfortunes.

Through the February full moon, Thailand celebrates the Makha Puja festival, as it is one of the crucial dates on the Buddhist calendar. During this festival, candlelight processions are done at the temples after sunset.

Chopsticks are only used by Thai people while eating Chinese meals

Thai people use chopsticks

The people of this country only use chopsticks when eating Chinese meals. Otherwise, they usually use spoons and forks as their utensils. Spoons are used as their cutting weapons, while forks are not used until necessary. 

Also, Thai dishes only serve meat in bite-size pieces, as this practice complies with Buddhist custom. The reason is Buddhism prohibits the cooking and serving of whole-piece animals.

Life expectancy is lower than in many other countries

In this country, the survival rates for adults, on average, are between 15 to 60 years of age. In addition, hypertension and diabetes have also become quadruple, thrice times prevalent in Thailand for over the last 15 years.

Along with increasing rates of road injuries, the survival rates of adults have been affected adversely. All these factors left 15-year-old Thai people with a mere 85% chance of exceeding the age of 60.

Spirits have a significant place 

Thai Culture

In Thai culture, spirits also have a significant place. Captains paint their long-tail boats with those colors that they think as the ones with the most reverence for the water spirits. Also, this manner is believed to ensure bountiful nets and safe voyages.

The land of temples

Thailand is home to almost 35000 Buddhist temples. A monastery or Buddhist temple is called ‘wat.’ Visits to these wats or sacred places need guests to wear modest clothing, meaning sleeveless tops and shorts are prohibited.

Also, every tourist and visitor could have the scope to learn the basics of meditation in temples all over Thailand, as meditation is an important part of Buddhism. 

Orchid: The national flower of Thailand

The national flower of Thailand

The orchid is the national flower of this country. So, if you love exotic flowers, you will be happy to know that almost 1500 orchid species are growing wild in the Thai forest. Thus, Thailand is one of the largest orchid exporters in the world.

Also, this country is made up of almost 1430 islands, many of which have become famous for being featured in several Hollywood films.

The snakes and birds of Thailand

Thailand is home to some big snakes. You can see the world’s largest snake, the reticulated python, in the jungles of this country.

The biggest one found till now was more than 33 feet long. In addition, the world’s longest poisonous snake, the king cobra, can also be seen in Thailand.

Not only snakes but even various types of birds call Thailand home. In fact, this country has more birds than America and Europe combined.

Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market: Asia’s one of the biggest marketplaces

Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market in Thailand

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is famous as one of the biggest marketplaces in Asia. Vendors usually sit on aisles upon aisles of this market, also, they sell anything that one could think of. Moreover, foodies also want to visit this market to try out coconut ice cream.

So, Thailand is a beautiful country that is home to many interesting cultures, customs, amazing and diverse wildlife, beautiful temples, and many more.

At the end of this article, we have come to know 20 really fascinating facts about Thailand. These facts offer us a clear picture of this beautiful and interesting Asian country. To get some additional amazing facts, you can see our website.

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