40+ Compass Activities for Kids that You Might Know

In addition to providing our kids with entertainment, as a mother, I recognize the importance of teaching them new skills and knowledge that will aid in their overall growth📈. 

Kids also get bored playing the same regular games every day. They are always in search of something new and fun.

Children find the compass🧭 very interesting and like to see it giving directions. They see this small device as a mode of enjoyment. 

This compass also helps them learn new things. Some compass activities will help your kids learn and understand the compass more clearly and have new experiments with them. These activities serve both purposes of enjoyment☺️ and education.

Compass activities for your kids

If you are searching for some fun-filled and exciting compass activities for your kids you have come to the right place!

I would suggest interesting and enjoyable compass🧭 activities that will be fun as well as instructive, help them advance their abilities in all areas, and make them feel good while they’re doing them. These activities will help their boring🥱 day become entertaining.

In this blog post, I have compiled a list of exciting😁 and productive compass activities you can do with your kids. I am sure that this blog will help you explore some new activities for kids.

Compass Rose

Firstly, you can make your kids understand what a compass rose🧭 is. Make them learn all the directions- east, west, north, south. 

Now, show them how to make use of a compass for finding the right path. They will find it interesting and enjoyable. Tell them all about the compass and its uses. Provide your kids with their compass also. 

After they learn all about the compass, you can organize some fun compass-based activities for them that they will enjoy.

Pro Tip:

I made both of my kids learn all about the compass🧭, what it looks like, its uses, when it is used, etc. They were so engrossed and keen to learn more about it. I am sure your kids will also find this interesting🤔 and attractive.

Take kids camping

Compasses are mostly used at times of camping🏕️ and trekking. You can take your kids camping and make them learn the use of compasses there. 

They will learn and understand it better there because compasses🧭 are made for outside purposes only. You can also make them learn how to find the right directions if they get lost and how to use a compass during an emergency. 

This camping trip will also teach them important life lessons. According to me, this activity will help your kids spend some family time together and learn new things about the compass. 

They will enjoy and have fun during the trip.

The Trail Swap Game

You can gather your kids and their friends and make them play a trail swap game. In this game, kids take their navigation courses and find directions to achieve their goals. 

You need to split up kids into three teams, and they can swap their navigation courses. Provide kids with a compass🧭, marker, pen, and paper. They also have to make instructions for the path and swap them with other teams. 

Whoever reaches the end first will be the winner. This game serves both purposes of learning about the compass and having fun😆. 

Pro Tip:

I also made my kids and their friends play this game. They played it with full enthusiasm, and the excitement was visible on their faces. They got to experiment with the compass🧭 and learn more about it, which fulfilled my purpose.

Lessons on different types of compass

After your kids learn the basics of compass🧭, you can make them learn about different types of compasses and their uses. This will broaden their vision and make them gain some knowledge🤓. 

Tell them how to read a compass, its parts, and its functions. You can show them how all types of compasses have the same basic parts by opening a compass. This visual representation will help them learn compasses🧭 better. 

Before conducting fun compass activities, I made my kids learn the basics of compass and their types. This helped them use it while doing compass-related activities.

Become a Map-and-Compass Crackerjack

You can give your kids a map🗺️ of their room and a compass and tell them how to find directions and how to reach their goals. 

They will gain a better understanding of how to use a compass to find their destination. Tell them more about the needle🪡 of the compass and how it always points towards the magnetic north pole. 

After the room, you can provide them with a map of your yard, kitchen, and living area. This will help them explore more about the compass and also enjoy😆 their time learning something new.

Pro Tip:

When my kids learned about the compass, I made them do this activity, and this helped them have a better understanding of the compass🧭 and its directions. 

Then they could easily ding directions to any place on their own.

Compass directions game

You can organize a compass directions game with your kids👦. Provide them with a compass, a piece of paper with names of different places like parks, shops, or schools🏫, and markers. 

Now, you can ask them to reach these places one by one using a compass, and whoever reaches first will be the winner. You can arrange some rewards for the winner, which will increase their excitement and enthusiasm for the game. 

Drop some clues or hints on the paper, as your kids are not very experienced with the compass🧭. In my opinion, this game will turn out to be very fun and enjoyable.

Pro Tip:

Make sure your kids do this activity under the supervision of the elders, as it’s not safe to send them to these places alone. Proper safety measures must be taken in case of any problem. 

You should also accompany your children in this game. Kids will have a blast playing this game as it will be exciting😆 and adventurous.

Treasure hunt activity

You can make your kids play a treasure hunt with the help of a compass. You can hide something interesting in your house and let your kids find it. 

Firstly, tell them how to use a compass🧭 to find directions to their destination. They will get a better understanding of north, south, east, and west. After this, let them play the game. 

This game will bring joy and happiness☺️ to your children. They will have fun exploring the compass and finding the treasure. I also organized this activity with my kids. They had a blast in finding the treasure. 

The main thought behind conducting this activity was to let kids have fun😆 which was fulfilled.

Collage Compass

You can make your kids make a compass on cardboard using sheets. This will help them gain a deep understanding of all directions. 

Provide your kids with a scale, scissors✂️, cardboard, craft sheets, glue, and markers. Now, let them draw the compass. This will make them more familiar with it. This activity will serve both purposes of enjoyment and education. 

They will get to make crafts and also learn more about compasses🧭. I made my kids create this collage compass at home under my supervision. 

They were happy😆 and excited. They got to learn a lot through this activity, which was a cherry on top.

DIY Compass

You can let your kids make their compass. Provide them with a ferromagnet, needle🪡, paper, water, scissors✂️, craft sheets, markers, and glue. 

After this, you can guide them on how to make a DIY compass🧭 with the help of these materials. Help them if they find any difficulty in the process. 

Kids will find this challenging, but it will be worthwhile in the end because of the happiness and joy it brings.

Pro Tip:

This activity should take place under the supervision of elders as it involves scissors✂️ and sewing needles🪡. These objects can cause harm to children, so they must use them only when some elder is beside them. You should be there with your kids during the whole activity.

Explore your surroundings.

These compasses🧭 will help your children to learn and know more about their surroundings. You can make them explore their surroundings with a compass and then give them a test based on that. 

This will help you know how much your kids have understood about the compass. This will also develop kids’ observation and aptitude skills. If they pass this activity, you can give them their compass🧭; this will make them feel proud and glad about it. 

I think this activity is very productive. This will not only allow children to have fun with the compass but will also build their concentration. You will also get to learn about their perspective of viewing things.

Closed Course

This game will help your kids become more familiar with the compass. Provide your kids with a compass🧭, marker, paper, and a direction sheet. You can gather other kids for this game. 

Divide all kids into three teams. Now, the main point of this game is that all your teams will have to reach the starting point at the end. They can prepare their direction sheets according to the rules. 

Then, they can start the game with the help of a compass🧭. This game will turn out very exciting😆 and interesting and will also help kids to know more about the usage of the compass.

Pro Tip:

I also conducted this game in my home🏠. All children in the neighborhood participated. This was a very fun-filled and entertaining game😆 which also helped children learn a lot of new things.

Stick Compass

You can make your kids create a stick compass🧭. Provide them with wooden sticks and tape. You can guide them on how to see directions through sticks with the help of sunlight☀️. 

This will be a new and memorable experience for them. They will get to experiment with sticks, which will be entertaining. I also made my kids do this activity. 

They had a time full of laughter and happiness☺️. They got to know more about different types of compasses.

Compass Quiz

You can take a compass🧭 quiz for your children. Ask them questions relating to the compass, its functions, its usage, and its types. 

Provide them with hints and clues if they face any difficulty. You can make this quiz more interesting😆 by keeping some rewards for them. This will help your children learn new things and gain more knowledge about compasses🧭. 

Make it a simple and short quiz. As per me, you should conduct this quiz. It will help you know how much your kids know about compasses.

Pro Tip:

You must compliment your children👦 on completing any difficult task. This will boost their confidence, and they will be able to speak boldly in public. If you keep on criticizing them, they will feel unmotivated and will lose their trust in themselves.

Play a navigation game

Kids find navigation games very interesting😆 and exciting. You can conduct a navigation game with your kids with the help of a compass. This game can be from the grocery shop to home or from home to school🏫. 

This will also help them gain more understanding of directions and learn more about navigation. Your kids will have fun and enjoy a lot. 

This activity will act as a challenge for your kids, which they have to overcome using a compass🧭 and their navigation skills. 

I also made my kids play this game. It enhanced their ability to navigate and concentrate. Their observation skills also got tested during this.

Parts of Compass

You can let your kids understand more about the parts of a compass by opening a compass and showing them its internal parts. 

Your kids will gain more knowledge about the compass🧭 and its parts. They will find this entertaining and productive. I also conducted this activity at home. 

This served as an educational and productive activity.

Pro Tip:

Kids may find some educational activities boring🥱, but you must make them understand the importance of these activities and the impact they will have on their lives. You should also try to make these activities interesting😆 by adding some fun elements to them.

Classroom Compass

You can provide your kids with a compass🧭 and let them navigate the school compass with it. 

Before letting them navigate, make them understand more about directions with the help of a worksheet. Navigation requires a complete understanding of cardinal directions. 

According to me, this activity will help your kids learn more about the compass and have fun exploring their school🏫 and classrooms.

Making real-life compass

You can let your kids make a real-life compass on some sidewalk with the help of chalk and paper strips. Provide them with the required materials. 

Allow them to create a compass using chalk, and then they can label or draw arrows to various locations within that area, such as the school🏫, grocery store, library, and home. 

This will be a fun-filled and cheerful☺️ activity that will make your kids’ boring day entertaining. I also made my kids do this activity on the sidewalk. 

They had a very good time and also got to learn more about the compass🧭.

Pro Tip:

You should be present with your kids during this activity in case they get lost in directions or get confused. Your presence will increase their confidence😌 and they will do this activity enthusiastically.


These are some compass-related🧭 activities that will make your kids’ day more enjoyable and fun-filled. These activities will also help your kids learn new things and gain more knowledge. 

Your children will undoubtedly enjoy themselves and pick up a lot from these activities.I hope you enjoyed reading the above compass🧭 activities that can be done by your kids. 

They will help your kids enhance their observation🤔 and innovation skills. Children love to try new activities as they enjoy the freshness that the new activities have.

If you have any questions for me to answer, or if you have any more ideas for activities to add to this list, please leave a comment below. I would appreciate hearing from you❤️!

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