30+ Best Bubble Activities for Kids from Drips to Masterpieces

Hello there! Welcome back to another fantastic collection of kid-friendly activities. Today’s focus is on BUBBLING ACTIVITIES. There are bubble activities for young children as well as bubble science experiments and bubble day experiments for older children. 🎈

You absolutely MUST read on, whether you’re a gigantic bubble producer or just want to have some entertaining bubbles to play with this summer. Wonderful bubble activities for young children. πŸ˜‰

best Bubble Activities Ideas for you

Making your very own Bubble Recipes and setting up a Bubble Wands Station, in my opinion, makes for the ideal summer or street party combination.😎

Try painting with bubbles

Once you give bubble painting a try, it can end up becoming your new favorite creative endeavor. Simply combine food coloring with bubble solution to create beautiful bubble art!πŸŒ€

Write letters with bubbles 

Here’s an entertaining way to include learning in bubble activities. Click your mouse to find out how to construct a ‘bubble shooter’ out of a pen and a balloon, then practice writing your numbers or alphabetical characters in soapy water.πŸŒ€

Blow a bubble within another bubble

When you show your kids how to blow a bubble within another bubble, you’ll blow their minds with amazement! To make it more fun, use your laptop and gather interesting facts.πŸ˜˜πŸ’‘

Bubble paint monsters

The bubble paint monsters are a fantastic way for kids to try out different paint techniques. This bubble painting exercise for kids is exceptional since it uses straws in order to create googly eyes and vibrant colors. Make these beautiful monsters right away!

Rainbow bubbles

Your youngster can enjoy fun bubble activities with this reusable bubble mixture! The flubber is incredibly flexible and pliable.

Additionally, it is a fantastic science lesson. You can deflate the reusable bubble to reveal an engaging and intriguing sensory play object.πŸ’₯

Bubble blower

Kids will have no trouble using this homemade project bubble blower because it is so simple to create. Additionally, it’s great for enhancing kids’ oral motor abilities, which helps them produce smoother speech. 🎲

Things to use

Use water and Dawn dish soap or a tear-free bubble bath to make this bubble soap mixture.πŸ€

Whisking bubbles

Children adore bubbles! To engage and entertain your toddler, make this engaging bubble container.

Allow children to mix as well as swirl the soap bubbles with the use of your kitchen’s whisks and other tools.πŸ“Œ

This is one of the best bubble games for kids that they may play either inside or outside.

Bubbles prints

By fostering adaptability and originality, fun bubble projects like these bubble designs offer a process art experience.

Create these adorable works of art by blowing bubbles using colored bubble solutions.πŸ₯³

Bubbles bombs

The STEM exercise of colorful bubble bombs that explode is fantastic for kids. Children adore foamy and fizzy items.

They particularly enjoy seeing things explode. Thus, this bubble experiment is ideal for kids and provides them with both fun and educational opportunities.✊️

Bubble machine

One of the best activities for kids is this! They can first submerge a bubble wand in a bubble solution. They can wave the stick in front of an operating fan.β™₯️

Encourage the students to choose the fan’s ideal angular position and the bubble gun’s ideal placement. This turns out to be a fantastic bubble experiment.♻️

Creative bubble wands

Kids may have a lot of fun blowing bubbles! What happens if a bubble wand isn’t available? A bubble wand hunt for treasure should be conducted inside your home.

Be careful to check the kitchen! Many household items can be used to make bubble wands. These bubble wands are not your typical ones!🎈

Tear-free bubble foam

You can have a tonne of fun playing with bubbles outside or in the bathtub with this activity idea. Making this bubble game is incredibly easy and enjoyable.

The children like splashing around while experimenting with the surfaces and blending colors.πŸ’₯

Bubble shooter bubble wand

Making a bubble blaster bubble wand out of this easy bubble craft will provide you with plenty of options for playtime for many hours.

It’s a really simple bubble exercise for kids of all ages. Create yours now!🎭

Fly sweater bubbles

Combine this mixture for a bubble solution with three servings of water and one cup of any dish soap. In a plastic container, combine it, then dunk a flyswatter in it.πŸ€

Then, spin it really quickly in the air to generate hundreds of tiny and foamy bubbles. To create extra bubbles, you may also blow via the fly swatter.😎

Bubble songs

A cheap addition to your preschooler’s schedule is blowing bubbles. Your preschoolers will have a great time getting out and moving around if you add some music and a bubble blower. 🎢

Your preschoolers may listen to some great tunes on YouTube while they run around chasing bubbles!πŸ“

Bubble snakes

The materials required to make bubble snakes are probably in your possession. A pool straw or water bottle, a sock, a rubber band, and a bubble solution are all you need. 

By incorporating a few droplets of food coloring into the bubble solution, you can also create rainbow bubble snakes.🐾

Bubble wand and making station

Bubble-blowing is a lot of fun! A bubble wand-making machine is the ideal kids’ pastime for celebrations like birthdays. 🐾

So gather your materials and your preferred bubble bottle, then let the youngsters express themselves while having fun!🌿

Bubble tower science

For kids, scientific investigations are so much fun! Children can choose what kind of box shape will produce the highest bubble tower using this simple science experiment. This exercise will be a blast for them!🌼

Giant bubble solution recipe

Making these enormous bubbles will be a blast for kids! You must prepare a large bubble solution.

The trick is to add glycerin to the mix for the bubble solution and let it sit for at least three hours until blowing the enormous bubbles.❄️

Freezing bubbles

This bubble game is perfect for the winter! You should boil a bubble solution that has a few drops of food coloring in it.

Blow the bubbles outdoors while it’s below zero degrees, then let them stay for a little while. To touch the air bubbles will be difficult. A lot of fun!

Home-made colored bubbles

This homemade colored bubble solution will occupy and amuse your children. Most likely, you already have the necessary materials at home. 🌈


Wear old clothing to play using these bubbles outside so you aren’t concerned about stains.

Bubble up

Kids can engage in a plethora of scientific activities with bubbles.

Learn about huge bubbles, mixing bubbles, why bubbles are round, why bubbles pop, and so much more with the help of these exercises!πŸ”₯

B for bubble

This beautiful bubble art activity can enhance your phonics curriculum. Both movement and sensory experiences are present in this activity. 

You can teach your kids everything there is to know regarding the letter “B” as they have a blast doing it.🧿

Frost’s bubbles

For kids in preschool through second grade, this cold-weather bubble science project is a tonne of fun!

Children will create their own snowmen cups first before they wrap up the fascinating bubble science exercise.

Frozen bubble tower challenge

Enjoy crafting your own beautiful frozen bubble towers after discovering this wonderful trick!

This bubble exercise is ideal for the chilly winter months! Enjoy making your masterpiece of frozen bubbles!

Bouncing bubbles

Bubbles are usually fun to have fun with, but very young children may question why the bubbles constantly have to go away rather than remain for a little while longer.πŸ€„

Multi-bubble straw blowers

Don’t you simply adore it when the most basic items you have around the house can be utilized to amuse and entertain your kids for hours? πŸƒ

Then you’ll probably adore Pint-Sized Treasures’ multi-bubble blower concept! It is created by joining a couple of plain drinking straws together and dipping them in a bubble solution.

D.I.Y giant bubble string wand

You may create a much larger and more thrilling bubble “blower” for your kids using the instructions from Fun Crafts Kids.

Your kids can submerge the strings in bubble soap until the entire area is saturated by tying a string to a pair of handles in the form of a sizable hanging triangle.🧸

Wire and jar bubble gift favors

Are bubbles so much fun for you that you simply wish to spread joy to everyone? Make these sweet little bubble party favors for your child’s next birthday! 🧩

You can learn ways to attach a sweet tiny wire-bent heart to the lid at Crafts Unleashed.πŸͺ

Glow in the dark bubble solution

Growing a Jewel Rose has a fantastic glowing bubble recipe that is like a homemade endeavor, bubble action, and science study all rolled into one wonderful craft! 🎴πŸͺ’

Your children will like combining the materials and discovering how and why bubbles shine, but they will particularly enjoy watching their creations glow after they have been made as they float throughout the air.πŸͺ€πŸŽ―

Bubble art butterfly craft

This bubble artwork butterfly craft is a fun way to bring kids outside this spring to relax with some bubble-blowing art, and then they can later transform their lovely art into a vibrant butterfly craft. 🎴πŸ₯

Even if you decide not to make the designs into butterflies, toddlers will enjoy the enjoyable process of crafting gorgeous bubble-blowing art. The bubble-blowing process is itself a lovely activity for kids.🎭

Giant kiddie pool bubbles

How awesome is that? Have a kid stand in a kiddie pool that has been filled with dish soap solution while you blow a huge bubble around them with a hula hoop!

The summer’s funniest backyard gathering, maybe this one! For extra pleasure, don’t forget to turn up your favorite summer soundtrack.🎢

Things Needed

  • A hard plastic kiddie pool.
  • A hula hoop.
  • The perfect bubble solution.

Chase all the bubbles

This is a traditional practice that is probably entirely instinctual. Ask your older children to assist you in blowing bubbles for the smaller children.

Bubble chasing is a favorite game for young children, and it will likely keep them engaged for a long time. πŸ€

Play bubble hide and seek

The only difference between this game and the original is that anytime a hidden player is found, the person playing it blows bubbles.

Every time a secret player is discovered, the newly discovered players join the “it” person and blow bubbles as well.πŸŒ€πŸ˜‰

Take a Bubble bath

Unable to leave? No worries, you can explore bubbles in the bathtub too! To make the whole thing more colorful, you can tint the water with food coloring.

You can also try out several kinds of soap to see which produces the biggest bubbles.β„οΈπŸŒΌ

Rainy Day Bubble fun

Growing a Jewelled Rose’s rainy day balloon piles is the ideal way to round off a dismal preschooler day.πŸ’₯🎯

Bubble Pop Freeze Dance

Every child enjoys playing frozen dance and blowing bubbles. Both of these things are combined in this game for a fantastic time.

Have everyone at your party congregate in one area to get things started. Play some celebration music now, and get everyone to move.πŸŒˆπŸ€

Ask children to pop as many bubbles as they can after a few adults have blown bubbles into the dance area.🎭

Twisting interesting bubble activities

Watch as the power generated by surface tension shapes and patterns by twisting wire into an array of configurations. This is a combined science and artistic bubble activity.


All these bubble activities are funny, and your kids can learn what they want to with these easy activities. πŸ§’πŸ‘

These bubble activities can be completed alone or with a little help from their parents. In the end, I hope you will like these activities for your little kids.πŸ“πŸŽ―

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