15+ Interesting Camping Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

So, every year in October, my family and I go on our annual camping trip. My two kids 👬 like camping more than anything else. I’ll tell you why they call it their “favorite time of the month.” 

The kids may get antsy because camping 🏕️ is exhausting, but in its purest form, camping is a fantastic way to stay physically active and in shape. 

However, I enjoy arranging hunts for kids, and we refer to these as Camping Scavenger Hunts to keep them from becoming bored. 

These hunts keep them engaged, and I also make sure to keep them incredibly informative so that my kids and your kids can learn as much from these fun small games. 

Fun Fact: Children can learn a lot about the world around them and themselves while camping. The outdoors may be a great classroom for teaching 🧑‍🏫 kids about cooperation and independence. 

Camping Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Your Kids

This blog has not one, not two, but fifteen terrifically fun and interesting camping-themed scavenger hunts that your kids 👶 will love. 

Keep an eye out for the helpful advice and trivia sprinkled throughout; you might find it interesting. 

Let’s not waste any more time; we need to get our best hunting gear ready and get started ⤵️

Campground Scavenger Hunt 

If you and your children are just getting started with the concept of scavenger hunts, try this one out! 

This treasure hunt’s primary objective is to teach your children about the essential items that should be brought along on a camping trip. 

What can you do ❓ 

  • Provide them with a rundown of the items that are most likely to be found on a camping trip, such as a tent, mattress, torchlight💡, griller, and mosquito net. 
  • If they are successful in finding these items, they tick ✅ the boxes off on the list. At the end of the competition, whoever comes in first place and has hunted down all of the items on the list will receive either a brownie or a brownie point; the decision is up to you. 
  • Group them together or send them on their own to go on a hunt for these items.

Nature Scavenger Hunt 

This is another easy and straightforward hunt that may be enjoyed by children of all ages and their parents. 

This was the very first treasure hunt that I ever devised for my children, and both they and the parents of their friends expressed a great deal of our appreciation to me for doing so. 

What can you do ❓ 

  • It needs you to compile a checklist with a list of items owned by nature, such as bugs, flowers, grass, butterflies, and so on, and present a list to each of your children. 
  • After that, they set out on a mission to look for these objects. 
  • If they have successfully located the items on the list, they can put a “tick” immediately next to the article that they found.
  • The one who returns to the starting location first is the winner. 

Pro Tip: Now, this is something I did that I found very helpful in my kids’ learning period. I gave them ten minutes to write a short paragraph in which they were to describe nature and its elements, including all of the elements that they had been able to locate after they had returned and shown me the items.

Marshmallow Mountain Madness

Place marshmallows of varying sizes and colors in a specific area and hide them to surprise people. 

The children set out on an adventure to locate these marshmallow gems and then collect them in their very own marshmallow mountain they have constructed.

Forest Floor Finders

Search for items relating to nature on the forest floor, such as pine cones, acorns, and leaves. 

The children look for and collect these items, thereby gaining an understanding of the various components that make up the ecosystem of the forest.

Adventure Arrow Archery

It would be fun to set up an archery range with cardboard arrows that feature obstacles linked to camping. 

In this game, children shoot arrows and then complete the challenge that corresponds to the location where the arrow landed.

Campsite Countdown Challenge

Prepare a list of goods or activities that are associated with camping for children to locate or finish before a predetermined amount of time has passed. 

The elements of excitement and a sense of urgency are added to the scavenger hunt as a result.

Starlit Stream Search

There is a search for the starlit stream. In the evening, along a stream, you should carry out the treasure search. 

Using flashlights, children can embark on a mystical journey through the night sky in search of the hidden riches that they have concealed along the side of the stream. These items should glow in the dark or have LEDs.

Trail Mix Time Travel

Scatter trail mix ingredients along a hiking trail, each representing a different era. Kids collect and arrange them in chronological order, discovering the history of camping as they go.

Stream-side Stone Search

Hide rocks that have been painted with images related to camping and place them along a creek.

As they seek these painted stones, children follow the edge of the river, hoping to find a clue or a prize hidden within each one.

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Your children will have a great time participating in this interactive hunt as they look for objects such as seashells, birds, fish, boats, beach toys, and sandcastles on the beach by digging in the sand and playing in the water. 

The children will have a wonderful day basking in the sun and checking things off their to-do lists while spending the day at the beach.

Safety Tip: Keep the numbers of a nearby hospital and a first aid kit handy. Learn the layout of the camp and the protocols to follow in case of an emergency. Be ready to treat any minor wounds right away and get medical attention if necessary.

Canoe Scavenger Hunt 

A canoe scavenger hunt is a great activity for kids to do in the great outdoors. This outing in a beautiful natural setting emphasizes discovery, teamwork, and environmental sensitivity. 

Kids paddle their canoes 🚣 along a set path, looking for secret treasures or specific things like natural artifacts, sightings of wildlife, or even hints as to where the final prize is hidden. 

It’s great for developing critical thinking, navigation, and environmental awareness abilities. 

With proper preparation and adult supervision, a canoe scavenger hunt can be a thrilling and enlightening adventure for kids of all ages, introducing them to the marvels of nature while building teamwork skills and an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Hiking or Biking Scavenger Hunt 

Setting up a biking treasure hunt for kids is a great way to get them exploring and having fun outside. 

What needs to be done ❓

  • Give each kid a list of things, landmarks, or clues that they need to find while riding their bikes through a certain area, like a park or neighborhood. 
  • They can look for hidden items, certain animals or plants, or tasks at different checkpoints. 
  • As they work together to figure out puzzles or decode signs, teach them how to work as a team and solve problems. 

Not only does this activity get kids moving, but it also builds their sense of excitement and community, making it fun and educational for kids of all ages.

Campsite Olympics 

Organize an Olympic competition at the campsite by transforming it into a playing field. Challenges such as tent-building sprints, marshmallow archery, and sleeping bag races are available for children to participate in. 

These activities encourage healthy competition and teamwork while allowing children to enjoy the great outdoors.

Mapmaking Scavenging 

Give children blank maps and clues to hidden treasures while they are playing this game. In order to explore the campsite, they make use of their mapmaking talents, solving puzzles and marking areas where they have discovered things. 

An interactive and informative experience is provided by this exercise, which blends the action of orienteering with creative expression.

Survival Scavenger Hunt 

Convert the scavenger hunt into a struggle that requires you to survive. The children are tasked with locating resources that are necessary for their survival, such as edible plants, clean water, and supplies for constructing a shelter. 

During this exciting journey, they will learn useful skills for the outdoors while also participating in an exciting quest.

Picture Scavenger Hunt 

  • Make a list of interesting and colorful things, animals, and scenes that you need to find. 
  • Each one should have a picture or tip to help you find it. 
  • For kids who have smartphones or throwaway cameras, taking pictures of everything on their list can be done alone or with a friend. 
  • The first person to find all the items gets a prize.

Finding things like rainbows and secret treasure chests in the park is a fun way to explore, solve problems, and work together while adding a new twist to outdoor play. This scavenger hunt is a fun and educational way for kids to enjoy the outdoors. 

Sensory Scavenger Hunt 

I would recommend this one in particular to all of the mothers who have children who are enrolled in preschool and who want to assist their children in developing their sensory skills. 

What can you do ❓

  • Provide them with a list that contains three items for each of the following categories: sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste. 
  • For instance, for the sense of touch, you may include things like smooth river rock, rough tree bark 🪵, velvety soft moss, and so on. 
  • You can send your children on a search for these things; once they find them, they can bring back anything they can or just take a picture, confirm, or photograph it. 

This will work all of their sensory skills, and as a result, it will prove to be the most educational quest I have ever devised. 

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt 

While my children were still at the “learning their alphabet” stage, this was a favorite activity of mine to do with them. I think your kids will love these alphabet searches, and it will help them learn the letters in no time at all. 

Let’s have a look at the detailed step-by-step guide to this hunt, shall we ❓

  • Make a list of everything you need for camping, from A to Z.
  • Assign each child or small group the duty of filling out a list containing items that begin with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Outline the boundaries of the treasure hunt and point out the particular locations of the hidden letters.
  • Set off on a scavenger quest, either as a group or on your own.
  • Make things more exciting by setting a deadline ⏰ for finding everything.
  • Set a deadline for people to bring back their treasures.
  • Recognize the achievement of completing the alphabet scavenger hunt.
  • Consider minor prizes or certificates for participants’ efforts.

Photo or Video Scavenger Hunt 

This particular scavenger hunt is extremely easy in comparison to others that have come before it. You will need to give each of your children a camera 📸 and then instruct them to take pictures/videos of anything that catches their attention while they are out and about. 

After that, you could ask them to write a paragraph of fifty words on the topic, which would be both incredibly interesting and educational for them. 

Seasonal Scavenger Hunt

If you and your kids are going camping just before a new season ⛄ begins, I highly recommend doing this hunt to get them in the mood for the change of seasons and to teach them about the different times of the year and the things we associate with each season.

What can you do ❓

  • You can begin by picking a seasonal theme, such as Spring 🌸 or winter. 
  • Make a list of things kids can find in nature or during the different seasons. Add in some natural elements like pine cones, flowers, or leaves of a certain hue.
  • Locate a good and secure area for the scavenger hunt; this could be anything from a nearby park or nature preserve to your own garden.
  • Make sure each kid gets a little basket or bag to carry home their treasures. 

PRO-TIP: To improve the experience, you might want to give out magnifying glasses or binoculars to the kids. 

  • Afterward, have an activity to talk about and appreciate the kids’ own treasures. You may offer little certificates or prizes as an incentive to take part.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 

Holidays are great because they give kids a break from school, but I don’t like it when they also stop my kids from learning, so I treat them to these holiday-themed scavenger hunts instead. 

They look forward to these events almost as much as they do the actual holidays.

What can be done ❓

  • Create a list of seasonal clues for the little ones to follow. Incorporate seasonal elements, such as holiday-appropriate colors and ornaments.
  • Hide them in your campsite in a clever way. Think about adjusting the level of challenge based on age ranges.
  • Provide a basic map or clues to help kids find the hidden prizes. Add a sprinkle of excitement by including local landmarks and scenic areas.

PRO-TIP: Include some lighthearted, seasonal tasks. Before moving on to the next hint, perhaps asking them to sing a Christmas carol or make a snow angel.

  • Get some holiday-themed prizes ready for the participants. The thrill and satisfaction are amplified in this way.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

When the weather outside the tent isn’t cooperating, as happens frequently while camping, my kids like this Indoor Scavenger Hunt. 

Because your children will be directly in front of your eyes 👀, this is the safest sort of camping. It’s perfect for when your kids are too young to go scavenging. 

Step By Step Guide – 

  • Collect things such as paper, pens, and tiny prizes.
  • Make a list of camping and nature-related products.
  • Conceal the things throughout the tent ⛺.
  • Give each kid a simple map with the general locations of hidden items marked on it.
  • Form groups to foster collaboration and friendly competition.
  • Set a timer and start the scavenger quest ❗

Not only is this scavenger hunt fun to perform when you’re out camping, but you can also have just as much fun doing it in the comfort of your own home, flat, or condo. 

Hidden Treasure Hunt 

If your kids enjoy Disney films just like mine and are particularly fond of the treasure hunts shown in those films, then this scavenger hunt is perfect for them. 

Let’s check out what’s involved in a scavenger hunt that’s pretty comparable to those.

  • Create an interesting treasure map highlighting significant locations.
  • Put away a bag or box of related treats.
  • Create a trail of clues centered around camping and the outdoors.
  • Challenges like recognizing plant or animal trails are a great addition.
  • Set up small teams of kids from varying beginning places.
  • Help kids follow a trail 👣 of clues to the treasure.
  • Celebrate the successful hunt with a camping-themed party or storytelling over the campfire.

Geology Scavenger Hunt 

In order to be successful in this hunt, you will need to set up camp in an area rich in historical artifacts and fossils. 

Assigning your children a geological treasure hunt is as easy as providing them with a list of possible finds (such as rocks, fossils, and stones) at the location🗺️. 

Once they’ve found those specified artifacts, they can either look them up on Google and see the history behind those fossils or simply collect them and make a collection. 

Night Sky Scavenger Hunt 

During your time spent camping, take part in an adventure among the stars ✨ by participating in a Night Sky Scavenger Hunt. Give your children a star chart or a guide to the constellations so that they can recognize the glistening beauties in the sky. 

Provide them with torches and give them the task of locating recognizable constellations such as Orion or the Big Dipper. 

Stargazing can be turned into a thrilling and instructive experience with this celestial journey that takes place under the open sky.

Animal Watching 

This camping scavenger hunt might be a great way to teach your kids about the different kinds of creatures 🫎 they can encounter in the woods. 

Your kids may be able to learn a lot about the local ecosystem and its inhabitants if you camp in a region that is home to unique or endangered species. If they see a bear, they might be able to find out more information about it. 

As a result, they will learn a great deal about the wonders that the natural world has to offer.

DIY Scavenger Hunt

This hunt is one of a kind. Take your imagination to its fullest extent as you take this opportunity to teach your children about their neighborhood. 

It’s very much like a DIY scavenger hunt in that you get to decide how the hunt will unfold. I’ll tell you how and what I do in this one —  

  • We have a large farmer’s market in town, so I like to send my kids there with a few dollars and a shopping list 🛍️, allowing them to find what they need while keeping an eye on the whole expenditure. 

This not only teaches kids about the bounty of their area and the local produce but also provides them with a taste of independence and adulting. 

Bird Watching 

Your children may learn about the variety of birds that can be found in the wild by participating in this camping scavenger hunt. 

It’s possible that the location where you went camping is home to a wide variety of rare and unusual birds🦜, which your kids will be able to observe and learn more about. It’s possible that if they see a woodpecker, they’ll be able to learn more about it and locate information about it. 

They will gain a significant amount of information about everything that the natural world has to offer as a result of this.

Cloud Shapes Scavenger Hunt 

Take your little explorers on a fun-filled Cloud Shapes Scavenger Hunt 🌤️ while you’re out in the great outdoors. 

Tell the kids to lay back, look up, and let their thoughts fly. Provide them with a catalog of cloud forms, such as those representing animals, objects, and even letters. 

Their enthusiasm will grow with the discovery of each new structure. Your young campers will never forget their time spent in the great outdoors when you incorporate this exercise, which not only encourages imagination but also adds a sense of wonder to the experience.

Bug Bonanza Quest 

The Bug Bonanza Quest is a fun outdoor activity for kids that lets them explore and learn about bugs. 

Before you go on this bug-hunting trip, 

  • Make a list of all the bugs and other insects that you might find in the camping area. 
  • Each child should have a bug-catching kit with a field guide, a magnifying glass, and some small containers. 
  • The goal is to find and catch as many bugs as you can in a certain amount of time. 
  • Get kiddos to use their sharp sight skills to find animals that are hiding under rocks, in the grass, and in the leaves. 
  • For every bug found, give points, and for rare bugs, give extra points. 

This quest not only encourages people to explore the outdoors but also teaches them to value the little animals that live in nature. 

Colorful Leaf Collection 

This is the activity that my little one enjoys doing the most. He has a pastime in which he likes to cast various kinds of colored leaves 🍁 in resin so that he can keep them as collections or give them as presents to those who are very important to him. 

It’s very easy; all you have to do is hand your children each a basket and instruct them to gather as many various kinds of colorful leaves as they can in a given amount of time—for example, three minutes—to determine a winner. 

The winner will be the child who brings in the most total number of colorful leaves. 

Nature Scents Exploration 

This is the activity that I think I would have enjoyed the most if I were a child. It is very intriguing to consider. 

You are required to ask your child to explore the outdoors and look for objects in nature that have a pleasant aroma. If I had been assigned this search, I would have gotten wet mud, fragrant flowers🌹, clean water, and even grass that was cut very early in the morning. 

All that is required of you is to gather as many fragrant stuff from nature as you possibly can. 

To give it an extra pizzazz, you can later give your kid perfume made from all those notes.

Precautionary Tip: To ensure the safety of children, adults should always accompany them on scavenger hunts. Keep an eye on them at all times, especially when they’re in unfamiliar territory, to make sure they don’t get lost or hurt.

Nature Symmetry Hunt

When your children are studying forms and symmetries, they will benefit from participating in this hunt.

They can look for items in nature that are symmetrical, such as a clover leaf 🍀, which, when it is split in half, offers two parts that are identical to one another. 

This helps children understand the strength of nature and how, despite the fact human beings can struggle with symmetry at times, the natural world is filled with countless examples of it.

Tree Identification Hunt 

There is a good chance that a location that is suitable for camping will also be a location that contains a variety of tree species. 

Your children will benefit much from becoming familiar with the many different kinds of trees 🌳 that may be found in the neighborhood. 

They are able to roam about in quest of trees, seek information on those trees, and learn everything there is to know about those trees thanks to this hunt.

Pro-Tip: Make the conclusion of the scavenger hunt more of a personalized celebration by tailoring the prizes to the interests of each child who participated.

Campfire Cooking Ingredients Scavenging 

The annual camping trip that my family takes is a tradition for us, but cooking over the campfire is always the highlight of the experience. 

For the past several years, the adults in the family have been in charge of making all of the preparations for the family campfire. 

However, this time, I decided to ask for my children’s help. That’s when I came up with the idea for this hunt. 

What can you do ❓

  • You need to compile a list of the dishes that you intend to make at your campsite, such as s’mores, corn on the cob 🌽, foil-packet potatoes, and other similar foods. 
  • After that, you need to hand this list of dishes on to your children, provide them with a budget that includes some money, and request that they look for the ingredients for the same recipes that are on the list. 
  • If your children are old enough to go to the grocery and purchase these items, that is great ❗ 
  • If not, they should look around the kitchen for the ingredients. 

They will have a better understanding of the process, which will make cooking over the campfire even more enjoyable for them.


This environmental hunt is not only a fun activity for your children to participate in, but it is also excellent for the health of the environment. Your only responsibility is 

  • Instruct your children to bring a garbage bag and a pair of picking tongs to the campsite. 
  • Instruct them to collect as much trash as they can from the area and then look for a bin 🚮 where they may dispose of it. 

They will gain an understanding of the significance of maintaining not just their immediate environment but also the planet’s overall cleanliness as a result of participating in this hunt.

Sunrise/Sunset Photo Hunt

When we were all little, my friends and I would participate in this scavenger hunt together. 

It’s probably because of this that I have such a soft spot in my heart 🫀 for sunrises and sunsets. In this scavenger hunt, all you need to do is – 

  • Hand each child a camera and instruct them to take a picture of either the sunrise or the sunset at the exact moment when the sky is in its most breathtaking state. 
  • You can get those photographs printed at a later time and then present them to your children as a keepsake that they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

Weather Detecting Hunt

This scavenger hunt is ideal for illustrating to your children how the weather can shift numerous times within a single day. 

Simply instruct your students to keep up with the changing weather conditions throughout the course of the day and to maintain a record of their observations. 

The sky might be clear ☁️ right now, but in an hour, it might turn completely gloomy. Your children will gain a better understanding of the various kinds of weather conditions as a result of this hunt.

DIY Nature Jewellery Hunt 

While I was going through Instagram, I saw a reel that was quite similar to this one. I thought to myself that this one was actually very intriguing and creative, so I decided to share it here. 

It has the potential to nurture a creative spirit in the minds of your children. 

What needs to be done ❓ 

  • The only thing you need to do is give your children a string and then let them go look for objects that they can insert into that string. 
  • It might be a leaf, a small twig, or anything else of their choosing, and they can construct a piece of jewelry 💎 that suits their preferences. 
  • They may create a necklace, a headband, or even a bracelet with the materials at their disposal. 

They will learn in a way that is both entertaining and educational that nature is so resourceful that it can even be fashioned into one’s most stunning decoration.

Wishing Stone Hunt 

A Wishing Stone Hunt is a fantastical take on the standard kid-friendly scavenger hunt for family camping trips. Inspire your children to search the campsite for smooth, interesting stones 🪨. 

Once gathered, children can unleash their creativity by using Sharpies or paints to convert their chosen stones into magical wishing stones. 

These one-of-a-kind keepsakes can double as souvenirs and receptacles for the kids’ most fantastical desires when camping.

Nature’s Orchestra Hunt

The idea for this hunt came from my child, who really likes music. For the one-of-a-kind nature of this activity, you might want to ask your children to search the campsite for objects that, when tapped, produce audible noises. 

After accumulating perhaps five or six things of this kind, children can compose their very own personal musical notes. 

A dried crispy leaf🍂 , a twig, and a bowl of fresh seawater were the instruments that my kid used to create a lovely piece of music. He also used a smooth and textured stone. 

You absolutely have to give it a shot.


Get ready for an awesome Camouflage Hunt adventure where kids can unleash their inner spies in the great outdoors. 

Give every young explorer a sharp eye 👁️ and a mission to find cool hidden stuff that’s perfectly camouflaged in nature. This scavenger hunt is all about sneaky animals and hidden treasures. It’s all about being sly, observant, and a little bit strategic. 

Let the kiddos have a blast finding hidden objects in the wild and making awesome camping memories.

Treehouse Raw Material Hunt 

With this, your young campers can explore their creative sides. Armed with curiosity, children may explore the campsite for natural treasures like sturdy branches, leaves 🌿, and vines to create their own small treehouses. 

Gathering the building materials for their fantastical creations in the middle of the rustling leaves and dappled sunlight of the campsite, children are encouraged to use their imaginations while also strengthening their connection with nature through this scavenger hunt.

Stump Stacking Jenga Hunt 

Make a game of Stump Stacking Jenga Hunt out of your next camping trip with the kids. Take advantage of nature as kids look for sturdy logs 🪵 to use as foundations for their towering creations. 

This activity mixes strategy and balance, requiring young minds to carefully select and stack stumps in a Jenga-like pattern. 

Listen to the sound of happy children laughing as they develop their coordination abilities and take pride in building their own unique outdoor Jenga structures amidst the splendor of the environment.

Giant Nest Hunting 

While birds are busy building their nests, why not build one yourself? During this scavenger hunt, you will need to instruct your children to search for various items that can be used to construct a nest and then challenge them to construct their very own enormous nest out of the things they find. 

This will teach them the labor that goes into building one and how the birds are skilled by nature to make one for themselves with just their beak. 

Not to mention, their nest 🪺 is highly durable, well enough to defend and raise their young ones. 

Camping Activities 

This is an exciting variation on the traditional camping scavenger hunt. I like this one best because it covers everything a kid needs to know before going camping. In this hunt, I prefer to use a chit system to give each of my children a specific task to do. 

All activities in the chit must be completed alone. However, players may ask an adult for help three times. Preparing S’mores, starting a fire (with adult supervision), setting up a tent, fishing🎣, and packing up must all be on the chits. 

This shows kids the effort required to run a fun and safe camp.

Puzzle Piece Scavenger Hunt 

In order to participate in the Puzzle Piece Scavenger Hunt, disperse puzzle pieces all across the camping area. Children go on a mission to collect and put together the pieces that have been scattered, which helps them develop abilities in teamwork and problem-solving. 

They will be adding an element of surprise and a sense of accomplishment to the camping trip by putting together the pieces of the jigsaw as it is being revealed.

Pool Hunt 

Get your kids’ fill of excitement with a Pool Hunt ❗

Children look into the water’s surface and the depths below for hidden goods, brightly colored scuba toys, and even secret messages🗞️. 

This aquatic treasure hunt adds a splash of excitement to time spent at the pool, transforming an ordinary swim into an aquatic adventure for fun and discovery.

Picnic within Picnic 

The “Picnic within Picnic” Hunt is a fun addition to any outdoor activity you choose to partake in. Participants are sent on a scavenger hunt to collect materials for an unplanned lunch 🥐 with a wilderness-based theme. 

Finding the ideal place to spread out a blanket and gathering some refreshments are just two of the many discoveries that go into creating the best possible outdoor experience. 

It is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable way for children to engage with the natural world while they are on their camping adventures because it combines the thrill of a scavenger hunt with the pleasure of constructing an outdoor hideaway.

Tree Hugging Scavenging 

Children set out on a pleasant journey to appreciate the many facets of nature when they participate in the Tree Hugging Scavenger Hunt. 

They go out in search of as many different kinds of trees as they can locate and affectionately hug 🫂 each and every one of them and ask an adult with them to photograph it for them. 

This activity not only helps children develop an appreciation for the natural world but also instructs them on how to recognize various species of trees. 

Enjoying the great outdoors in a way that also fosters a sense of ecological awareness and a connection to nature is made possible through this lovely activity.


This concludes my list of scavenger hunts that I think you should include in your kids’ vacations and camps, as I always include them in my own kids’ activities because of how instructive and educational they are. 

These quick and easy games 🕹️ are a lot of fun to participate in, and nothing is more satisfying than seeing your children smile. 

Your children will have the time of their lives when they go camping with you if you include some of these games and s’mores ❤️‍🔥 night throughout their trip.  

Make sure to leave a comment down below for the readers to look at if you have any questions or more thoughts to share🫳. 

But before I sign off, keep an eye out for more blogs like this one that talk about more scavenger hunts.                    

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