25 chimpanzee Facts: Discovering the Amazing World of Chimpanzees.

The animal kingdom can amaze us at any point with its various surprises. Several incredible animals in this world remind us of our origin. Chimpanzees have the maximum number of similarities with our habits and living styles.

You may want to know the basic yet interesting facts about chimpanzees to accumulate overall knowledge about this mammal. Here are some of the noticeable points about chimpanzees for you.

Facts About Chimpanzee

Live in a gang:

Live In A Gang

We generally observe chimpanzees in a group. They prefer to live in a community with chimpanzees of different age groups. This particular fact matches our living style, where we generally live with our community.

They share each and every smaller as well as bigger incident with their team. Thus, they support each other in facing any sudden danger. Finally, they try their best to receive success by performing teamwork. 


Chimpanzee Size

This is one of the biggest mammals in the animal kingdom. An adult male chimpanzee weighs about 40-70 kg and is 130-150 cm tall.

Similarly, a female chimpanzee is 27-50 kg in weight. Thus, you can easily assume this animal is quite big. The body weight and height provide them enough strength to fight for sure.  

Subspecies of chimpanzees:

Subspecies of chimpanzees

There are several variants of chimpanzees found in this world. Central chimps are found in Cameroon, and the eastern ones are found in Uganda.

However, the Nigerian-Cameroon chimps are mostly found in Nigeria. Last but not least, the southeastern chimps are found in Burundi and Nigeria. You will soon get to know more uncommon species of chimpanzees day by day.   

Intelligence of chimpanzees:

According to most zoologists, chimpanzees are highly intelligent. They can easily express their emotions or problems through several body language.

They can also use various noises to convey their thoughts quite easily. They can also use different tools to prove their intelligence. Chimps can also play several basic and easy games.   

Commonly eaten food:

Chimpanzee Eating

Chimpanzees can eat almost everything. They usually eat fruits above all. Apart from this, these animals can eat leaves, plants, flowers, roots, nuts, insects, and a minor amount of meat to satisfy their hunger.

Thus, we can call chimpanzees omnivores for sure. They eat both plants and meat, according to research. Sometimes, you may observe chimpanzees eat leaves, insects, and fruits while climbing trees.   

The lifespan:

The average lifespan of a chimpanzee is 35-38 years. According to records, a female chimpanzee named Little Mamma was 81 years old when she died.

Thus, the lifespan of chimpanzees is higher than other mammals for sure. In this way, female chimpanzees can easily give birth to many infants each year of their whole life. 



Chimpanzees can easily adapt to any extreme weather condition. They can live in rainforests and even in dry areas. Thus, the adaptability of chimpanzees can be highlighted with ease.

They do not need to face any crisis for living space in the whole world for sure. In this way, this particular quality of chimpanzees helps them to live in any place without facing any more issues.      

Make different sounds:

Human beings learn the art of talking to express their point of view. Similarly, chimpanzees can also make several sounds to communicate with their community.

Besides, they can easily make people understand their emotions for sure. You can easily realize their state of mind according to the frequency and loudness of their sounds.  

The aggressiveness of this animal:

Aggressive Chimpanzee

Sometimes, you may observe the aggressiveness of this animal. They become quite fierce at the time of fighting.

Apart from this, they will surely never tolerate violence against their infants. Besides, they also convey their aggressive behavior at the time of fight or hunt for sure. They usually use several loud noises at that time to show their anger for sure.  

Communication process:

The communication process of these animals is quite impressive. They generally make several noises and body movements to communicate with their family.

Thus, they can indicate every single incident to be alert in advance. According to the experts, the communication process of chimpanzees makes them the biggest ape with ease.  

Strength of this animal:

The heavy body weight and height provide them good strength for sure. They are five times stronger than human beings.

Sometimes, an aggressive chimpanzee can even defeat a leopard or tiger. Chimpanzees can also defeat other strong carnivores as well. Thus, you can easily understand the real strength of these mammals. 

Don’t have the ability to swim:

Although chimps have several physical and mental skills, they cannot swim. This is how they cannot be able to compete with other stronger mammals when they fight in the water.

This is how you can easily get to know a minor disability of chimpanzees quite easily. However, they manage to cover this particular disability with the help of other abilities with ease.  

Can use several tools as a human:

According to many zoologists, chimps can easily use several tools to perform their daily activities. In this way, we can understand their superior brain function for sure. We can also make them learn better activities.

They can actually dig soil if needed. They can also eat food with the help of any stick. Some chimpanzees can use strong and long sticks as weapons if needed.   

Reproduction of chimpanzees:

Reproduction Of Chimpanzees

After completing ten years of age, a female chimpanzee can be sexually active. From the age of 13, they start giving birth to new infants. The menstruation cycle of chimps takes place once a month. Besides, it lasts 10-13 days, like humans.

They give birth to a single baby. The baby hugs its mother for almost ten days after birth. After that, they start to take a ride on their mother’s back. 

Walking style:

Walking Style Of Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees can easily walk on their two legs for a long time. Sometimes, they use their hands to jump or climb trees.

The length of their arms is a little high than their legs. This unique arm length provides them with a cute and funny look.  

DNA of chimpanzee:

We share almost 98.7% of our DNA with chimpanzees. This is why we almost look and act like them. They are also from the same origin as us.

Their grooming process:

Chimpanzees Grooming Process

You may get surprised, but chimps frequently move their fingers on their hair to groom themselves.

They also remove all unwanted parasites and other smaller insects from their fur through the same process.

Perform some unknown rituals:

According to some zoologists, they observe chimpanzees perform some social rituals every now and then. However, there are a few confusions about this comment for sure.

According to another team of experts, chimps usually express their expressions through several strange body languages.       

The biggest ape:

Chimpanzees Biggest Ape

We belong to the ape family. Chimps have many similarities with us as they are the biggest known apes.

Their living style and even their communication style make them in the first row in the ape family. 

Can adjust with other animals:

This is the most surprising fact about chimpanzees they can easily live with any other species without making any complaints.

This particular quality of chimpanzees gets matches us. They can adjust with other animals under the same roof without issues. 

Catch infections:

They can catch any minor infection with ease. This is why zoologists need to keep chimps in a delicate way.

Many parasites complete their life cycle in the jungle. Chimps receive the infection-causing germs immediately. Some of them die due to serious infections as well.    

Whitetail of baby chimpanzees:

Baby Chimpanzees

Infants of chimpanzees have a special body part that gradually disappears when they grow up. Baby chimpanzees have white tail-like body that looks cute and childish. However, you won’t be able to notice this tail in the adult chimps for sure.

The uselessness of this tail makes it disappear automatically. Their active and strong arms can easily perform all the required duties of the tail. 

Ability to learn simple games:

The brain function of chimpanzees is quite improved to that of any other wild mammal. Due to this reason, they can learn easy and simple games quite easily.

They generally play these games in the zoo when they have nothing to do. It is a delightful and amazing scene to watch chimpanzees playing with their partners for sure.     

Notify each other of upcoming dangers:

They have a strong bonding with their team members. Their sixth sense helps them to receive hints about sudden dangers. Thus, they can alert their group members about the same. 

Have several emotions like us:

Chimpanzees Showing  Emotions

We have uncountable emotions which are brought out occasionally. Chimpanzees also have several emotions. They express their thoughts through these emotions every now and then. You will surely not be able to observe this many emotions in any other wild animals in the jungle. They almost express their emotions like human beings. 

These are some of the important and noticeable facts about chimpanzees that can help a lot to know more about this animal. You may look for more detailed information about this mammal to find more similarities between chimps with us.

Chimpanzee Facts
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