17 Interesting Buenos Aires Facts That Will Leave You Amazed

Welcome to Buenos Aires😃, the vibrant capital of Argentina!

From its stunning buildings to its rich cultural heritage, it offers fascinating facts for you 😃to unravel!

This article will offer some amazing facts about Buenos Aires that will amaze you. Let’s begin this exciting 👏 journey!

Amazing Facts About Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires: The city with a mind-boggling number of pets

Pets in Buenos Aires

Dogs are my all-time favorite! How about you!??

Buenos Aires is a city full of pet lovers. It boasts the highest percentage of furry companions per capita 👏 in the world. 

Here, you can see many dog lovers like me 😲with almost 60 percent of families owning at least one.

The people of the city love to adopt their furry friends instead of purchasing them from breeders. So, here you will not see any strays.

I always support those dog walkers who walk down those narrow streets with ten or more of those adorable things 👏 simultaneously.

City of Booklovers: Know about the people who love to read

Brace yourselves, young book 📚lovers! Buenos Aires is home to almost 734 bookstores or about 25 per 100,000 residents.

The city is famous for having the world’s highest per capita number of bookstores 📚 in the world. 

If you love books, you will love to experience the mind-boggling collections of books that you can get here.

The people of Buenos Aires got this habit from their European ancestors. 

Indulge yourself in the homely and intimate boutique stores of books 📚here. The city even has huge book collections like Ateneo Grand Splendid that can easily satisfy 👏 your curiosity.

Most visited graveyard: Be prepared to unravel this horrifying secret of Buenos Aires

Recoleta Cemetery of Buenos Aires

Most visited graveyard….very scary 😵, isn’t it??

I am quite scared to know that as the most famous attraction of the city of Buenos Aires is actually an old graveyard🙄. 

It is home to Recoleta Cemetery, ⚰️founded in 1822, and is built like a city. 

It has large square blocks with three lines of avenues. The span of those blocks is almost 14 acres and includes about 5000 different mausoleums. 

It is famous as one of the world’s most awe-inspiring and famous cemeteries⚰️, according to CNN and BBC.

Recoleta Cemetery houses many beloved figures…Nobel prize winners, presidents, military commanders, etc.

Delightful steaks in Buenos Aires: There is no delicious food without meat!

Oh! Meaty steaks sounds really delicious!!

Buenos Aires is famous for its delicious🤤 steaks!! 

Here, you will find almost no food without meat! 

Also, in this Argentinian city, no gathering is complete without tasting the mouth-watering 🤤asado or barbeque. 

People’s love and passion for delicious steak 🥩have remained unchanged over many years. 

You will be craving more Argentine asado to give your taste buds a whole new experience.

The perfect place for theater lovers: The opera house, the world’s third best

Teatro Colon Opera House in Buenos Aires

I am a big fan of theaters 😊! Theaters excite me so much!! 

In the city of Buenos Aires, you can see the Teatro Colon opera house, which is famous as the third best in the world. 

I am sure that you will definitely get a spot 😊 within this theater’s huge collection of almost 2500 seats.

You can enjoy interesting events😃 almost every other night here. 

You can even enjoy guided visits that occur from 9 am to 5 pm daily. So, you mustn’t leave out this fact anymore.

Buenos Aires: Famous for its widest avenue in the world and the Obelisk

Buenos Aires' widest avenue

Let’s take a stroll on the widest avenue 😃in the world!!

The city of Buenos Aires is home to the widest avenue in the world. 

Known as 9 of July Ave., it has a length of 140 meters and is comprised of 22 lanes. It got its name after the Independence Day of Argentina. 

Also, you might have already been amazed by the picture of the famous landmark of the city in various postcards📮, the Obelisk. 

Located at the avenue’s intersection with Corrientes Ave, it is a giant 67-meter structure. This Obelisk was built in 1936.

Be mesmerized by Kavanagh: One of the few art-deco skyscrapers in the world

Buenos Aires' Kavanagh

I am quite mesmerized by the beauty of the famous art-deco skyscrapers 🏫in Buenos Aires!! Do you want to know why??

The capital city of Argentina is home to one of the famous art-deco 🏫skyscrapers. 

Built in 1934, Kavanagh Building is famous as one of the very few art-deco skyscrapers. 

You will be more interested in this building after knowing that it was once the tallest building in Latin America. 

This high-standard building was aimed at high-class 😎 people. So, here are terrace gardens with an interesting view of the city, a central air conditioning system, and intercoms.

Buenos Aires: Meet the people of the city, who are very friendly

If you wish to make many friends like me, then the people of Buenos Aires will leave you amazed!!

Yes, the people 🧑‍🤝‍🧑of this beautiful capital city of Argentina are very friendly!!

Also, they will not even think twice before helping others to get by or get situated. 

People of Buenos Aires get to meet with plenty of tourists and foreign people and become friends 😃with them really fast.

A city that never sleeps: A place full of late lovers

Don’t be late to know about the city that has many types of late culture! Surprised? Let me explain…

People of Buenos Aires are late lovers because they love to stay up late 🌃 and wake up late. The regular working hours in the city start from 9 to 6.

Here Friday nights start even later! On Fridays, people take a sweet nap after work and then stay up till dawn to enjoy life. 

Here most nightclubs or boliches’ rush hour is 2.30 🌃 in the morning.

 Some even go out to enjoy after-night club group 😲breakfast. 

Origin of Tango: Move your body with the beats

Buenos Aires' Tango Dance

Dance and dance 💃 with the impressive beats of music…just like me!!

Meet the city of Buenos Aires, that is famous for its high culture. It is also the place Tango originated.

The most surprising fact is that Tango originated from the seedy brothels of the city. Thus, this dance 💃 has some really seductive moves. 

Carlos Gardel, a French-Argentine singer, exported this dance to France, and there it became widely popular and enjoyed a more sophisticated reputation.

Psychologists are everywhere: Get rid of all your mental issues here

You mustn’t feel embarrassed to meet a psychologist if you need one. People of Buenos Aires think like this. 

Thus, the city is one of the most ready adopters of psychiatric services in the world with one psychologist per 500 people.

However, you mustn’t think that it is a result of a higher rate of mental illness because the practice is more normalized here than any other place.

A soccer-mad city: Though soccer is not the city’s national sport

National Sport of Buenos Aires

Love soccer⚽?? Then you will surely be amazed by Buenos Aires!!

It is one of the cities that is mad for soccer. You may have already heard the names of local teams, River Plate and Boca Juniors⚽, which are very popular among the entire continent.

However, the surprising truth is that soccer is not the city’s 🙄national sport. The honor goes to pato or Duck.

It is similar to polo, where riders use their hands instead of sticks.

Since the 1600s, pato has been played by gauchos and got the official title in 1953 by then-president Juan Peron. 

The Paris of the South: Indulge in the elegance of the city Buenos Aires

Paris Of The South in Buenos Aires

I am ready to be mesmerized by the elegance of this beautiful Argentinian city called Buenos Aires! What about you🙄?

Many people think it as the Paris of the South, and you can see the reason behind it after spending a few days in the city. 

This beautiful city boasts a refined cultural scene, stunning architecture in an array of old world styles. 

It has a cosmopolitan European look with numerous vibrant cafes🍵, along with several romantic places to explore.

Buenos Aires metro system: One of the oldest in Latin America

Get ready for an amazing metro ride! 

The first metro system on Latin American soil opened in 1913 in Buenos Aires. At that time, the first line was “Linea A.” 

The line connected the presidential plaza called Casa Rosada 🤔 with the Congress. The stations are decorated with various ornaments of that time. 

The metro system of Buenos Aires is the 13th oldest metro system around the globe. 

It is a lot younger than London’s underground system which opened in 1890. However, it is older than Madrid’s metro system, that has its first ride in 1919.

LGBT rights: First recognized by Buenos Aires in Latin America

LGBT Rights: First Recognized By Buenos Aires

LGBT rights!! Oh, this is really an interesting thing to enjoy about Buenos Aires!

The city was the first in Latin America that recognized LGBT rights 👏!

In the year 2002, the city council agreed and passed legislation that allowed LGBT civil unions. This beautiful city of Argentina is famous for its progressive 👏 point of view.

In the year 2010, the government of Argentina passed a bill that allowed 👏 lesbians and gays to marry. 

Argentina is the first Latin American country to approve this and is a lot ahead of New York, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

The port and portenos: Meet the largest port in entire South America

Want to know about the largest port in all of South America, our fact enthusiasts??

 It is the port in Buenos Aires that each year, brings in hundreds and thousands of items that are sent 👏 all around the continent. 

Actually, the port is so central to the city that people of the city are famous as Portenos 👏 or people of the port.

Currency of Buenos Aires: Know this money-making fact

Currency Of Buenos Aires

There is no one who doesn’t wish to make money…Right??

So, let’s explore the world of 😃money!!

 The city of Buenos Aires uses the Argentinian peso 🤔 as their currency. It is closely linked with the US Dollar. 

Also, if you need to buy something here, you can spend your US Dollars, as they are accepted here.

Also, there is no equivalent of the penny in the country of Argentina.

Summing up

So, little knowledge hunters😃, now you that Buenos Aires is a city that proudly celebrates its rich history, modern advancements, and delicious 🥣cuisine.

From huge skyscrapers to the most visited graveyard and love for sports, what in Buenos Aires attracts you more?

Get back to us with your questions, and we would love to hear from you.

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