123+ Bible Trivia Questions That You May Know!

Prepare to embark on a sacred quest through the pages of history with our Bible Trivia Questions! πŸŒŸπŸ™

The Bible, a timeless and revered text, isn’t just a book; it’s a source of inspiration, guidance, and profound stories that have shaped civilizations for millennia. From the tales of faith and miracles to the wisdom of ancient proverbs, the Bible offers a rich tapestry of lessons and insights.

So, whether you’re a devout believer, a student of ancient scriptures, or simply someone eager to explore the spiritual and historical aspects of the Bible, join us as we journey through the captivating and sometimes awe-inspiring trivia about this sacred text. 🌟

Bible Trivia Questions for Kids

Q: Who was the first man in the Bible?
A: Adam.

Q: What is the first book of the Bible?
A: Genesis.

Q: Who survived a great flood on an ark with animals?
A: Noah.

Q: What’s the fifth book with the Ten Commandments?
A: Deuteronomy.

Q: Who was Jesus’s mother?
A: Mary.

Q: How did David defeat Goliath?
A: Slingshot.

Q: Who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver?
A: Judas.

Q: What’s the holy city where Jesus was crucified and resurrected?
A: Jerusalem.

Q: Who survived after being swallowed by a great fish?
A: Jonah.

Q: Who was Moses’s brother and God’s spokesperson?
A: Aaron.

Q: What’s the first book of the New Testament?
A: Matthew.

Q: Who survived a den of lions due to divine intervention?
A: Daniel.

Q: What did Moses part to lead the Israelites across water?
A: Red Sea.

Q: Who had great wisdom and made wise judgments as king?
A: Solomon.

Q: Shortest verse in the Bible?
A: John 11:35 – “Jesus wept.”

Q: Who is the famous shepherd who became king?
A: David.

Q: Last book of the New Testament with apocalyptic visions?
A: Revelation.

Q: Brother of Lazarus, raised from the dead by Jesus?
A: Martha.

Q: What’s the event where Jesus turned water into wine?
A: Wedding at Cana.

Q: Holy book of Christianity?
A: The Bible.

Q: Who led Israelites in conquering Canaan after Moses?
A: Joshua.

Q: What’s the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem before Jesus’s birth called?
A: The Nativity.

Q: Who was the Egyptian pharaoh during Moses’ time?
A: Pharaoh Ramses II.

Q: Father of the faithful with a son named Isaac?
A: Abraham.

Q: First four books of the New Testament collectively called?
A: The Gospels.

Q: Who received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai?
A: Moses.

Q: Who was the first Christian martyr stoned to death?
A: Stephen.

Q: Departure of Israelites from Egypt, led by Moses?
A: The Exodus.

Q: First king of Israel, chosen by God, anointed by Samuel?
A: Saul.

Q: Tax collector called by Jesus as a disciple?
A: Matthew (Levi).

Q: Garden where Jesus prayed before arrest?
A: Gethsemane.

Q: Who was known for great strength, lost when hair was cut?
A: Samson.

Q: Longest book in the Bible with songs and poems?
A: Psalms.

Q: Mother of John the Baptist?
A: Elizabeth.

Q: Departure of Israelites from Egypt, led by Moses?
A: The Exodus.

Q: First martyr in Christian history and deacon?
A: Stephen.

Q: Roman governor who ordered crucifixion of Jesus?
A: Pontius Pilate.

Q: Angel who announced Jesus’s birth to Mary?
A: Gabriel.

Q: Disciple known for betraying Jesus with a kiss?
A: Judas Iscariot.

Q: Appearance of Jesus to disciples after resurrection?
A: The Ascension.

Q: Old Testament prophet with a vision of dry bones coming to life?
A: Ezekiel.

Q: Body of laws given to Moses on Mount Sinai?
A: The Law (or Torah).

Q: Apostle known for denying Jesus three times before crucifixion?
A: Peter.

Q: Biblical flood covering the earth in Noah’s time?
A: The Great Flood.

Q: Wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac?
A: Sarah.

Q: Event where Holy Spirit descended upon apostles?
A: Pentecost.

Q: Prophet swallowed by a great fish and prayed from its belly?
A: Jonah.

Q: Last book of the Old Testament with prophecies about the Messiah?
A: Malachi.

Q: Biblical figure known for patience, even in suffering?
A: Job.

Q: Event where God confused human language at the Tower of Babel?
A: The Tower of Babel.

Q: King of Israel known for wisdom and building the First Temple in Jerusalem?
A: Solomon.

As we conclude our journey through Bible Trivia questions, remember that the Bible is not just a religious text; it’s a testament to faith, history, and the enduring power of human spirit.

Keep seeking knowledge, keep nurturing your faith, and may your life be as spiritually enriching as the verses of this timeless book! πŸŒŸπŸ“š

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