25 Simple Carpet Games to Play with preschoolers 

Hey there! If you’re looking for fun activities with your preschoolers, look no further than carpet games! These games are a blast to play and help your little ones develop essential skills that will serve them well in the future.

From improving coordination and balance to fostering problem-solving skills, carpet games are an excellent way to keep your little ones engaged and entertained.

This article has compiled 25 of the best carpet games for preschoolers. So whether you’re looking for a game that promotes physical activity, social skills, or creativity, we’ve got you covered. Get ready for some serious fun with your little ones!

Why Carpet Games Are Good for Kids

Carpet games can be a magical world of fun and learning for preschoolers, allowing them to develop vital social skills, motor skills, and coordination while having a blast.

The games allow the little ones to remember how to share, take turns, and work together with others, which are essential life skills that will stay with them forever. 

Besides, these games help them sharpen their focus, pay attention to details, and think on their feet, which are essential qualities that will be useful as they grow up. Preschoolers exercise their creativity and imagination through carpet games, making learning more exciting and engaging.

Carpet Game Ideas for Kids

Animal Charades

Animal Charades Game For Kids

Get ready for some fun animal antics with this game! One child acts out an animal while the others try to guess it.

Will your preschooler turn into a sneaky snake or a waddling penguin? This game encourages creativity and imagination while improving communication skills.

Balloon Volleyball

Balloon Volleyball Game For Kids

Who needs a real volleyball when you have a balloon? Set up a “net” using a length of yarn or a jump rope, and use a balloon as a ball to play volleyball.

This game improves hand-eye coordination, promotes teamwork, and is sure to have everyone laughing and having fun.

Bean Bag Toss

It’s time to toss those bean bags! This game is a fun and easy way to develop hand-eye coordination and improve gross motor skills.

Set buckets or targets with different point values and challenge your preschooler to see how many they can score.


Bowling Game For Kids

Roll, roll, roll that ball! Set up plastic pins and use a soft ball to knock them down. This game improves hand-eye coordination and promotes healthy competition. Who will get the highest score?

Bubble Wrap Run

Pop, pop, pop! Lay out a long piece of bubble wrap and have children take turns running and jumping on it to pop the bubbles.

This game is fun to burn off energy while improving balance and coordination. Who can pop the most bubbles in one turn?

Carpet Twister

Get set to twist and turn on the carpet with this classic game! This game encourages flexibility and improves balance and coordination. Who will be the last one standing? Will your preschooler be able to reach all the spots? Let’s find out!

Follow the Leader

Are you ready to be a leader? Take turns being the leader and have the other children follow along, copying the leader’s movements.

This game is a fun way to improve coordination, encourage creativity, and inspire new dance moves!

Freeze Dance

Let’s dance! Play some upbeat music and have the children dance until the music stops; at this point, they must freeze in place.

This game encourages listening skills and promotes physical activity. Who will be able to freeze in the silliest position?


Draw a hopscotch grid on the carpet and use a bean bag or small ball as the marker. This classic game is a great way to improve balance and coordination while promoting counting skills. Can your preschooler hop on one foot or skip every other square?

Hot Potato

Pass the potato, pass the fun! Pass a softball or bean bag around a circle until the music stops. The person holding the “hot potato” is out when the music stops.

This game improves hand-eye coordination, promotes social skills, and ensures everyone laughs and has fun.

Indoor Bowling

Roll, roll, roll that ball! Use plastic cups as bowling pins and a softball to knock them down. This game promotes hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Set up your bowling alley and challenge your preschooler to get a strike!

Indoor Basketball

Indoor Basketball Game For Kids

Score! Use a small ball and a basket to play a game of indoor basketball. This game improves hand-eye coordination, promotes physical activity, and is a great way to channel that competitive spirit. Who will make the most baskets?

Obstacle Course

Let your imagination run wild and create an obstacle course with different challenges, such as crawling under chairs or balancing on a broomstick.

This game promotes physical activity and problem-solving skills as children work to overcome each obstacle.

Paper Plate Skating

Decorate the paper plate “skates” with colorful markers or stickers to encourage creativity. As children glide across the carpet, they’ll improve their balance and coordination, all while having fun.

Parachute Play

Parachute Play Game For Kids

Encourage children to work together to lift and lower the “parachute,” promoting teamwork and social skills. Children will also get a good workout by running around in a circle while holding the sheet.

Puddle Jumper

Puddle Jumper Game For Kids

Have children call out the color of each puddle they jump on, helping them improve their color recognition skills. This game promotes counting and balance as they hop from pool to reservoir.

Ring Toss

Ring Toss Game For Kids

Create different levels of difficulty by setting up targets at various distances. This game encourages healthy competition and improves hand-eye coordination as children aim to toss the rings onto the targets.

Simon Says

Add a silly twist by having the leader give commands such as “Simon says wiggle like a worm” or “Simon says walk like a penguin.” This game encourages creativity and listening skills and can provide a good laugh.

Sock Skating

Sock Skating Game For Kids

Create a makeshift “ice rink” using a blanket or rug as the “ice.” Children will improve their balance and coordination as they glide across the carpet while pretending to be professional skaters.

Tape Maze

Make the maze more challenging by adding dead ends or obstacles. This game promotes problem-solving skills and encourages physical activity as children navigate the maze.

Tea Party

It’s time for an enchanting tea party! Set a beautiful tea on the carpet and let your little ones take turns being charming hosts or delightful guests.

With adorable stuffed animals and imaginary cups of tea, this game will inspire social skills and encourage creativity.

Teddy Bear Hunt

Ready, set? Go on a thrilling teddy bear hunt! Hide small teddy bears around the room and let the children search for them. With a keen eye and sharp problem-solving skills, they’ll enjoy this game while getting physical activity.

The Floor is Lava

It’s time to use your imagination and turn the carpet into a sea of molten lava! Watch as your kids navigate through the room without touching the floor. This game improves balance and coordination and, most importantly, sparks creativity.

Treasure Hunt

Hidden treasures await your little explorers! Hide small objects around the room and let your children go on a treasure hunt. With curious minds and problem-solving skills, they’ll have a great time while getting some exercise.


Yoga Activity For Kids

Namaste! Get ready to introduce your children to the calming practice of yoga. Lead them through yoga poses, such as downward dog and tree poses.

This game promotes flexibility, improves balance and coordination, and allows them to relax and connect with their bodies.

As the adage goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” And that’s where carpet games come in – they’re a fantastic way to keep your preschoolers engaged while promoting physical activity, creativity, and social skills.

With many exciting game ideas, your little ones will surely be entertained for hours. So why gather softballs, bean bags, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm to create a memorable afternoon of carpet games?

As you bond over these engaging and entertaining activities, prepare for endless fun and laughter with your preschoolers!

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